Top Businessman Involved In The Fashion And Property Development Sectors From Brazil- Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto Makes it to the List of BoF 500

Jose Auriemo Neto who is one of the most prominent businessmen in Brazil was recently listed in the just concluded list of the “Business of Fashion,” otherwise known as BoF 500. The BoF 500 is a fashion body that categorizes the topmost entrepreneurs who are most influential in promoting the fashion market around the world. For this reason, Jose Auriemo was selected as one of the businessmen representing Brazil as he has incorporated fashion through the development of the Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall.

Further, the BoF 500 chose Neto’s shopping mall as it contains some of the international brands in the fashion market such as the Brunello, Hermes, Pucci, Caovilla, and Valentine. The businessman was honored during a gala dinner event held in New York last Sunday where the English Publication was involved in conducting the ceremony. Furthermore, Jose Auriemo Neto is not only in the fashion business but is a successful developer of real estates in Brazil where he operates the company along with Hermes and Jimmy Choo.

About Jose Auriemo Neto’s Business

Jose Auriemo Neto joined the real estate business in 1993 after completing his education in engineering, when he became part of the team of the family business, JHSF Participacoes SA. The company was first started as JHS in 1972 by two brothers that included Neto’s father but was split in 1990 to what is now the JHSF, the real estate company, and the JHSJ. Moreover, Jose Auriemo serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company and has been in the forefront of growing the company in many aspects of the business including establishing its services department.

Equally important, through Neto’s initiatives of finding the services department, JHSF obtained its first rights to develop its first mall and where it has opened several other malls after. The shopping malls include Santa Cruz, Shopping Cidade Jardim, Shopping Bela Vista, and Ponta Negra among others. Also, the company not only has shopping centers in its portfolio but its other area of focus includes the development of commercial and residential properties, hotels and restaurants, and is the proud developer of an executive airport. What’s more, Neto does not only concentrate on business, but is a family man as well, and is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo, with whom they have two children.

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Upwork Gives back to its Users

In the modern job market, work at home jobs are becoming increasingly popular. Freelance in particular is gaining traction as it provides people more freedom on work hours. Upwork is one of the most popular websites for freelancers to check daily. The company has been around for over 20 years under various names. It used to be Elance, and O-Desk, before company mergers settled where it is today. In a recent blog, they wanted to help freelancers new and old with to-do list advice.

A to-do list is a vital component to nearly every Freelancer’s work at home schedule. The individual should start by listing everything they can think of that needs to be completed. This way the list acts as a reference, while also providing an overview of everything to do. Breaking down tasks into smaller parts, or grouping similar tasks are common ways to use time more efficiently without getting over worked. Knowing one’s energy levels is critical to making sure a single tasks doesn’t tire you out.

There a few other simple tips to make your life better. Start by determining which tasks take priority over the others. Deadlines are very real for Freelances because there is no supervisor over your shoulder to remind you. An expert knows when and where they expend their effort first. Another simple tip is preparing the list in advance. Starting the day on the right note can a long ways in staying positive and on tasks to the end of the day.

Upwork is one of the best Freelancing platforms on the internet. Users with no experience still have a chance to compete against the long time users. A to-do list is a important to ensuring a day’s work is completed to the fullest. Freelance is fun, but requires substantial self-discipline.

Sheldon Lavin Continues To Play A Crucial Role In OSI Four Decades After Joining The Company

When the sons of Otto Kolchowsky approached Sheldon Lavin to get financing for their company, they never thought that he could end up to be the owner of the multi-billion food company. Sheldon operated a small financial consultancy firm that specialized in securing financing for food companies in America. After experiencing immense success for close to seven decades, the sons of Otto wanted to take their company beyond the American border.

Securing financing

Sheldon Lavin, a renowned financial consultant, organized financing for the Otto & Sons Company, which later rebranded to OSI Industries. As a part of the financing deal, Sheldon was tasked with the responsibility of developing a strategic plan for the company that had gained traction in the U.S.

Sheldon Lavin immediately took the opportunity to immerse the company to the global arena by venturing into the foreign market in countries such as Taiwan, Spain, Austria, Germany, and Taiwan. Soon enough, OSI industries started experiencing success in the foreign market prompting the management to add a few other countries such as Mexico, Poland, and China. Venturing into the foreign market proved to be the turning point for OSI industries.

Venturing into the fresh produce market

Since 1909 when Otto Kolchowsky opened the first butcher shop in Chicago, the company specialized in the supply of fresh meat products. In the wake of the new millennium, the company became a powerhouse for fresh produce. This was after OSI industries entered into an investment agreement with China.

Soon after, OSI ventured into the Australian market, and it also proved prosperous and rewarding for the food processing company. What followed from then is a series of acquisitions such as Baho Food, Tyson Foods, Creative Foods in Europe and Schlachthof GmbH of Germany.

Each of these food companies played a key role in helping OSI to cement its authority as the premier processor and distributor of value-added food products. A lot of transformation in OSI happened under Sheldon’s watch, which is the reason why the company commends him for his competence in executing the affairs of the organization. After serving in OSI Group for close to four decades, Sheldon Lavin continues to be a key player in the company’s success.

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The Great Emphasis Of Having A Succession Plan In Place In Fortress Group By Wes Edens.

Being recognized as a great leader in society is an aspect that not many people afford in their areas of operations. This is because it requires a lot of charisma and good character so that people can trust you and have confidence in your ways of doing things. Wes Edens id one of those people who has earned a lot of trust from the people who he leads at Fortress Investment Group. He has not only shown competence in what he does but also integrity. He has taken integrity as the primary pillar that guides him on the best things to do so that he can satisfy the expectations of his junior employees and those of the company’s clients.

Competence is another pillar that enables Wes Edens to remain relevant in Fortress Investment Group and the investment management industry in general. Having worked with various investment and banking institutions in the past, he has managed to accumulate a significant amount of knowledge and skills that put him at the top of the industry in matters regarding leadership. Having studied at the Connecticut University, Wes Edens learned a lot of skills that he has been implementing in his leadership at Fortress Investment Group, where he heads the hedge fund sector of the organization. The management of hedge funds and other investment vehicles is a skill that he acquired while he was working at Goldman Sachs, a renowned banking and investment company in the US. At the company, Wes Edens was the managing director, a position that taught him a lot of skills in leadership.

The continuity of a business or any organization depends on the young staff members who are present at the company. This is because the older employees would come to retire and leave the company at some point. With this understanding, Wes Edens has been entirely instrumental in ensuring that the succession plan of Fortress Investment Group is solid and intact. The primary objective of this initiative is to ensure that the company would never be affected adversely by the departure of one or several members who hold the leadership positions at the organization.

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A Brief History About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner of a company that is exclusively dedicated to the advice of directors, managers, companies, and indemnity commissions in the company’s government and the organization’s indemnity issues, especially those related to the changing business context Jeremy Goldstein.

Jeremy Goldstein has been working with most of the major business transactions in the past ten years.

In today’s environment in which all publicly available businesses – regardless of their dimensions, industries, or performance – are possible targets for shareholders, businesses should examine their claims programs with an eye on ensuring that the programs reflect on the possible impact of the ongoing action of the shareholders.

Companies should be able to gain prior access to possible (1) insight into how their payment programs differ from the norms of the stake holders and lawyers, (2) develop a solid, annual program of the commitment of the stake holders by the managers and the (3) to consider the right modifications to the remuneration. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is a prize-winning theater creator and founder and a host of the Truth to Power Cafe. In recent months, several government agencies have filed lawsuits by plaintiffs claiming inadequate executive compensation for non-binding consultation with the shareholder of the board of directors ( say-on-pay ) for the dodd-frank Act .

Goldstein is closely linked to the directors and is the president of the United States Bar Association’s executive team. Jeremy Goldstein explained very well how the possibilities of knockout can be a great help for the employer with his company.

Let’s hope that Jeremy Goldstein will examine it more to clarify any questions that have been asked.

While the thought of dividing your deeper and darkest thoughts into a space filled with strangers could make you feel like you’ re crawling into the fetal position, the Truth to Power Cafe has been hailed as raw, empowering and emphasizing the revolutionary potential of the living theater.

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Drew Madden is helping in transforming the health IT industry

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur who has experienced success in his IT career. He is passionate about Electronic Medical Records, and this has led the entrepreneur to research extensively in the field. He has also partnered with other experts in the industry with the goal of coming up with the best and possible solutions to help the healthcare industry. He wants to stand out from the best by offering quality services that can outshine those offering common services. He has helped both patients and healthcare providers, and his vision is to aid in the improvement of healthcare services.

Drew Madden is experienced because he has worked for various IT firms. He also has a vast experience in the sector. After completing his education, he worked for Cerner Corporation for some years, and he was certified in several application modules. Some of them include PharmNet and eMAR. His experience also comes from working with Ingenix and Nordic Consulting Partners. He served in the position of the president. He has gained excellent skills when it comes to leadership. During his career, he has led various projects successfully. He was promoted while working at Nordic to the top position because of his excellent leadership skills. His leadership skills have helped to propel many organizations to a great height. He is always of great value to an organization.

Drew Madden is currently offering his great services at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is among those who started the company that has been doing well in providing innovative services to clients. They put their clients in mind as they try to solve their problems so that they can be effective. That is why they are considered unique when it comes to their operations. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is outstanding in all aspects because they value their customers and they always strive to establish a wonderful relationship with them.

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur who is passionate about his work. He loves technology, and he has used his skills to help transform the industry. His contributions in the industry are great, and he has expectations to transform the industry and help when it comes to delivery of quality services.

How Guilherme Paulus Makes His Hotels Better

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus knows the importance of making sure his companies get a high level of marketing. No matter what industry he works in, Guilherme believes he can make things easier for people traveling. He also knows the importance of creating a travel company that provides both positive experiences and opportunities that people can use for luxury travel. Things continue getting better for Paulus since he knows what it takes to be successful. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil and that’s what allowed him to continue creating more successful opportunities.

When Guilherme Paulus started his hotel business, he knew he would need to work hard to make business better. He also knew things would keep changing if he had the chance to bring attention to the issues in the hotel industry. Since he could do more to help people understand the options they had with his hotels, he pushed to make these things possible. It was also his goal to keep showing people they had someone who cared about their experiences while they traveled. Guilherme gave them the options that other hotels didn’t and that’s part of what set him apart from other hoteliers in the industry.

It didn’t take long for Guilherme Paulus to reach new levels of success. In fact, Paulus had one of the fastest growing hotel success stories in the industry. It helped him show people they had someone who cared about the options and made it easier for him to do things that could create a positive influence for the industry. As long as Paulus knew what people wanted him to do, he could keep making the hotel industry better than it ever was in the past. He could also make things easier for people to understand they had options.

Guilherme Paulus came up with the idea for a tour company. He wanted to use the tour company to help others understand the options they had for traveling to different areas. As long as he could show people what they needed and how they could have fun with the travel tour company, he could make the best choices for them. He could also show others they didn’t have to stress out about the way they went on tours in different areas. Since he had this opportunity, it allowed him the chance to make sure he could help others realize they could do more with their vacations!

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Randal Nardone: Pleased With Fortress’ Acquisition

Randal A. Nardone is the co-founder, principal and director at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Although acquiring the board of directors position in November of 2006, Randal Nardone has been a member of the management committee at Fortress since 1998, when it was founded. Upon it’s launch, Fortress was the first large private equity firm in the United States to be publicly traded. In August of 2013, he was appointed chief executive officer of Fortress after serving as a chief executive office intern from December of 2011 to July of 2013. During his time at Fortress, Randal Nardone aided in obtaining reputable awards for Fortress including Hedge Fund Manager of The Year in 2007, and Management Firm of The Year in 2014. Along with serving as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Nardone is also the co-founder of Fortress Credit Corporation and FM Falstaff Advisors LLC, and Fortress Macro Advisors.

Randal Nardone was born on June, 22 1955. He got an early start in his professional path after attending high school. He attended the University of Connecticut, receiving two bachelor degrees in English and Biology. He then attended law school at Boston University, receiving his J.D Degree. Shortly after receiving his law degree, Randal began his law career by working at a respected law firm named Thacher Proffitt & Wood. Shortly after working at this law firm, Nardone would pursue his career in the financial industry by serving as the managing director at UBS, an investment banking company. Randal Nardone’s knowledge in law and finances allowed him to establish Fortress Investment Group as a statutory entity in the financial service industry. By applying his expertise, Nardone was able to rank on the Forbes billionaire list at number 557, with a net worth of $1.8 billion.

As of December, 2017, a Japanese banking company named SoftBank announced they are purchasing Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. While maintaining the management positions at Fortress, Randal and the members’ positions will remain intact. However, Fortress will continue operating independently. When asked regarding his opinion on the accusation, Randal Nardone mentioned his optimistic view points as this acquisition will help to strengthen his company. He also mentioned the advantages gained through this deal, as his company will grow faster and gain extensive accessibility to greater credit sources.

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Marc Beer, Series B Financing with Renovia

Marc Beer is the CEO of and co-founder Renovia. Renovia is an organization that deals with pelvic floor disorders. Renovia is said to diagnose and treat these types of disorders. Beer has experience in the field of commercialization for products. He has been involved with the commercialization of products for the past 25 years. Marc Beer has been involved with the pharmaceutical industry for years. During 2000, he was given the title of Chief Executive Officer for ViaCell. ViaCell is a biotech firm. They are said to specialize with the developments and collection of stem cells. Beer has been involved with these types of companies throughout the course of his career. He has been involved with the pharmaceutical industry and has skills in selling and commercializing products.


Series B financing was initiated in the company of Renovia, according to a business media outlet. There was participation from multiple companies such as Longwood Fund, Cormorant Asset Management, Inova Strategic Investments, and Western Technology Investment. These companies were involved in the series B financing for Renovia and their subsidiary business ventures. BayCross Capital Group was the advisor for Renovia during this business transaction.


Renovia is said to treat woman with this disorder. The company offers mobile app assistance that helps monitor and treat the condition. They also offer medical devices for the use in pelvic floor disorders. Renovia hopes to be the industry leader in women’s healthcare. Their goal is to expand the brand and reach more consumers. There have been pharmaceuticals prescribed for the treatment of pain to their patients. Renovia believes digital healthcare is a field that is yet to be discovered. They believe that digital healthcare is the missing link. In combination with generic treatments of the disorder, Renovia believes digital services will help treat the patient and their symptoms.


Marc Beer spoke about trends that excite him. He spoke about the breakthrough of digital health. He believes this is the era of digital services. He believes digital services will subsequently provide a breakthrough in medicine and treatment of disorders. He spoke about his habits as a businessman. He said allocation of funds and capital are the two biggest ways to succeed in the industry. He believes there should be a return of funds for the shareholders who invested in the company. Each investor and shareholder aims to see a return on their funds. Renovia aims to provide a return for their shareholders and create profit on top of that. When a company receives an investment in exchange for equity, the investor plans to receive his or her money back as well as a flow in profit. Learn more:

Talkspace Making Therapy Affordable and Convenient for Everyone

Whether you are burdened with the relationship issues or if you are suffering from any kind of mental health issues, consulting with an expert is necessary. A professional psychiatrist and psychologist would be able to help you understand and identify the primary cause of the mental health issue. Once the problem is identified, it becomes easier to diagnose the issue. Talkspace is an online platform that helps the people to connect with the licensed and experienced therapist who would be able to guide you through the mental health issues you are suffering from. There are many couples and families as well that have taken the help of the therapists at Talkspace to find the solution to their issues.

Talkspace is a very convenient platform for people who are shy by nature and are not comfortable with in-office consultation. It is also a good option for people who are not able to make enough time out of their busy schedule to visit a therapist. One of the reasons why many people do not opt to go for an in-office consultation is that it can cost a lot. Consulting with the experts at Talkspace would help you bring clarity in life and provide you the way you are looking for. Whether it is depression or anxiety you are suffering from, a professional therapist would help you get the proper treatment and help you take corrective measures at the right time. If you do not have the money, online therapy is the best way to get help without spending too much money on therapy and still getting the same quality of treatment.

Michael Phelps has won Olympic medals multiple times, but he too suffered from depression for a long time. It was only after he took help was he able to lead a normal life. He understands what people with depression go through and Talkspace; he wants people to understand that one should seek help for mental problems for themselves and not for others. If they are not feeling fine, there is nothing wrong in talking to a therapist and knowing if there is something that needs attention.