Investing for the Future

Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth over time. There are a lot of people who struggle with their personal finances. Working with an investment firm can be a great way to take your finances to the next level. Over the past couple of years, Madison Street Capital has been leading the industry with its innovation and customer service. Investors today want more interaction with their financial advisers than before. A high level of technology enables companies to provide this service to their customers. If you want to take things to the next level with your investments, working with Madison Street Capital is a great idea.

Reducing Risk

One of the reasons that so many people stay away from investing is risk. There are a lot of people who are worried about the future of their portfolio, especially with everything going on in the economy. The good news is that there is a way to invest that reduces the risk over time. If you want to invest to decrease risk, putting some gold or other precious metals in your portfolio can do that.  With the election looming large, it is important for people to look at their portfolio and adjust as necessary.

Madison Street Capital

From the time the company has been started, Madison Street Capital is a company that has worked to help customers. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is a great way to do so. Madison Street Capital has made investments into its customers, and this is one of the reasons the company is so highly rated. If you want to learn how to invest the right way, Madison Street Capital can teach you how. The company is concerned about how many people have nothing saved for retirement, and they want to continue to help customers any way that they can.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your finances to a new level, Madison Street Capital is the company to go to.  Over time, they have helped thousands of investors design a portfolio that meets their basic needs. If you are concerned about losing money in the stock market, they can help you with that process. There are a variety of investment strategies that the company uses to reduce the overall risk in a person’s portfolio.

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M&A Advisor Nominated Madison Street Capital as a 15th Annual M&A Advisory Awards Finalist

Madison Street Capital (MSC) made an official announcement on that the firm is a finalist of the 15th Annual M&A Advisory Awards. M&A Advisor Awards nominated the investment banking firm for two honors; the Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the International & Industrial Deal of the Year. This isn’t the first time Madison Street Capital is nominated as a finalist. In March 2016, MSC was nominated as a finalist for Cross Border M&A deal of the Year Award; Technology Deal of the Year Award; Corporate & Strategic Acquisition of the Year Award; and Professional Services Deal of the Year Award. M&A Advisor selected the firm for their role in successfully closing the merger and acquisition transaction between Dowco Group of Companies and Acuna-Asociados


MSC’s Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha was exclusive advisor managing the transaction deal for Dowco to acquire Acuna. Mr. D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers worked on the acquisition to fulfil Dowco’s long term goals of international growth in the steel industry. Acuna is a steel detailing and engineering firm in Santiago, Chile, and leader in global markets. Karl and the Madison Street Capital management team will attend the 15th Annual Awards event in hopes of being acknowledged for their M&A expertise and closing of the Dowco and Acuna deal. The Merger & Acquisition Advisor Awards Gala is scheduled on November 19th at the New York Athletic Club.


Founders, Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala established Chicago-based investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, in 2005. MSC provides financial advisory, M&A, bankruptcy, valuation, and reorganization services in Asian, African and North American countries. Charles Botchway serves as Chief Executive Officer and manages the firm’s daily operations and the MSC management team. Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer received the Merger & Acquisition Advisor’s Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award for his achievements and contributions to the community and industry.


Madison Street Capital will be attending the 2016 15th Annual Awards Gala in November as a nominee for the Investment Banking Firm of the Year and International & Industrial Deal of the Year Awards. Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers are accredited for their roles in managing and finalizing the Dowco acquisition of Acuna. It will be a huge success for D’Cunha and Rodgers, as well as the MSC team. The Dowco and Acuna M&A transaction is one of hundreds of transactions Madison Street Capital predicted to happen in 2016, after reporting an increase in 2015.

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Laidlaw & Company and their Hard Sell Tactics

I have no direct experience with hard selling stock traders pitching their hard sell opportunities to me except for seeing a fictional movie called the Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio did a fantastic job portraying a character who is likely to be one of these folks from Laidlaw & Company calling people on a list of investors that they use to pitch a potential investment opportunity.

Those who are on such a list are targets for the these wolfish investment firms that may or may not have an actual opportunity to sell with Laidlaw. If it is a fake one, then they are frauds and should be exposed and fined and put in jail as is the fate of any criminal that attempts to bilk those who are unwitting and uninformed. They prey on those who are uninformed. This was seen on full display in the past Republican Primaries of 2016 with the current presidential nominee, Trump, who emerged as the winner due to his silver tongue.

People believe what they want to believe with Matthew Eitner and if they are angry and frustrated, they are open to so many potential fraudsters and scammers who can come along and lay some bull pucky on them and poof, they are had like chumps. The Trumpsters are a passle of chumps and the American public has fallen like this before in the recent past. Bill Clinton with his “Slick Willie,” personality and capacity to bamboozle people set the stage for the same to happen again and again to the gullible in the American Public.

So those who do not pay attention to history are damned to repeat it, much like James Ahern . The same can be said for people who take tips from investment banking firms with hot deals and tips.  The same is true with any buying and selling situation. Caveat Emptor. The buyer beware.

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Madison Street Capital Expanding Networks Globally Through Focused Leadership

A company’s performance is attributed to the kind of leadership it enjoys. Madison Street Capital has proved to have some of the best processionals after their Chief Operating Officer was selected to feature in the Forty Under 40 program that is sponsored by NACVA. Anthony Marsala, the COO of Madison Street Capital has proved his capability by appearing among forty individuals selected by the NACVA executive committee, according to an article posted on The program seeks to reward professionals in various industries who have contributed towards the growth and development of different sectors.

Anthony Marsala, according to the Executive Staff of NACVA, has performed overwhelmingly well over the years he has been working in the investment banking industry. The NACVA program, which chooses professionals who have made impact in the business world, is graced by more than 100 entrants, but due to the guidelines and procedures that are applied when choosing those with the strongest presence in the industry, only 40 make it to the final list.

Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital COO, was among the 40 honorees selected by the executive committee. He has worked on hundreds of projects in the food and agriculture, energy, wholesale and retail and technology sectors. He specializes in corporate finance, business valuation and M&A. Anthony has overseen several valuation and transactional engagements, making him a valuable resource for Madison Street Capital.

His educational records also highlight his dedication to his career. Anthony holds a degree in Information Systems and Finance from Oxford University. He also pursued Strategy at Oxford University, where he graduated with a Master’s Diploma.

A review of Madison Street Capital, LLC
Madison Street Capital is an internationally established investment banking firm that is committed to upholding integrity and leadership while delivering financial advisory services. The company has assisted clients in different industries, something that has availed more skills and expertise in dealing with complex situations. Madison Street Capital strives to understand the value of a company before conducting any reviews to give direction. This helps to provide an accurate picture of the position of a company and the future opportunities yet to be explored.

Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers share-based compensation services to companies in an open fashion directed at achieving success. Some of the valuation methods used are ideal and relevant for stock options, phantom stock restricted stock as well as complex restructures. The company applies highly sophisticated quantitative tools to derive statistical data for the development of pricing models and to help their clients in making decisions.

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Martin Lustgarten’s Efforts Pay Off In Investment Banking

Investment banking is a term used in the financial industry to refer to a branch of the banking industry dedicated to the underwriting of new securities that are issued by the client of the bank. The banks involved in investment banking are referred to as investment banks. Investment banks also provide other services. These include professional advice, private wealth management and merger and acquisition services.


Among the investment banks that have made names for themselves include Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank. Investment banks aid their clients in large and complicated transactions. These include valuation of a business or structuring an acquisition, merger or sale deal. Among the clients served by investment banks are governments, corporations and individuals.


The duty of running investment banks is left in the hands of investment bankers. The bankers assist the clients of the bank in planning and managing enormous projects in a bid to save their clients time and money. The investment bankers are in a position to identify the risks associated with the project before the client continues. The bankers have a full understanding of the current investing climate, which proves vital to their clients as they plan their projects.


Investment banks also serve as middlemen between companies and investors. This is the case when the company is seeking to issue stocks and bonds.

Martin has gathered a wealth of experience in the financial sector that spans over two decades. His vast knowledge of the market led him to establish his own investment banking firm, Lustgarten, Martin. He serves the firm as the CEO.
Born in 1959, the investment banker worked his way to the top, going on to invest in overseas markets that include Singapore and Hong Kong. Martin loves to interact with his social media follower and continues to serve as an inspiration to many investment bankers. Find Lustgarten on Soundcloud to see what music he’s in to lately.

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