Understanding Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have Medicare, you can get your health coverage through Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan of InnovaCare Health. Most people do not understand the difference between the two plans. It is important to comprehend each plan in detail to choose the one that best suits your health needs. Below is a list of the differences between the two plans.

Original Medicare
* It is the traditional program that is usually governed by the federal government.

* If you are in this plan, you pay a monthly premium for part B. An individual does not pay part A premium if they have worked in the United States for over ten years.

* The Original Medicare includes part A and part B if a person is enrolled in both. Part A entails hospital coverage while part B entails medical coverage.

* Individuals who have Original Medicare can visit any hospital or doctor in countries that accept the plan.

* People on this plan pay a coinsurance and deductible when they get health care. The deductible is usually 20% of the outpatient care costs approved by Medicare of InnovaCare Health.

* People do not require referrals to see a specialist or prior authorization for health care services.

* Individuals here can purchase Medigap plan as a way of supplementing coverage.

* People who want Medicare drug coverage must buy Prescription Drug Plan from a private insurance provider.

Medicare Advantage Plans
* Medicare Advantage Plans are sold by private insurance providers that offer Medicare benefits.

* Individuals here still pay Medicare premiums, and you may get extra charges on your premium.

* The plan should cover the same benefits as part A and part B of Original Medicare. However, some also include extra benefits like dental care and vision care.

* You will still have Medicare, but you are no longer in Original Medicare since you are enrolled in a private plan with different restrictions and costs.

* You can only visit doctors and hospitals allowed by the plan.

* Individuals with this plan may have to choose a primary care physician, get authorization before certain services, and get referrals to see a specialist on connect.data.com.

* The plan has yearly limits on out-of-pocket health care expenses, after which one is not required to pay money for the rest of the year.

About InnovaCare
InnovaCare is the leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. It has over 230,000 members and 7,500 providers. InnovaCare was founded in 2009, and it has worked for Medicare Advantage firms in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare’s success is attributed to its leadership. Rick Shinto leads the team of professionals at InnovaCare.