Securus Technologies: The Bridge between Inmates and the Free World

The law is very vital because it maintains peace and order in the nation. However, when it is our relatives who have to go behind bars, we don’t feel so good about it. We hire lawyers and spend all our fortune just to have our relative around and not in jail. Many people say that they are afraid because of the negative reviews they have heard about the correctional services.

The Securus Technologies has intervened to help ease the situation. The firm helps the inmates to connect with their relatives at home. Securus has innovated a program that allows the families to schedule their jail visitations. Having the visits on their terms and conditions have made it convenient for many friends and relatives. They say that the program has eliminated the boredom and time wasted that one was experiencing in the queues.

There other inmates who have served sentences in jails more than once. This has resulted in them having acquaintances among the prison’s officials. Such inmates, therefore, have access to the illegal stuff in jail through this relations. To facilitate the reformation of this convicts, they are taken to prisons that are far from their vicinity.

In such incidences, it is not possible for the relatives to keep driving to see the inmates. The convicts may feel neglected, and this may delay their reforming process. Fortunately, Securus Technologies has introduced a system that allows the relatives to communicate with the inmates from their homes. This is through the webcam video. The users say that this has helped maintain the family bond that could have otherwise be lost without communication.

Bottom Line

Securus Technologies plays a significant role in linking the prisoners to their relatives. The relative says that this has helped maintain relationships despite their loved ones being in jail.

Connecting Inmates-Securus Technologies

We are a leader in the civil and criminal justice resolution for the purpose of public safety, monitoring, Investigations as well as correction. We have our Head Offices located in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies management, as well as the technical team, has been making sure that at list once a week they have developed new products as well as services. With the excellence services we have been distributing to our customers all over Northern America, we have been receiving tremendous response from our customers. Some of the letters and emails we have received from our customers experiencing their happiness are listed below.

  • At Securus Technologies we have a service known as LBS Software and one of our clients said that the LBS services are reason enough to let them stay with us as they enjoy our other services and products.
  • Our LBS service continued to be praised by another customer who used and in conjunction with the sheriffs they were able to recover illegal goods.
  • In one of the correctional facilities, one of our clients was listening to a talk between an inmate and their family and there they got evidence that will be presented in court.
  • Our convert alert feature has also been of creating help to some of our clients. One of them said how they used the services and they were able to take the suspect into custody.
  • Our inmate telephone services have helped correctional facilities to monitor calls and get information on alcohol and use of drug.
  • One of our customers took their time to appreciate our services and the assistance they got from us that enabled them to arrest a suspect and taken into custody.

Ever since our foundation, we have been expanding our services and also working hard to deliver quality services. We have been serving over 3450 correctional facilities and 120000 inmates all over the United States. At Securus Technologies we are devoted to connecting by delivering public information, incidence management, and investigation among others.


The Importance Of Securus Technologies

Dealing with the safety of inmates in facilities and the public as a whole is what Securus Technologies does the best. They are the leader in their field, and they want the people to be able to see why. Since they want them to know firsthand the importance of their work, they have invited them to a presentation, which will be held at their facility in Dallas, TX. The people will be able to ask questions if they have any, and they will receive a tour of the complex in order to see the latest technologies the company is working on. It will be educational and informative to say the least.


The company is also showing a number of letters that they received from the public in a published format. These comments and information help to solve crimes in both institutions and in the public. Securus Technologies will continue to do an excellent job in publishing this information.


Securus Technologies deals with the government all the time. They assist them in dealing with inmates in their facilities. The company uses videos, investigations and more to help solve problems and crimes. They are able to do work in both the civil and criminals sides of the justice system, and they are committed to making sure that the public is always safe. They create new and better ways to do this on a weekly basis, and they are sought after for their excellence in these matters. There are many companies that request their help across the nation, and they are known and respected the world over.



Inspirational Technology from Securus

He never imagined that he’d be missing out on so much of his little girl’s life, but there he is, dealing with life’s consequential path and learning how to be a better man once he returns to his family. What inspires him? What motivates his self-improvement? His daughter. Through Securus Technologies’ video visitation, inmates have the opportunity to watch, connect, and interact with their children. As a parent myself, I cherish every first step, dance recital, football game, birthday, graduation, and all of the small moments in between. Parents make poor decisions sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they have to lose the link to the people who inspire them to be better and do better. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of incarceration?


Securus Technologies currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and offers reliable, convenient alternatives to connect families with their confined loved ones, including phone and video visitations, which can be accessed via any mobile device or computer. Securus services are easily accessed through their app or website. Utilizing Securus eliminates the need for children to travel long distances for visitations and prevents the exposure of young children to prison life.

In addition to serving the imprisoned community, Securus Technologies provides services to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and correctional agencies with innovative technology in the areas of incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, communication, and monitoring. Securus not only provides essential services that enhance the operations of the law enforcement community, it also inspires inmates to return to our society as productive citizens through services such as video visitation.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.