Chris Burch Continues To Be A Part Of Successful Businesses And Other Ventures

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur, businessman, and investor who has founded or been a part of the founding of a spread of globally recognized retail brands. He also chooses to invest in different ventures, and one of his latest investments is in the hospitality industry. Back in 2012, he partnered up with James McBride, a hotelier, and purchased a hostel on the beaches of the island of Sumba. Over the next few years, the pair invested $30 million to transform the hostel into a classy, five-star resort that opened up in 2015 under the name Nihiwatu. Since the resort opened, it has become the island’s largest source of employment for locals, and part of the proceeds from the hotel go to the Sumba Foundation, which works to help the local community on the island.

Chris Burch expressed in a 2015 interview that he originally bought the beach resort for his children and to give something back to the people of Sumba. For the interview, check  He also spoke about some of the highlights of what can be done in a place like Sumba that can’t be done elsewhere including seeing locations that no one else ever has. The resort includes 27 private villas as well as Chris Burch’s own private home, which he makes available for guests on occasion. The resort also features a pair of two-story tree houses that are bridged by bamboo. Traditional Sumbanese art is featured all over the tree houses, and guests can enjoy a day at a beach spa or a wellness center that includes yoga sessions on a daily basis. In 2016, Travel + Leisure picked the island resort of Nihiwatu to be its Best Hotel In The World.

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, and he has been investing in a spread of different businesses for over four decades. His contributions have led to the success of brands like Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, Voss Water, and Jawbone ( His initial success began when he was studying at Ithaca College, and he decided to invest $2,000 into the starting up of Eagle Eye apparel. This company sprouted up to become a multi-million dollar business that was eventually sold to Swire Group. After this, Chris Burch invested some of his money into Internet Capital, which was a success. Over the years Burch has tasted the fruits from his own hard work, and he continues to create success for himself in whatever venture he chooses to take part in.

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Which Gifts Does Chris Burch Recommend Buying?

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who’s been building and investing in businesses for over 40 years, and he’s always had an appreciation for the finer things. He even switched credit cards recently because his old credit card didn’t have the perks he wanted. Burch has invested in not only new tech companies, but also creative lifestyle brands and gift suppliers. He’s bought several nice gifts for people close to him, some of which come from companies he invests in, but others from expensive brands. Gifts he says make good holiday or birthday presents are a Fatty Sunday’s supply of chocolates, a jacket from Barbour Gisbourne and a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.  Hit this for a related article.

Chris Burch was raised in New York and began his business career with a small sweater sales gig while attending Ithaca College in the 1970s. He started out just selling the sweaters for a $5 profit, but when customer demand grew he knew he could build a big retail company from it. Burch named this company Eagle Eye Apparel and it made millions of dollars in sales up until he sold it in the late 1990s.  More to read on   After selling Eagle Eye Apparel, Burch started joining venture capital firms such as Guggenheim Partners and the Internet Capital Group. He also became a partner owner in Tory Burch, a fashion line he helped his wife at the time launch in 2004.

After later selling his shares in that company, Burch Creative Capital was founded.  Burch Creative Capital has not only invested in startups, it’s also been a partner in hospitality and real estate developing with the Faena Group. Burch bought a stake in their Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires back in 2004 and later bought a condo property in Miami in 2011. Burch also flipped a series of multi-million dollar homes in Long Island and across New England including one in Southampton that he bought for $14 million and sold for $25 million.  Additional article on

His most expensive acquisition is Nihiwatu Resort which he bought in 2013 with James McBride and invested $30 million in to turn into one of the most luxurious and breath-taking vacation destinations. Burch is also a philanthropist who has supported organizations like the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.  Keep up-to-date with his new and follow on investment, hop over to this.

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Christopher Burch’s Breathtaking Investment Ventures

Christopher Burch, an entrepreneur, has been a devoted customer of American Express Co. cards for more than three decades since 1979. However, the entrepreneur stopped being a customer of American Express this year and switched to using the Sapphire Reserve Card of the J.P Morgan Chase & Co. According to the AmEx CEO and Chairman, regaining customers like Christopher Burch is a challenge to the company. The new chief succeeded Kenneth Chenault who led the company for a long period.

Regaining richer ex-customers is a big challenge to the company that is currently facing stiff competition from banks and other firms. Such firms include Silicon Valley Payment Company and the PayPal Holdings Incorporation. Due to the stiff competition, AmEx has lost its market shares to card networks like Visa Incorporation and banks. Investors are afraid of joining AmEx again since it does not have a clearly laid out plan of how it will curb disruption of traditional payment approaches from mobile channels. The loss of shares in the market also scared away its partners including the JetBlue Airways Corporation and Costo Wholesale Corporation.

The American Express Company provides credit cards to businesses and customers. It owns and operates a card network and it also provides loans to individuals and companies. Most of the investors have left the company and switched to other credit card providers because of AmEx inability to properly provide certain services.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The policies of Burch Creative Capital are based on Mr. Burch’s creativity and ideas for emerging market opportunities. He has taken part in the rise of numerous companies in his over four-decade career as an entrepreneur and an investor. The entrepreneur has expertise in a number of industries including technology, fashion, and real estate industries.   Learn more about his entrepreneurial skills, click on

According to, he started working at the Ithaca College as an undergrad. Burch together with his brother founded Eagles Eye and later sold it after it grew to $165 million. He has a number of brand portfolios under his belt like Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, and Poppin.  For the latest on his cool offering to the market, hit on

Mr. Burch used to be a board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. He also served as the president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. Mr. Burch has also invested in real estates both nationally and internationally like the luxurious homes in New York, Southampton, Florida, and Nantucket.  Read a related article here.  The entrepreneur has also taken part in funding philanthropic activities like The Sumba Foundation.

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The Incredible History of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is one of the most successful businesspersons in the world today. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Burch Creative Capital and has helped establish companies in the hospitality, fashion and technology industries. Burch was born in Pennsylvania, and he says that he was a terrible student back in the days in school. He could not read or concentrate and was last in his class at elementary school. He claims he had severe attention deficit disorder and his parents were informed by teachers to limit their hopes on his future.  Check for his timeline activity update.

However, at 14 years, his parents took him to Tilton Prep School at New Hampshire, a school he rewarded with $1.3 million in the year 2013. After school, during the summer, his father put him to work in a construction and spent most of his days pushing heavy wheelbarrows. This is when he concluded that there are other easier ways that he could make money. According to, while in Ithaca College, in partnership with his brother, they decided to sell sweaters door to door on campus. Starting with a capital of $2000, the investment grew to a company they named after their father, Eagles Eye, which they later sold to Swire Group based in the UK at approximately $60 million.  Read related article here.

Ever since then, Chris Burch has been involved in the establishment of numerous successful companies in hospitality, fashion and technology industries. For instance, in the year 2012, he bought a resort that was not known by most people in the remote areas of Indonesian Sumba Island. After investing heavily in the resort and hiring a creative hotelier and marketer, the five-star Nihi Resort rose to prominence. It is now in the top 100 prestigious hotels in the world.  More about the resort on

Formerly, the Nihi resort was a remote resort for surfers who relied on the Indian Ocean waves. The owners were unable to expand it and, thus, had to sell it to investors who had the ability to expand. On getting this information, Burch sent one of his trusted friends, James McBride, to examine and scout the viability of this investment. The tribal atmosphere and the beautiful sceneries impressed James, and this is why he recommended it to Burch who visited the resort with his three sons who are surfers. This is when he decided to acquire the resort, and the rest is history. It has risen to become one of the fanciest hotels in the world.  Hop over to to learn more about this awesome resort hotel.

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Chris Burch Renovates a Luxury Resort on the Indonesian Island of Sumba

After founding several successful globally recognized retail brands such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder, Chris Burch is shifting his entrepreneurial focus to a new industry. In 2012, Chris Burch joined forces with his hotelier James McBride to acquire a beach hostel on the Indonesian island of Sumba. It took them $30 million to renovate the hostel and to reopen it as a five-star resort under the name, Nihiwatu. In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted Chris Burch’s Niwihatu as the best hotel in the world.  Read related article on

In an interview with Business Jet Traveler, Chris Burch said that he bought the hostel for his children and as an asset, they would preserve and give back to society. According to Chris Burch, you can do things that you can’t elsewhere, especially if you are in a place with a beautiful palette. You can build a spa under a waterfall, create a butler in every room, or even go to places where others have never gone.   Read more about his shared views on this article on

Niwihatu turned into more than Chris Burch’s expectation. Chris Burch splits his time between his newly acquired Indonesian resort and the Miami, the Hampton. Nihiwatu currently has 27 private villas which include Raja Mendaka, Mr. Burch’s private home. It has a main house and four additional villas where each section has a private plunge pool.  Additional article to read on

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The firm’s investment strategy aligns with Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial values and vision for creativity, new market opportunities, incubation, and support and scale. As such, his brands have a direct, positive impact on consumers’ lives. With nearly 40 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investment, Chris Burch has been instrumental in the success of almost 40 companies. He combines his intuitive understanding of consumer behavior with his knowledge of navigating market trends to build a long track record of connecting innovation to impact. His company’s brand portfolio includes Nihiwatu, TRADEMARK, Poppin, Cocoon9, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.  Have a glimpse of his entrepreneurial values and vision for creativity, check on this.

Burch Creative Capital is currently supporting the development of several consumer and lifestyle products ranging from organic foods, home furnishings, apparel, and hospitality industries. Chris Burch, the former president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board, also served on the board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. As a philanthropist, he contributed towards philanthropic and research initiatives at the Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, hop over to

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Chris Burch Buys Nihiwatu on Sumba Island- A Leading Resort Internationally

Chris Burch is a prominent fashion mogul who is fondly, highly regarded for his input in marrying fashion to the modern technological trends. The visionary business professional has been gracing news headlines thanks to his competence in portfolio diversification. Chris is now famous for delving into the hotel industry where he has purchased a beautiful resort in the Sumba Island, in the heart of Indonesia. Joined by his business partner Mr. James McBride, the duo revamped the hotel and renamed it at $ 30 million. That is why presently, Nihiwatu on Sumba Island is a famous restaurant with more than 1,000 visitors per month.   Additional reading here.

Key Indicating Performance

When it comes to the performance of this luxurious hotel, Traveler Jet was quick to name it the best in the world, thanks to the brains behind its operations. In an interview with the magazine, Chris was asked why he settled for investing in this island given its geographical location and the amount that was put to it. Chris stated that he believed in the investment and the safety that came with the docket. He also explained that it was a present to his children. Being a good father, he hoped that the island would be a memorable venue for his family. Being a place where an individual can enjoy life without worrying about the rest of the world, Nihiwatu was the right investment choice.  More to read on


In his opinion, Nihiwatu has been a huge blessing to his life and other’s. Chris admitted that the island has been more of a blessing considering the risks that were involved in the investment. Being that it was an economically inactive island, money was pumped into the venture without the assurance of its eventual performance. This to Chris Burch was a rare yet worthy situation. When it comes to spending time with family or doing business, Chris Burch is mostly found in Miami, the Hamptons as well as in Nihiwatu, the famous island. With approximately 27 private villas, this is a fun to be place for holiday lovers.  Click on for additional article.

 Personal Profile

Chris Burch is a prominent business professional. The founder as well as the chief executive officer of the famous Burch Creative Capital prides himself on his ability to give fashion relevance by the use of technology. Through a diversified portfolio, Chris Burch has managed to create an investment philosophy in order to express his opinion in entrepreneurial values. His vision for new market development is embedded on his passion to generate disruptive brands as well as businesses.  Have an in-depth look at his diverse investments, check

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The World’s Best Island Resort and the Fashion Billionaire Who Built It

You might not think that a sunny, surfer’s paradise and hotel resort just beyond Bali would have any connection to a eccentric fashion designer from the Hamptons – but you’d be completely wrong. The Nihi Sumba Island Resort, formerly referred to as Nihiwatu, is a glistening oasis on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. It might surprise many to know that despite this fact, until the creation of the Nihi Sumba Island Resort, Christopher J. Burch had absolutely zero experience with hotels – rather he had long worked as a venture capitalist, financial investor, tech theorist and notable fashion designer and founder and owner of the company C. Wonder as well as Burch Creative Capital.

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Yet despite the fact that Mr. Burch might have seemed like a fish out of water, to look at the Nihi Sumba Island Resort today one most certainly would not be able to tell. Not only is the hotel and resort aesthetically pleasing and well designed it is also exceedingly popular and successful, so much so that in 2016 it garnered so much praise that it was called the “Best Hotel In The World, the online lifestyle magazine Travel + Leisure.  Check this related article.

This naturally begs the question, especially from business investors and prospective visitors looking for a hot new vacation destination; what made Nihi Sumba so successful? According to Christopher Burch himself, he notes that hotel success is much like anything else, it is all about location, location, location and Nihi Sumba Island is certainly prime real estate. Not only does it possess, verdant foliage, a sunny, relaxing climate, crystal clear and sparkling waters and waves just right for surfing.  Additional article about this on   it also has natural waterfall formations. In one of his many public outings recently, Mr. Burch remarked that it is not often that one gets to build a spa directly underneath a natural, gushing waterfall and that attractions like that were a huge selling point.  For timeline activity update, hit

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Chris Burch Understands The Fashion And Technology Markets

There are numerous business markets that have many companies that provide great products and services to the general public. While great products and services is the primary reason for companies, it takes more than the products and services to make an impact on the general public. The companies that make an impact on the general public provide great products and services but these companies go much further. The companies change the very way that many people go about their daily lives.

There are companies in every business market that can make an impact on the general public. As a matter of fact, there have been companies from a variety of business markets that have made an impact on people’s daily lives. However, two business markets that have shown a long history of making an impact on the general public are the technology and fashion markets. The reason why these two markets have provided a history of making an impact is because of the markets.

The technology and fashion markets are trend setting markets. The markets introduce new innovations and ideas through the products and services that are provided by the companies in the markets. The technology market has changed the very way that people go about their daily lives both in their work and home environments.

New ideas and concepts are the lifeblood of the fashion market. In a market where new fashions come out almost on a daily basis, the fashion market sets new trends regarding what people wear. The trends go beyond just the clothes the fashion becomes a style. A trend that is taking place in the fashion world is the use of technology with fashion designs. With the variety of technology innovations that have taken place over the past decade, there are many technology products that work well with fashion designs.

Fashion designers have been able to take a bold step to blend technology with fashion designs to go in an area where people are not use to going. The use of technology with fashion is a way of making a statement. The look is a different look and part of fashion is creating unique and exciting looks that people want to see and to wear.

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A successful business executive who has been at the table where fashion decisions are made is Chris Burch.  He understands what goes into making a fashion decision, and he understands the impact of trying new and different looks with fashion. For an update of Burch recent timeline activities, hop over to this

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In addition, Chris Burch is a technology veteran. He has a deep understanding of the technology market because he has ran successful companies in the technology market.  More about Burch on

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