Cotemar – Logistics Service Provider in the Oil and Gas Industry of Mexico

Cotemar, established in 1979, is one of the leading companies in the oil and gas industry in Mexico. The company has grown, evolved, and expanded over the years, and has adopted new techniques, technology, and processes, which ensures that it can provide reliable, efficient, and performance based services to its clients. Learn more about Contemar:

It is essential for the offshore oil fields to receive the support services, such as the ones provided by Cotemar, to be able to perform efficiently. Starting from the transportation of food and personnel, to offering maintenance and engineering services, every type of specialized services that can be required by the offshore oil fields are provided by Cotemar.

The company has a massive fleet of transport and specialized vessels, which also includes the firefighting ships and barge boats. The logistics solutions offered by Cotemar helps the offshore oil fields to do their core job of oil drilling efficiently.

Cotemar has an in-house research and development department that continues to develop new strategies and processes, which would help ensure that the company’s services continue to evolve and deliver the kind of efficiency required by the clients’ oil and offshore gas projects.

Cotemar manages the offshore oil and gas drilling projects of PEMEX. PEMEX is one of the biggest oil and gas companies in Mexico, and Cotemar provides a comprehensive range of logistic and support services to the firm. Cotemar continues to acquire new and modernized vessels to its already massive fleet of vessels to improve its efficiency levels and provide comprehensive services to its clients. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn and Cotemar | Elmanana

For any professional in the field of engineering and logistics, working at Cotemar is a dream. However, Cotemar does not only rely on third party recruiters or recruitment agencies to hire talent in the shipping industry but has its proprietary hiring process that it follows to screen and hire skilled professionals from the industry.

Cotemar is known to maintain highest of standards in the oil and gas industry and the services of the firm help the oil drilling companies to do its job without any logistical difficulties or roadblocks. Cotemar has a corporate social responsibility program in place that helps the employees of the company and their family to get access to quality education, healthcare, and even employment opportunities.

Cotemar has played a huge role in the oil and gas industry of Mexico, and it continues to deliver excellent services to its clients maintaining highest of standards in the said industry.