Investing for the Future

Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth over time. There are a lot of people who struggle with their personal finances. Working with an investment firm can be a great way to take your finances to the next level. Over the past couple of years, Madison Street Capital has been leading the industry with its innovation and customer service. Investors today want more interaction with their financial advisers than before. A high level of technology enables companies to provide this service to their customers. If you want to take things to the next level with your investments, working with Madison Street Capital is a great idea.

Reducing Risk

One of the reasons that so many people stay away from investing is risk. There are a lot of people who are worried about the future of their portfolio, especially with everything going on in the economy. The good news is that there is a way to invest that reduces the risk over time. If you want to invest to decrease risk, putting some gold or other precious metals in your portfolio can do that.  With the election looming large, it is important for people to look at their portfolio and adjust as necessary.

Madison Street Capital

From the time the company has been started, Madison Street Capital is a company that has worked to help customers. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is a great way to do so. Madison Street Capital has made investments into its customers, and this is one of the reasons the company is so highly rated. If you want to learn how to invest the right way, Madison Street Capital can teach you how. The company is concerned about how many people have nothing saved for retirement, and they want to continue to help customers any way that they can.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your finances to a new level, Madison Street Capital is the company to go to.  Over time, they have helped thousands of investors design a portfolio that meets their basic needs. If you are concerned about losing money in the stock market, they can help you with that process. There are a variety of investment strategies that the company uses to reduce the overall risk in a person’s portfolio.

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Inspirational Technology from Securus

He never imagined that he’d be missing out on so much of his little girl’s life, but there he is, dealing with life’s consequential path and learning how to be a better man once he returns to his family. What inspires him? What motivates his self-improvement? His daughter. Through Securus Technologies’ video visitation, inmates have the opportunity to watch, connect, and interact with their children. As a parent myself, I cherish every first step, dance recital, football game, birthday, graduation, and all of the small moments in between. Parents make poor decisions sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they have to lose the link to the people who inspire them to be better and do better. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of incarceration?


Securus Technologies currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and offers reliable, convenient alternatives to connect families with their confined loved ones, including phone and video visitations, which can be accessed via any mobile device or computer. Securus services are easily accessed through their app or website. Utilizing Securus eliminates the need for children to travel long distances for visitations and prevents the exposure of young children to prison life.

In addition to serving the imprisoned community, Securus Technologies provides services to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and correctional agencies with innovative technology in the areas of incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, communication, and monitoring. Securus not only provides essential services that enhance the operations of the law enforcement community, it also inspires inmates to return to our society as productive citizens through services such as video visitation.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Understanding Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have Medicare, you can get your health coverage through Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan of InnovaCare Health. Most people do not understand the difference between the two plans. It is important to comprehend each plan in detail to choose the one that best suits your health needs. Below is a list of the differences between the two plans.

Original Medicare
* It is the traditional program that is usually governed by the federal government.

* If you are in this plan, you pay a monthly premium for part B. An individual does not pay part A premium if they have worked in the United States for over ten years.

* The Original Medicare includes part A and part B if a person is enrolled in both. Part A entails hospital coverage while part B entails medical coverage.

* Individuals who have Original Medicare can visit any hospital or doctor in countries that accept the plan.

* People on this plan pay a coinsurance and deductible when they get health care. The deductible is usually 20% of the outpatient care costs approved by Medicare of InnovaCare Health.

* People do not require referrals to see a specialist or prior authorization for health care services.

* Individuals here can purchase Medigap plan as a way of supplementing coverage.

* People who want Medicare drug coverage must buy Prescription Drug Plan from a private insurance provider.

Medicare Advantage Plans
* Medicare Advantage Plans are sold by private insurance providers that offer Medicare benefits.

* Individuals here still pay Medicare premiums, and you may get extra charges on your premium.

* The plan should cover the same benefits as part A and part B of Original Medicare. However, some also include extra benefits like dental care and vision care.

* You will still have Medicare, but you are no longer in Original Medicare since you are enrolled in a private plan with different restrictions and costs.

* You can only visit doctors and hospitals allowed by the plan.

* Individuals with this plan may have to choose a primary care physician, get authorization before certain services, and get referrals to see a specialist on

* The plan has yearly limits on out-of-pocket health care expenses, after which one is not required to pay money for the rest of the year.

About InnovaCare
InnovaCare is the leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. It has over 230,000 members and 7,500 providers. InnovaCare was founded in 2009, and it has worked for Medicare Advantage firms in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare’s success is attributed to its leadership. Rick Shinto leads the team of professionals at InnovaCare.

US Money Reserve Analysts Say Gold Is Favorite This Year

The stock market is a slippery slope, and bonds have become the latest bad weather investment as skepticism grows, however, according to US Money Reserve experts, the precious metals industry, especially gold and silver have have experienced a healthy leap. The demand for precious metals is hardly surprising, since the dollar has steadily weakened. This has become especially true for gold and silver coins. US Money Reserve numismatist say the coins will increase in value, but the real question is how to reap the rewards of growth with coins? “It depends on what you hope to achieve with gold coin investments,” says one expert. “It’s best to buy, lock away and forget for awhile to truly derive real potential profit.”

In fact, Brexit pushed the demand for gold skyward, and the precious metal did exactly what analysts predicted; it ran extremely well, as opposed to the instability of government bonds.

Several industry and political factors have been the reason for this demand for gold. The price of gold rises when interest rates decline, and vice versa. The Federal Reserve has only warranted gradual increases in the interest rates amid economic volatility, and expectations remain lukewarm that interest rates will see any dramatic shift in the upcoming months. Additionally, with a weak dollar, gold sales have been continually growing. For those who are still skeptical, just take a look at Europe’s Brexit. Britain’s exit from the European Union has brought about economic uncertainty contributing to the gold rush overseas. Investors quickly moved their funds to the safest haven – gold, and demand for the precious metal instantly skyrocketed.

What’s In Your Retirement Portfolio

Many shrewd investors have gone a step further with long term planning and are adding gold to their portfolio. Considering how the cost of precious metals is increasing day by day, most investors realize the importance and the value of these metals. This has led to an increase in the number of investments in gold. Gold, silver, and other precious metals have generated some of the highest returns in the market.

Of course, investors should never place all funds in one single market. Diversify, and precious metals are one of the best methods to keeps retirement funds safe.

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M&A Advisor Nominated Madison Street Capital as a 15th Annual M&A Advisory Awards Finalist

Madison Street Capital (MSC) made an official announcement on that the firm is a finalist of the 15th Annual M&A Advisory Awards. M&A Advisor Awards nominated the investment banking firm for two honors; the Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the International & Industrial Deal of the Year. This isn’t the first time Madison Street Capital is nominated as a finalist. In March 2016, MSC was nominated as a finalist for Cross Border M&A deal of the Year Award; Technology Deal of the Year Award; Corporate & Strategic Acquisition of the Year Award; and Professional Services Deal of the Year Award. M&A Advisor selected the firm for their role in successfully closing the merger and acquisition transaction between Dowco Group of Companies and Acuna-Asociados


MSC’s Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha was exclusive advisor managing the transaction deal for Dowco to acquire Acuna. Mr. D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers worked on the acquisition to fulfil Dowco’s long term goals of international growth in the steel industry. Acuna is a steel detailing and engineering firm in Santiago, Chile, and leader in global markets. Karl and the Madison Street Capital management team will attend the 15th Annual Awards event in hopes of being acknowledged for their M&A expertise and closing of the Dowco and Acuna deal. The Merger & Acquisition Advisor Awards Gala is scheduled on November 19th at the New York Athletic Club.


Founders, Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala established Chicago-based investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, in 2005. MSC provides financial advisory, M&A, bankruptcy, valuation, and reorganization services in Asian, African and North American countries. Charles Botchway serves as Chief Executive Officer and manages the firm’s daily operations and the MSC management team. Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer received the Merger & Acquisition Advisor’s Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award for his achievements and contributions to the community and industry.


Madison Street Capital will be attending the 2016 15th Annual Awards Gala in November as a nominee for the Investment Banking Firm of the Year and International & Industrial Deal of the Year Awards. Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers are accredited for their roles in managing and finalizing the Dowco acquisition of Acuna. It will be a huge success for D’Cunha and Rodgers, as well as the MSC team. The Dowco and Acuna M&A transaction is one of hundreds of transactions Madison Street Capital predicted to happen in 2016, after reporting an increase in 2015.

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Doe Deere: The Queen of Makeup, Rainbows, and Unicorns

Doe Deere has a child-like quality that so many find adorable. She also has a timeless beauty that she seems to pour into her products. Her creativity is unlike others in her age category, yet she has managed to use her wisdom to make her company, Lime Crime, a rising star. She admits that she feels like she is cheating sometimes when people refer to her as an entrepreneur. Deere is doing what she loves best, creating makeup. She doesn’t make any apologies for the crazy products or bizarre nature in which she lives her life. As “Queen of the Unicorns,” she prefers to live in a fantasy world where everything is bright colors as well as clouds and sunshine.

She admits that working at Lime Crime is fun. She hears friends talking about how boring their jobs are and how they would do anything to move on to something new. However, Deere has never felt that way about her company. In fact, she is in the process of growing her line and putting her products in stores across the world. With things coming up roses for her, she has nothing to make her unhappy. It is kind of like that famous quote that says if a person finds something that they love, they won’t work a day in their life. Learn more:

Deere recalls her first makeup experience in an interview with Galore. She was at a slumber party with some of her friends. She painted her eyes a dark pink and her lips brown. She admits that she knew nothing about what colors went together or even how to apply the stuff. She didn’t care how foolish she looked. She loved the fact that she could use every color of the rainbow to express herself. Actually, when so many others try drugs and alcohol to rebel, makeup became her way to try her wings.

She grew up in the New York City area, which is famous for its influence on the design world. Later, Deere moved to the Los Angeles area with her husband and started her life and makeup empire. Though she has tried many things in her life to be successful, makeup is just one thing that seems to fit. The road has had many bumps along the way, but she is determined to overcome any obstacles in her way and continue to grow her empire. Learn more:

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The Lovaganza Announcement is Bringing Humanity Together in a Global Way

The scheduled 2015 Lovaganza exposition is now rescheduled for 2020. The event of Lovaganza is going to showcase exhibits and demonstrate advances in entertainment technology. The event will be a world celebration. Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania will play host to the many events that are schedule to take place during 2020.

Lovaganza will also be revealing their 3D Glassless technology that will we used for 3 movies that will be released during the world wide event. The world of entertainment is anticipating a good turnout for the event which brings together innovative technologies for the entertainment industry.

The film trilogy which will be featured during the Lovaganza event has already begun filming in such locations as the United States and Spain. When the film is released and featured at Lovaganza it will be shown own what has become known to be Immerse Screens.

Lovaganza and the world wide event have a foundation behind their cause. The Lovaganza Foundation on strives to bring a universal quality of life among everyone on the planet. The foundation is also known as the mother of all foundations. Lovaganza and its foundation are fighting to give all children access to clean water, education, and all of the basic necessities of life. People all over Europe and America are very excited to being a part of an event that will help bring humanity together and on the same page. The goal of Lovaganza is to positively bring all nations together by the year 2035 through the efforts of the Lovaganza Foundation.

As the foundation and the upcoming world event take shape they also work hand in hand. The innovative technological features that are found for entertainment purposes can also be used to benefit humanity worldwide. The Lovaganza entertainment event is geared to give people the feeling that was once felt by individuals when the world’s fair came to their cities. This new found movement is giving people the same feeling, and love for humanity is attached to it all.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Kabbalah Centre: Knowledge is Power

They say that in today’s world, you can never have enough information and never have enough knowledge. It helps prepare you for the future and for the unknown. The more you can learn, the better off you will be in the long run. When it comes to the
Kabbalah Centre, they are all about teaching and learning as much as possible when it comes to the the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. They are non-profit, which, to me, says a lot about them. They have their heart in the right place and they want people to learn as much as they can about this the right way. They are located in Los Angeles, California.

The great thing about the Kabbalah Centre is they cater it to what works best for you and what style of learning is going to work for your lifestyle. Some people work best online and like to take classes online. They might have jobs that get in the way or other responsibilities.  It is all about making things easier for you, so you can just focus on learning and not have any distractions in your way, whatsoever.

They also offer study groups all over the world. There are certain people that study best when they have a group. It helps them stay motivated, and it helps build a team-like atmosphere where everyone helps each other out. Some people can offer insights that others might not be able to, which is the beauty of studying with a group. Everyone offers something different and unique to the table, and they try to take advantage of that in the best way possible.

They also have centers where you can learn as well. Some people like more hands-on training and they like the routine of going to a center, asking questions and being a sponge that absorbs as much information as possible. Again, it is all about you and what works best for your stye of learning.

Tying Higher Sales To Better Cancer Treatments

The bottom line in cancer treatment is that people have to get better or doctors will move on to something that works better. They cannot afford to keep buying drugs that are not working while they have patients who are dying, and that is why there are a lot of good vibes around Seattle Genetics and their cancer drugs. Clay Siegall runs the company, and he convened a meeting where he shared that the company is getting bigger and selling more than ever before.

This means that most of the people who are using their drugs are getting better, and the progress gives doctors a reason to use the drugs again. There are a lot of people who are hoping that these drugs are going to work in their trials, and that is where Seattle Genetics is right now.

The meeting talked of two different drugs. One has been used to help with breast cancer, and the other works on lymphoma. This level of success will help Clay Siegall and his company make even more drugs if they want to because people will trust in them.

Clay Siegall says that they are selling more than they have because doctors are seeing successes, and that makes it more likely that the company can start making more products than they were.  They are prepared to create a lot more all their customers, and they are willing to meet the needs of patients who are in a fight for their lives. That is why their increased sales numbers are so important, and it is even more important for people to remember that a company that has high sales has a high rate of success.

Laidlaw & Company and their Hard Sell Tactics

I have no direct experience with hard selling stock traders pitching their hard sell opportunities to me except for seeing a fictional movie called the Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio did a fantastic job portraying a character who is likely to be one of these folks from Laidlaw & Company calling people on a list of investors that they use to pitch a potential investment opportunity.

Those who are on such a list are targets for the these wolfish investment firms that may or may not have an actual opportunity to sell with Laidlaw. If it is a fake one, then they are frauds and should be exposed and fined and put in jail as is the fate of any criminal that attempts to bilk those who are unwitting and uninformed. They prey on those who are uninformed. This was seen on full display in the past Republican Primaries of 2016 with the current presidential nominee, Trump, who emerged as the winner due to his silver tongue.

People believe what they want to believe with Matthew Eitner and if they are angry and frustrated, they are open to so many potential fraudsters and scammers who can come along and lay some bull pucky on them and poof, they are had like chumps. The Trumpsters are a passle of chumps and the American public has fallen like this before in the recent past. Bill Clinton with his “Slick Willie,” personality and capacity to bamboozle people set the stage for the same to happen again and again to the gullible in the American Public.

So those who do not pay attention to history are damned to repeat it, much like James Ahern . The same can be said for people who take tips from investment banking firms with hot deals and tips.  The same is true with any buying and selling situation. Caveat Emptor. The buyer beware.

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