Doe Deere Stands Out As A Business Lady True To Her Moral Standards

Starting your own business, while sometimes fraught with difficulty can be a rewarding venture that can change your life. By looking at other successful business owners who carved out their own path, you might find some inspiration. One example is Doe Deere who took her overwhelming passion for makeup and turned it into a popular business that continues to grow to this day. Her cosmetic line includes eye shadows, nail polishes, and lipsticks, which are all colorful, bright, and gorgeous. She founded her company by taking her passion and turning it into a business, and you can too. Learn more:


The best way to start is to do some soul searching to discover a passion that you want to turn into a business. Then write down your ideas on paper and create a business plan. The business plan can help you to stay clear and also get financial assistance, which is something you’ll most likely need to startup your company. While working on your own business can be hard work, it can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that your products are helping countless people.


At the heart of the makeup company, Lime Crime, is CEO and owner Doe Deere. She is an incredibly unique individual who believes in making people feel better by wearing makeup that is vegan and cruelty free. She has titled herself a Unicorn Queen and millions of fans all around the world appreciate her commitment to sticking to her values while maintaining a successful business. She launched the company in 2008 while trying to cosmetics that would match her own unique, eccentric, and colorful outfits and woke the world up when she introduced Unicorn Lipsticks, which offer customers a huge range of lipstick colors to choose from. In 2012 she launched Velvetines, which is a matte liquid lipstick that doesn’t smudge. Learn more:


Doe Deere has ensured that her company adheres to its vegan and cruelty free standards by not including ingredients, such as, whey, carmine, lanolin, or beeswax in her makeup and by not testing any of the products on animals. Her makeup line is all Leaping Bunny certified, which means they are strictly tested by independent sources to ensure that none of the products are tested on animals. To boot, her company Lime Crime is Peta Certified and listed in PETA’s cruelty free and vegan shopping guide, which is a list of companies who promote the humane treatment of animals. Learn more: