Marc Beer, Series B Financing with Renovia

Marc Beer is the CEO of and co-founder Renovia. Renovia is an organization that deals with pelvic floor disorders. Renovia is said to diagnose and treat these types of disorders. Beer has experience in the field of commercialization for products. He has been involved with the commercialization of products for the past 25 years. Marc Beer has been involved with the pharmaceutical industry for years. During 2000, he was given the title of Chief Executive Officer for ViaCell. ViaCell is a biotech firm. They are said to specialize with the developments and collection of stem cells. Beer has been involved with these types of companies throughout the course of his career. He has been involved with the pharmaceutical industry and has skills in selling and commercializing products.


Series B financing was initiated in the company of Renovia, according to a business media outlet. There was participation from multiple companies such as Longwood Fund, Cormorant Asset Management, Inova Strategic Investments, and Western Technology Investment. These companies were involved in the series B financing for Renovia and their subsidiary business ventures. BayCross Capital Group was the advisor for Renovia during this business transaction.


Renovia is said to treat woman with this disorder. The company offers mobile app assistance that helps monitor and treat the condition. They also offer medical devices for the use in pelvic floor disorders. Renovia hopes to be the industry leader in women’s healthcare. Their goal is to expand the brand and reach more consumers. There have been pharmaceuticals prescribed for the treatment of pain to their patients. Renovia believes digital healthcare is a field that is yet to be discovered. They believe that digital healthcare is the missing link. In combination with generic treatments of the disorder, Renovia believes digital services will help treat the patient and their symptoms.


Marc Beer spoke about trends that excite him. He spoke about the breakthrough of digital health. He believes this is the era of digital services. He believes digital services will subsequently provide a breakthrough in medicine and treatment of disorders. He spoke about his habits as a businessman. He said allocation of funds and capital are the two biggest ways to succeed in the industry. He believes there should be a return of funds for the shareholders who invested in the company. Each investor and shareholder aims to see a return on their funds. Renovia aims to provide a return for their shareholders and create profit on top of that. When a company receives an investment in exchange for equity, the investor plans to receive his or her money back as well as a flow in profit. Learn more:

Major Achievements of Hussain Sajwani

Building a dynasty is never easy. It takes a lot of determination. Hussain Sajwani is a precise definition of a hard worker and a strategist. He has been a leader all along, and his business operations are well thought out. The father of four has prospered and made it to the top.






Hussain Sajwani quit his job in the finance department to create his own. Startups are usually a challenge, but he beat all odds to build a successful business. His company was a catering service provider. He worked on some of the most significant projects while in the catering business. Hussain provided his services to the US Army.



Later on, his eye for detail and opportunity came into play. The fact the government gave people who were not from Emirates to own property was his driving force towards venturing into real estate. He saw an opportunity to satisfy people’s needs. He came up with DAMAC Properties.



DAMAC Properties has headquarters in Dubai. It has grown over the years as it takes on more housing projects. The demand keeps growing, and more and more people are buying houses. Hussain Sajwani has contributed to the current face of Dubai.



DAMAC has property all over the Middle East as well as London. The idea is expansion and making it global. Hussain has had several partnerships which are with influential people. The Hussain Sajwani family has been into business deals with Donald Trump. They built a golf course in Dubai in February 2017. There are plans for another gold course to be launched late 2018.



Hussain Sajwani has made DAMAC invest in luxury houses that have a touch of Italian interior. DAMAC has developed over 18,000 apartments since it was formed. A big move was when the company was publicly listed on the Dubai Financial Market in 2015. His catering company is still operational but is under the name Global Logistics Services.



Has He Been Involved In Any Philanthropic Activities?



The DAMAC owner has advocated for the younger generation. He has contributed financially towards efforts of improving the livelihoods of the deserving cases. He believes that it’s instrumental for them as they are capable of changing things when they grow and become financially stable.


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