Cotemar: A Premiere Mexican Company

While Cotemar is not household name worldwide, it is a staple in the Mexican oil and gas industry. Cotemar has been proudly working with Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) for 38 years among other renowned clients.

While Cotemar is an incredibly diversified company, it primarily works in the industry segments of construction, modernization, maintenance engineering, specialized marine support vessels and catering. In addition, here are just a few things you should know about this titan of the Mexican oil and gas industry.

What Cotemar Has to Offer

Clients like Petroleos Mexicanos trust Cotemar due to the equipment and qualities that they bring to the table. Cotemar values efficiency, safety and speed above all else and brings each of these value to every single project. Along with their values, Cotemar also offers 3 technologically advanced semi-submersible construction and accommodation platforms along with 14 associated work-vessels. Learn more about Cotemar: and

They also have a 28-acre fabrication yard, warehouses and logistics facilities, aviation facilities and a subsea crane that can carry 300 tons. Lastly, you can be assured that Cotemar does their work properly as they are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and hold an International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate.

Cotemar Cares About Their Workers and the Environment

It is easy to tell that a business is of high quality when it is clear that they care about their workers and the environment. Cotemar offers their workers equity programs, health benefits, education benefits as well as a variety of sporting activities in order to build community between their workers.

Lastly, Cotemar is committed to being as sustainable as possible by following federal and organization guidelines regarding environmental health and safety. Essentially, Cotemar is committed to making as little of an impact on the land and sea as possible, which is great for the future of Earth.

Overall, Cotemar’s values and services make it clear that they are the premiere Mexican oil and gas company. Their years of experience and success in the industry are a testament to the high quality of the services that they offer. There is no doubt that Cotemar will continue succeeding in not only business but sustainability as well.