George Soros continues to voice his support for restructuring of Ukraine debt

Billionaire George Soros continued to express his frustration on how Europe, debtors, and the US have treated Ukraine’s debt issue. In 2015, Ukrainian foreign debt stood at $19 Billion. Pressed against a hard breathing space and a sinking ship, Ukraine is seriously contemplating defaulting on its debt. The implications may be grievous. Bondholders are playing hardball in the negotiation and George Soros believes that they are partly to blame for the impasse.

The country is coming from a war against Russian-sponsored militants. Russia continues to meddle with the independence and the integrity of the Ukrainian government. Although the war has ceased, the Minsk II Agreement, the agreement to end ceasefire, is expensive and ambiguous to implement.

Ukraine is calling out for a sovereign debt restructuring. George Soros Ukraine believes that all parties should consider debt restructuring. He argues that all over the world, companies have the option to restructure debt. A company forced to pay all its debt at once is likely to go bankrupt, but if allowed to repay its debt systematically, it has a future.

However, Ukraine is not finding any joy in the negotiations. The Negotiations are painfully slow and disingenuous. Bondholders have taken the Greek stance. The risk of default is high and repercussions dire both in short and in the long run. The European Union is contemplating debt relief, but the process is not straightforward. Reference:

George Soros had developed what he called a winning strategy for Ukraine debt relief. He argued that the only way to make good use of the optimism and solidarity of the new Ukraine is to ensure that the country gets enough funds to overcome severe budget shortfalls. He argued that, if the EU were to exercise its discretion and purpose to bail in Ukraine, it would be the start of a much effective way of dealing with the Russian aggression.

Ukraine is committed to meaningful reform notably rooting out corruption and judicial reforms. Regarding new credit, the new environment will be friendly to public service. George Soros’ further argued that unlike in the past when the oligarchs determined public policy, their role continues to diminish in the new dispensation. Although still worrying is the trend to use non-legal application of policies, but the upbeat population seems to support the progress.

Europe’s best interests lie in a safe and growing Ukraine. Another Greek tragedy in Ukraine is likely to have more than economic repercussions. Financial hardships would most certainly weigh in on the volatility in the country. A possibility of civil strife is imminent, and Europe could have to deal with 40 Million Ukrainian refugees.

If support for Ukraine comes at this hour of need, the country can transform its fortunes. Such support will set the country on a path of recovery. They will be capable of fulfilling their financial obligations to debtors. Unfortunately, as it stands, the IMF backed assistance program offers too little. Soros challenges the EU to do whatever it takes, including activating Macro-Financial Assistance mechanism (MFA), to help Ukraine.

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Brian Bonar Upcoming Restaurant Mogul and Finance Advisor

If you are anyone in the finance world, you already know the name Brian Bonar. He has been active in the world of finance for many years. In the beginning, Brian worked to gain entry into the world of finance for such companies like Dalrada Financial Corp and IBM. Knowing the background of financial gains, he opted to begin a new chapter in his life in San Diego.

It was in San Diego that Brian opted to begin a new chapter by opening his first restaurant. Bellamy’s is in San Diego and this was his first endeavor for operating a business like a restaurant.

He knows money and he knows how to use money to make a profit and when he seen the opportunity to open his own restaurant, he knew it would be difficult but knew over time that it would be something of a success. This was a big and bold move for a man who has background in technical areas rather than cooking areas.

Bloomberg reveals that when Brian Bonar was young, he always knew that at some point in his life, he would operate his own business. He worked hard to graduate from school and moved quickly into the corporate area of finance.

He managed to find his own style to work from and then learned that he was able to help more people by his knowledge in finances.

He held onto his passion for work and this helped him to work his way into operating his own business. He has been well known through the business and finance areas of the world and a large portion of people in the United States has worked for a company he has been apart of for many years.

He is someone that more people should learn from. In a long term range, there is much to know about operating your own business and he knew how difficult it would be from the start. He knew that in order to gain success, he would have to get a lot of people into his restaurant right off the bat.

Brian knew that he would have to set his prices high before being able to make a profit and for this reason, his restaurant is expensive all the while it serves less people than most.


Villanova Gets A Top Ranking At

Villanova University is famous for its legendary basketball team. Over the decades, the Villanova Wildcats have contributed to an incredible amount of excitement for fans of the sport. Gamblers also love to bet with — and against — the team from season to season. They make their choices based on the college basketball odds presented to them. remains an outstanding source for NCAAB odds. is home to many articles and videos presenting great discussions about odds, teams, and matchups.

Fans of sports betting and Villanova college basketball should rejoice. Per, Villanova now holds the top spot for the “power rankings” for week three of NCAAB.

The current “power rating” of the Villanova Wildcats is -19. Clearly, the basketball odds here indicate Villanova is a heavy favorite. The team’s ranking at the time placed it at the top spot reflected 7 wins and 0 losses. The most recent win was an 82 – 57 victory over the Penn Quakers. Player Kris Jenkins scored 22 points on his own during the game, which greatly assisted Villanova’s huge win over their fellow Keystone State rivals.

Point spreads had Villanova at -13.5 to -14.5. As anyone who follows college basketball odds knows, this means Villanova was giving up those points to Penn. The giveaway of points on the spread did not matter. Villanova won by 15. So, anyone who took Penn at +14.5 ended up losing that wager by .5.

If Kris Jenkins had missed one basket and only scored 20 points, those who wagered on Penn would have won. The moral of the story here is close losses are losses. Another moral lesson here is there are reasons why the favorite teams are the favorites.

There are also reasons why is such a well-regarded online community for those who are interested in college basketball odds. Actually, is pretty comprehensive when it comes to sports. The NCAAB page, however, may be the absolute most impressive of all the sections of the company’s site. The details on rankings and odds are solid. Links to various outstanding articles are included as well.

Villanova University has a presence on that NCAAB page. Learning more about this top team and many others is possible thanks to the solid work has done to cover — no pun intended — sports odds.

Will Villanova be able to maintain that top ranking? So far, doing so seems very much possible.

Geoffrey Cone on Moving to a New Country

Geoffrey Cone wants to help everyone who is moving to a new country. He has solidified his stance as a global attorney and he is confident that he will help people make the right decision on the country that they should move to. He wants to make sure that he is getting the best for people in the way that he works as an attorney.


Attorneys are great to have for people who are making a move to a different country. Global attorneys are able to help people have a better understanding of what they can do when they are going to make a move to a different country. Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney and he is confident in his ability to make things better for the people who are in different areas. He wants to make sure that things are better for people who are in different countries when they have made a move to somewhere different.


They want to make sure that they are getting the most out of their global move and they are able to do different things in New Zealand. Because of the way that New Zealand works, they think that they will be happy there and that they will be able to do more when they are in the country instead of being in a different country that is similar.


New Zealand has what is known as tax transparency. This is something that allows them the chance to learn what they are doing in the area that they are in. The taxes in the area are different than what is in other countries. There are many different tax brackets in New Zealand and people can learn what they are by looking at the published reports of taxes in the country. The tax transparency allows people to see what they are able to do when they are in different tax brackets of New Zealand.


There are many different tax havens around the world. Tax havens are a great place for people to be able to save money on the taxes that they have. This is an important thing for people who are making a lot of money because they do not want to have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for taxes. Since people know what they need to be able to do when they are in different countries, they should be sure that they know everything there is to know about the countries that are considered tax havens and what they can do while they are there.


Town Residential Opens its 10th Outpost in Manhattan

The real estate market in New York City is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world. While there is a significant amount of demand for real estate in the city, those that are in the brokerage, sales, leasing, and management industry will find that they have to compete with dozens of firms that have decades of experience and track record. While it is normally a challenge for a new firm to grow in the city, one boutique firm in Manhattan has continued to grow in the most impressive areas and neighborhoods of the city.


While Town Residential is still a very young firm in comparison to the rest of the real estate market, it has continued to grow. In September of 2013 the firm ended up opening its 10th location in the New York City area when it opened up a 7,000 square foot space in the meatpacking district of Manhattan. This was the third major profile location that the company opened up in the same year.


Each area of expansion for the firm has been very strategic and has helped the firm to develop a footprint in a certain area of the city. The newest office will help to expand the footprint that the company has on the west side of the city. The new space will offer an urban feel, which will be ideal for brokers that are looking to cater their services to developers of similar projects.


While Town Residential offers a wide range of services, including brokerage, leasing, and sales services to real estate investors and developers, the company is also well known for having the best and most current information about the city’s real estate market. The company is best known for putting out a regular newsletter that discusses the most recent trends in the city’s real estate market, including new projects that are coming online, new proposals to the zoning board, and even hard data regarding sales prices and occupancy rates.

Omar Boraie Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry

Boraie Development LLC was founded by Omar Boraie, an entrepreneur in real estate based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Boraie is an Egyptian immigrant who arrived in New Brunswick over 40 years ago to study for his Ph.D. in Chemistry, before diversifying to real estate. He has constructed a New York City-style tower along One Spring Street downtown, with magnificent apartments.

The architect on that worked on it is the famous Costas Kondylis & Partners. He is well known for establishing great structures in New York City, and particularly the Donald Trump structures.

In 1985, Omar Boraie built a two-tower commercial building at 120 Albany Street near the corner of Spring Street, and “it was still sort of a gamble,” he said. Only the enduring presence of the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, whose headquarters are across Albany Street, allowed him to make the leap of faith, Mr. Boraie said.

Boraie Development Ventures in New Territories

Mr. Boraei started his construction business when the New Brunswick was devoid of tower building on Today, he can stand at a window in the hallway of 120-Albany Street and view an array of commercial buildings he owns and monitor the progress of the 25-storey residential building under construction.

The apartments will carry 120 one bed roomed, two bed roomed and three bed roomed units with full balconies and floor-t-ceiling windows.

The apartment tower will house a fitness center, glass enclosed swimming pool, community garden, 7-storey garage with 425 parking lots and a roof garden.

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Boraie Provides Low-Cost Housing Alternatives

A state court made a decision on the lack of affordable housing in Mount Laurel town on Alternatively, they can trade the obligation for monetary contributions towards state fund that will enable subsidized housing rates.

Boraie Development was the first to adhere to this directive by taking up underutilized or neglected parcels of land along Albany Street and turning them into high-class structures.

Future Plans

Since opening the first Albany Streets class office space structure in 1988, Boraie has never looked back. In 2003, the Albany Street Plaza Tower was unveiled followed by the One Spring Street condominium in 2007.

Within the next 12 to 18 months, Boraie is planning to break grounds for the third commercial site, next to the train station, along Albany Street. He’s keen on attracting biological science and innovative tech firms that can take advantage of the proximity to Rutgers.

How Davos CAP Calculator Transforms the Lives of Many Investors

How Davos CAP Calculator Will transform the Lives of Many Investors
According to an official statement to its clients, Davos Real Estate Company is pleased to announce the launching of its new mobile app called Davos CAP Calculator. The role of the app is to estimate customers’ income on real estate investment.

Davos Real Estate Company is among the independent firms that form Davos Financial Group. For more than 20 years, Davos Financial Group serves as an international financial group and leader in the American Latino market. The role of this financial group is to provide comprehensive financial advice. Its primary objective is to formulate an investment plan that can meet the expectations and needs of every customer.

Over the past few months, Gerard Gonzalez, Davos Real Estate’s Managing Director, collaborates with Tecknolution Company in designing and developing Davos CAP Calculator to enable clients to estimate the income of an investment property. Notably, the new app considers all the expenses linked to the property to achieve the best results.

Interestingly, Davos CAP Calculator is designed and developed using the modern technology platforms. In fact, you can access the app using your Android or iPhone.  With Davos CAP Calculator app, clients can forward real estate reports to Davos’ agents via an interactive chat.

When asked about the origin of the app, David Osio pointed out that the need to develop a mobile app came after realizing that clients needed financial guidelines when making investments in real estates.
In addition to David Osio’s Comment, Gerard González noted that that the app serves as an innovative tool that enables investors to have a clearer financial vision when they are buying assets. With the newly launched Davos CAP Calculator, clients can approximate the price of a lease that suits their projected revenue.

About David Osio

David Osio is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group. As a real estate developer, David Osio has a clear comprehension of financial practices across different sectors. David Osio holds a law degree from Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. The university has a track record of success in the subject of Finance and Banking. Before his way up as the Director of MGO, a law company in Caracas, David Osio would offer legal advice to many corporate clients.

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Investing for the Future

Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth over time. There are a lot of people who struggle with their personal finances. Working with an investment firm can be a great way to take your finances to the next level. Over the past couple of years, Madison Street Capital has been leading the industry with its innovation and customer service. Investors today want more interaction with their financial advisers than before. A high level of technology enables companies to provide this service to their customers. If you want to take things to the next level with your investments, working with Madison Street Capital is a great idea.

Reducing Risk

One of the reasons that so many people stay away from investing is risk. There are a lot of people who are worried about the future of their portfolio, especially with everything going on in the economy. The good news is that there is a way to invest that reduces the risk over time. If you want to invest to decrease risk, putting some gold or other precious metals in your portfolio can do that.  With the election looming large, it is important for people to look at their portfolio and adjust as necessary.

Madison Street Capital

From the time the company has been started, Madison Street Capital is a company that has worked to help customers. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is a great way to do so. Madison Street Capital has made investments into its customers, and this is one of the reasons the company is so highly rated. If you want to learn how to invest the right way, Madison Street Capital can teach you how. The company is concerned about how many people have nothing saved for retirement, and they want to continue to help customers any way that they can.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your finances to a new level, Madison Street Capital is the company to go to.  Over time, they have helped thousands of investors design a portfolio that meets their basic needs. If you are concerned about losing money in the stock market, they can help you with that process. There are a variety of investment strategies that the company uses to reduce the overall risk in a person’s portfolio.

Check them out @MadStCap

Inspirational Technology from Securus

He never imagined that he’d be missing out on so much of his little girl’s life, but there he is, dealing with life’s consequential path and learning how to be a better man once he returns to his family. What inspires him? What motivates his self-improvement? His daughter. Through Securus Technologies’ video visitation, inmates have the opportunity to watch, connect, and interact with their children. As a parent myself, I cherish every first step, dance recital, football game, birthday, graduation, and all of the small moments in between. Parents make poor decisions sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they have to lose the link to the people who inspire them to be better and do better. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of incarceration?


Securus Technologies currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and offers reliable, convenient alternatives to connect families with their confined loved ones, including phone and video visitations, which can be accessed via any mobile device or computer. Securus services are easily accessed through their app or website. Utilizing Securus eliminates the need for children to travel long distances for visitations and prevents the exposure of young children to prison life.

In addition to serving the imprisoned community, Securus Technologies provides services to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and correctional agencies with innovative technology in the areas of incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, communication, and monitoring. Securus not only provides essential services that enhance the operations of the law enforcement community, it also inspires inmates to return to our society as productive citizens through services such as video visitation.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Understanding Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have Medicare, you can get your health coverage through Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan of InnovaCare Health. Most people do not understand the difference between the two plans. It is important to comprehend each plan in detail to choose the one that best suits your health needs. Below is a list of the differences between the two plans.

Original Medicare
* It is the traditional program that is usually governed by the federal government.

* If you are in this plan, you pay a monthly premium for part B. An individual does not pay part A premium if they have worked in the United States for over ten years.

* The Original Medicare includes part A and part B if a person is enrolled in both. Part A entails hospital coverage while part B entails medical coverage.

* Individuals who have Original Medicare can visit any hospital or doctor in countries that accept the plan.

* People on this plan pay a coinsurance and deductible when they get health care. The deductible is usually 20% of the outpatient care costs approved by Medicare of InnovaCare Health.

* People do not require referrals to see a specialist or prior authorization for health care services.

* Individuals here can purchase Medigap plan as a way of supplementing coverage.

* People who want Medicare drug coverage must buy Prescription Drug Plan from a private insurance provider.

Medicare Advantage Plans
* Medicare Advantage Plans are sold by private insurance providers that offer Medicare benefits.

* Individuals here still pay Medicare premiums, and you may get extra charges on your premium.

* The plan should cover the same benefits as part A and part B of Original Medicare. However, some also include extra benefits like dental care and vision care.

* You will still have Medicare, but you are no longer in Original Medicare since you are enrolled in a private plan with different restrictions and costs.

* You can only visit doctors and hospitals allowed by the plan.

* Individuals with this plan may have to choose a primary care physician, get authorization before certain services, and get referrals to see a specialist on

* The plan has yearly limits on out-of-pocket health care expenses, after which one is not required to pay money for the rest of the year.

About InnovaCare
InnovaCare is the leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. It has over 230,000 members and 7,500 providers. InnovaCare was founded in 2009, and it has worked for Medicare Advantage firms in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare’s success is attributed to its leadership. Rick Shinto leads the team of professionals at InnovaCare.