Randal Nardone: Pleased With Fortress’ Acquisition

Randal A. Nardone is the co-founder, principal and director at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Although acquiring the board of directors position in November of 2006, Randal Nardone has been a member of the management committee at Fortress since 1998, when it was founded. Upon it’s launch, Fortress was the first large private equity firm in the United States to be publicly traded. In August of 2013, he was appointed chief executive officer of Fortress after serving as a chief executive office intern from December of 2011 to July of 2013. During his time at Fortress, Randal Nardone aided in obtaining reputable awards for Fortress including Hedge Fund Manager of The Year in 2007, and Management Firm of The Year in 2014. Along with serving as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Nardone is also the co-founder of Fortress Credit Corporation and FM Falstaff Advisors LLC, and Fortress Macro Advisors.

Randal Nardone was born on June, 22 1955. He got an early start in his professional path after attending high school. He attended the University of Connecticut, receiving two bachelor degrees in English and Biology. He then attended law school at Boston University, receiving his J.D Degree. Shortly after receiving his law degree, Randal began his law career by working at a respected law firm named Thacher Proffitt & Wood. Shortly after working at this law firm, Nardone would pursue his career in the financial industry by serving as the managing director at UBS, an investment banking company. Randal Nardone’s knowledge in law and finances allowed him to establish Fortress Investment Group as a statutory entity in the financial service industry. By applying his expertise, Nardone was able to rank on the Forbes billionaire list at number 557, with a net worth of $1.8 billion.

As of December, 2017, a Japanese banking company named SoftBank announced they are purchasing Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. While maintaining the management positions at Fortress, Randal and the members’ positions will remain intact. However, Fortress will continue operating independently. When asked regarding his opinion on the accusation, Randal Nardone mentioned his optimistic view points as this acquisition will help to strengthen his company. He also mentioned the advantages gained through this deal, as his company will grow faster and gain extensive accessibility to greater credit sources.

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Chris Burch: The Nihi Sumba Island

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has managed to create a reputation of success through his methods of venture capital funding. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is a private investment company that is based in New York. Chris Burch is able to claim over four decades worth of experience is both an investor and an entrepreneur. This is given him a unique set of skills and knowledge that allowed him to create incredibly powerful brands and businesses. He has been involved in one way or another with the rise to prominence of over 50 companies.

Chris Burch believes that the reason for his success lies in his ability to combine innovation and implementation of ideas. This is due to his ability to create an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior. In addition, he uses the power of direct to consumer channels as well.

Burch Creative Capital was created in an effort to assist further other entrepreneurs that are in the process of creating profitable businesses (burchcreative.capital.com). Chris Burch is able to share his knowledge and resources with other individuals to ensure that they are successful. He has stated that as of right now the company has allowed many extraordinary possibilities to arise.

In 2012 the company was able to use the islands that he owns, the Nihi Sumba Island so that he could transform it into one of the best resorts in the world. This process has resulted in the transformation of the island into one of the best resorts that have ever been in the area. The island itself has a rich and storied past. It is known now due to its reputation as a haven for unregulated freedom and beauty. In 2012 the owner of the island reached out to Chris Burch in order to request his help in the expansion of the resort.

Ever since Chris Burch has become involved with the resort, it has been able to be recognized for its achievements. In the years 2016 and 2017 the island was voted as the home for the number one hotel in the world.

Chris Burch has an extensive history as an investor and a successful entrepreneur across a diverse array of industries. He originally began his education at Ithaca College in 1976. While he was in university, he was able to invest with several clothing companies along with his brother who eventually turned into his first significant business success.

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Chris Burch’s World’s Best Resort

World travelers are always looking for the unique getaway and fortunately, Travel+Leisure has named once again the name of the #1 hotel in the world. For the second time, Nihi Resort in Indonesia has won the top place. This luxurious resort is secluded on the Sumba Island, hidden away in the still untouched forests.

Chris Burch, an American businessman, and philanthropist bought the property back in 2012. It was run down and outdated. With the help of his partner, hotelier James McBride-Burch poured $3 million dollars into the hotel and ultimately created the best hotel in the world. Burch who has expertise in real estate and fashion used his talent to create a unique resort with the finest materials available.  Additional article on architectualdigest.com.

The Nihi Resort is made up of 27 villas that include one of a kind treehouse stays. Each villa is decorated in the theme of the island traditions and mixes the newest touches with teakwood and local stones. Every amenity is made available to guests, including the latest in technology. Each home is accompanied by cutting-edge fashion in accessories and bedding. Guests can enjoy their own private pool with a stunning view of beaches, palm trees, and local greenery.

Along with the unique rooms, guests at the Nihi Resort have access to quiet beaches and many ways to pamper themselves. Spa treatments can be found under breathtaking waterfalls or in the privacy of the guest room. There is a Wellness Center onsite that provides yoga and exercise classes. Adventurous travelers can spend hours exploring the nearby terrain with vehicle or boat tours. The surfing at Nihi Resort has always been known as some of the best in the world and guests have access to private surfing spots or lessons from the experts.

One home on the island is a private residence owned by Chris Burch himself. His property includes a huge main house surrounded by four other villas. Each place comes complete with bedrooms, large living spaces, and its own individual plunge pool. A guest can stay at this amazing residence for $14,000 per night.  Check businessinsider.com for more.

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Chris Burch emphasizes that while he has focused on luxury and quality, his primary goal now is to give back to the community. For more of his entrepreneurial vies, hit on entrepreneur.com.   The Nihi Resort is the biggest employer on the island, providing jobs and opportunities to the local residents. Also, a portion of the profits from the resort goes to the Sumba Foundation which assists those in need.  For added details about him, click on bjtonline.com.

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Chris Burch’s Redevelopment Of The World’s Most Beautiful Resort

Indonesia has a diverse population and landscape throughout its many islands, and the beauty of Sumba Island is what drove business startup investor and New York native Chris Burch to have a vacation resort built there. Chris Burch has had a fascination with the hospitality industry for a while, and he wanted to have a hotel built somewhere where he could put his creative spirit to work by designing buildings that intertwined with nature and provided a breathtaking scene that’s rarely found in the US. So Chris Burch and his friend James McBride poured $30 million into Nihiwatu Resort to make it the “World’s Best Hotel.”

At this resort, there’s no shortage of white sandy beaches and even clear ocean water you can look out into. A really great view of the sea can be found at Chris Burch’s home that he had built there with a swimming pool that almost appears to blend in with the ocean when you look at it from certain angles. There’s also masseuses at the resort’s spas, some of which are located right by waterfalls and lagoons, and they are always making sure the resort’s clients are comfortable. This resort came about after 40 years of hard work that Burch has put into business building and investing.  To read more about the resort, check businessinsider.com.

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Chris Burch attended Ithaca College where he majored in business but did not wait until graduating before he started running a business. He started a small sweater sales business as a hobby to make a little extra money, but he was soon making so many sales that he decided to go into it full-time. He had a large sweater manufacturing company built known as Eagle Eye Apparel that he ran for nearly 20 years until he completely sold it in 1998. But he also made investments in small venture capital firms and other fashion lines including the Tory Burch brand.  Refer to bjtonline.com to read related article.

Around the mid-2000s, Chris Burch began going into real estate renovation and resale. One of his first homes that was flipped was a $14 million property in Southampton that was sold after renovation at $21 million. He bought several other homes in the New York and New England area that he also flipped, and his first big hotel investment was the Faena Hotel+ Universe in Argentina. More to read on architecturaldigest.com.  His main focus right now is Burch Creative Capital, a company that looks for brand new ideas and turns them into unique business brands.  Read more about his diversified business portfolio, head over to burchcreativecapital.com.

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Chris Burch Island of Wealth

The best ways to sum up Chris Burch is to say that he excels as a businessman as well as a world traveler. However, a more in depth account of this man shows that he is a leader and a developer of not just ideas but communities and relationships. He is also a visionary pioneer who has found a way to create a paradise that is both in the center of a tourist hub while at the same time out of the way for the faint hearted traveler.  Additional article on architecturaldigest.com.

That is why the resort, which he co-owns, Nihiwatu is one of the most picturesque locations and sought-after pieces of real estate on the globe. The population itself is just under a million with a forested area that is unrivaled by some of the most beautiful jungles from Brazil to the Congo. And outside of a little bit of development and tourism to keep an economy thriving, this is how Chris Burch would like things to stay on the little island. His managing partner James McBride works with the local governments and businesses just starting out in the area to make sure that this goal is achieved.   More to read about this resort on businessinsider.com.

It’s not that anyone on the island, or Chris and James themselves, wants to see exclusivity in the community, because nothing could be further from the truth. They just want to make sure that the development that happens does not result in sprawl and that it is healthy for everyone involved. There is a certain quality to the location that keeps everyone humble, where billionaires mengle and show civility to a not so average community of “beach bums”.   Read his views on business related matters, click entrepreneur.com.

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And then of course, there is an indigenous population which gives a invaluable cache value to the location itself. Chris Burch is most fortunate and smart for having found himself a co-owner in this venture. But, this hotel resort is not the only intelligent and profitable organization that he is a part of. He also sits as a member or advisor on five different boards. These boards are See The SEEN, Grability,Chubbies Shorts, Poppin and Ithaca College.   Refer to bjtonline.com for a related article.

Here’s a closer look at the diversity of his business investments, see http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/portfolio/

AmEx’s New Strategy; Keep Old Customers while appealing to the Younger Generation

Christopher Burch, an American businessman, has since 1979 been a consistent customer of American Express Co cards. He transferred a significant portion of his spending the J.P Morgan Chase & Co.’s Sapphire Reserve card in 2017.

AmEx incoming Chairman and Chief Executive Stephen Squeri who is up to succeed longtime chief Kenneth Chenault on Wednesday will have an uphill task trying to regain clients of Mr. Burch’s caliber, with Forbes magazine, profiled the latter as one of the wealthiest Americans in 2014. Mr. Squeri assumes office as the card giant is in the process of rebuilding its former glory after a weak performance in the last couple of years.

With other players such as PayPal Holdings, beating AmEx on market value, Investors are uncertain on the future profitability of AmEx with the entry of new mobile technology. During a stakeholders’ meeting, Mr. Chenault acknowledged that the firm is facing stiff competition.

Mr. Squeri will have to prioritize on tapping their former clientele base and also capturing new clients especially the millennials who might be more loyal to other players in the industry. AmEx has lost significant market share from competition dropping down to 22.9% last year up from 26% in 2014. The drop is mostly blamed on the loss of several co-branded cards including Costco Wholesale Corp. and JetBlue Airways Corp.

Faced with unsuccessful bids to regain Costco, Mr. Chenault had to shift his position on lending, and this helped boost earnings in 2017, but the stakeholders are uncomfortable with the prospect of future credit losses in line with the newly adopted strategy.  Read an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters, check this link on entrepreneur.com.

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Mr. Burch is an entrepreneurial magnet with a business background in a variety of industries ranging from real estate, technology, and fashion. The genesis of Mr. Burch’s career was at Ithica College where he was an undergraduate. It was at this time that he and his brother Bob founded Eagles Eye apparel, which later grew to a tune of $165 million before eventually selling it. Hop over to bjtonline.com for a related article.

Today he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital which is a father to a host of brand portfolios including ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Poppin. Mr. Burch has also been involved in promoting various technological innovations and luxury brands. They include Jawbone, Poppin, and Voss Water among others.  Learn more about one of his impressive investment, hit this link on businessinsider.com.

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Why Chris Burch Cut Off His Longtime Credit Card Company

After more than 30 years of being a customer of American Express, renowned businessman Chris Burch made it known he was not getting what he wanted from them. He’d always been most comfortable using their credit cards, but he felt in recent years that the perks were very little when it came to dining at high-end restaurants around New York City, and staying at some of the finer hotels. Yes, despite owning one of the world’s finest hotel and resort himself, Burch has explored other hotels and said the experience offered by American Express cards was “bland.” What American Express is setting out to do in light of the retirement of their longtime chairman Kenneth Chenault, is make their products appealing both to young new-coming credit card holders, and appealing enough to retain longtime wealthy customers like Burch. One suggestion might even be asking more from Burch about what they could do to change their services and upgrade them to something fresh and exciting.  Read his shared insights on business related matters, check on entrepreneur.com.

While Chris Burch stayed with American Express up till now, he certainly brought about changes to new and exciting business opportunities throughout his career. He’s currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital where he helps young and old entrepreneurs bring that excitement to their startups, and also invests in all many real estate projects. Burch began in the fashion industry back in 1976 while still in college, and his first business was a custom-made sweater sales company. It started out just selling them door-to-door for only $15, and soon the demand grew so large that he bought his own factory and built a major retail company named Eagle Eye Apparel. After selling this company, he invested in other fashion startups and eventually became the co-founder of Tory Burch, a fashion line he and his wife at the time ran.  To know his latest cool offering to the market, click on this.

Burch started moving from the fashion to real estate in business investing, and this included the construction and opening of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires in 2004, and some home renovations and sales in the Hamptons. Most notable was a $14 million home Burch purchased in 2005 in Southampton and flipped into an even larger profit at $25 million in only 4 months.  Related article on architecturaldiges.com.   But he decided to purchase and bring even more glamor to one of the world’s most luxurious real estate in Sumba, Indonesia at Nihiwatu Resort. Burch even lives there part of the year in one of the most fabulous homes ever built.  To read more about Nihiwatu, check businessinsider.com.

Learn more about the diversity of his investment portfolio, visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/portfolio/

Chris Burch: CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, and Angel Investor

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur, has 13 portfolio companies under his belt, and sits on five separate corporate boards in an advisor role. CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, Burch is an individual, or angel, investor in a variety of different businesses and companies. Luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch, which was founded with his ex-wife of the same name, is perhaps Chris Burch’s most well known business venture at this point in his career. However, with the purchase of the remote Sumba Island and the opening of the Nihi resort, Mr. Burch seeks to further solidify his legacy. Refer to bjtonline.com for additional reading.

Spending thirty million dollars and three years to renovate the island, Chris selected one of the biggest names in marketing to run the Nihi resort, James McBride. Making Travel & Leisure’s 100 best hotels in the world, twice, in 2016, and ’17, The Nihi resort has become critically acclaimed only two years after opening. The resort, which was formerly a secluded surf destination, still offers twenty foot waves for anyone seeking a thrill. Soon after sending McBride and his three sons, who are all surfers, to scout the property, Burch purchased the land from the previous owners. McBride notes the untouched tribal atmosphere as one of the island’s biggest selling points.  A must-read article on interview.net.

The Nihi resort is the largest employer on Sumba and takes up five hundred and sixty seven acres of real estate on the island. Hop over to forbes.com for related article.

The entrepreneurial initiative pushed by Burch provided a economic and tourism renaissance for Sumba. It was far from Burch’s first real estate investment, however. The angel investor contributed heavily to funding the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aries. With the critical acclaim and public success of Nihi, Mr. Burch has added his most successful real estate investment yet to his long line of successful business ventures.  Check architecturaldigest.com.

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Beginning his investment career in college with his brother, Burch would eventually sell the company they’d each put one thousand dollars into starting, for more than sixty million. Through researchers and advisors at Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has funded a variety of income optimizing businesses, including recently partnering with Ellen DeGeneres to launch her lifestyle brand. Burch also heavily funded many online startups in the 90s dot-com boom and invested in Cocoon9, a design company that manufactures luxury prefab houses. An avid traveler, Burch spends what time he’s not in LA and the Hamptons in his private villa at the Nihi resort.

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