Aloha restoration is a company dealing in restoring

Aloha restoration is a company dealing in restoring the interior of your home to its former glory. They are licensed general contractors offering you professional and reliable home improvements. Their years of experience assures you the best services in carpet and upholstery cleaning, fire damage clean up, mold removal, and water clean ups, among many other services. Also, they offer remodeling services for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Mold removal

Often, people have to vacate their homes due to molds. Hotels and restaurants get shut down after failing their health and sanitation inspections. Aloha restorations will not allow you to get to such points. They start you off with a free review of your properties. Next is the mould detection, assessment then removal. Aloha restoration also ensures your safety by using modern methods that will have no residual effects.

Carpet upholstery cleaning

Your carpet reflects your room’s glamour. Some small stains will give you your most humiliating memories when hosting guests. In some cases, it could pose a health threat to you and your family. Aloha rids off such stress situations by giving your carpet and upholstery a sparkling touch. Serving both residential & commercial clients, they assure cleaned and dried carpets in less than 48 hours. With their free in house assessment, there should be no reason to shy from their services.

Bathroom remodeling

There are reasons as to why you might need a bathroom remodel. You just moved into a new house, and the current bathroom status is not up to your standards. The bathroom might also be the old outdated model. For some people, you just have a feeling of need for change in your bathroom. With their 4.9 rating on, Aloha restoration could not be more qualified for this job. Whether you need a change in your bathroom equipment or a change in the tiles, Aloha will sort you. They have strong relationships with their suppliers and employees to ensure you quality materials and craftsmanship. These are a few things aloha can do for you. If your basement keeps leaking, mold just won’t quit your house; worry no more. Aloha restoration understands your need for remodeling and will deliver quality and on time.