Amazing Facts Concerning Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a serial entrepreneur based in America. Currently he resides in Los Angeles, California, and took his BA from Harvard University in 1988. As early as in his fourth grade, Eric could already program computers, and this triggered him to open a database computer company in high school. While in campus he pursued a course in English and American literature. He also edited and did a column for ‘The Harvard Crimson,’ where he continued sharpening his already conspicuous skills. After graduating in 1988, he also endeavored in highly appreciated milestones such as;

He Launched People Doing Things (PDT)

Basically, the company handled a wide array of services ranging from; education, health services and several other things. His big heart coupled with high technological skills compelled him to further found a company helping chronically ill kids to network. Interactive Agency Digital Evolution was developed with an aim of allowing such children to chat and post blogs where they would share experiences. Besides, he has also founded over fifteen other ventures.

Became a Great Philanthropist

As seen, the dynamic daddy of four has a heart for charitable works. As such, he has offered to fund several non-profit making organizations. As well, he is a board member at the X-Prize Foundation. The foundation focuses on competing to address the most of challenges affecting the human race. There is also ‘The Painted Turtle,’ which is an encampment for chronically ill children. There are several other companies he funds of has founded and he employs his technological craftiness to offer solutions.


Technical innovation could not find its way into the health industry better than it has, thanks to Erick. Mostly he targets the economically challenged communities, because his passion for the deprived is unheard of. Being a founding donor of so many organizations is not easy, especially now that every one of them keeps necessitating his service. Amazingly though, he has been consistent and has also maintained his role as a present father to his children.