The Copa Star Is The Blue Print For Building A Modern Hospital

The Copa Star Hospital is located in Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães in Copacabana and is a modern facility that resembles a five-star hotel. The lobby is brightly lit and furnished with a classic modern taste that is relaxing for patients and their families. The sofas are spacious and comfortable. The famous artist Yutaka Toyota’s artwork is displayed in the main lobby along with a grand piano.

The staff consists of experienced customer service personnel, doctors, and nurses with specialties in their fields. The hospital is heavily invested in the diagnosis and treatment of Cardiac and Neurology ailments. The staff on provides exceptional customer service before, during and after the patients’ recovery from surgery or a hospital visit with a physician.

The Copa Star Hospital is more than a $115 million luxurious property dotting the landscape.

They use state-of-the-art equipment which includes Robotic Assistants, a Diagnostic Center, and Cardio and Neurosurgery Facilities. The doctors can follow the medical scans of any patient during surgery using the Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment in the newly built Smart Operating Rooms. The high-end technology of Copa Star can transmit images to other doctors to ask for their professional input about an upcoming surgery.

The patients are monitored twenty-four hours by the experienced staff using state-of-the-art equipment. The advanced technology of Copa Star helps to address and reduce the problems of the patient that arise in the Intensive Care Units.

The hospital rooms are spacious suites that are designed to give the patient a comfortable atmosphere to make recovery as pleasant as possible. This is accomplished by downloading an app on an iPad. The patient has the control to open and close the curtains, turn the lights on bright, dim or off and modulate the temperature of the room. The app can be used for video conferencing to stay in touch with the outside world especially when confined to a bed for a long period of time.

The ambulatory patients and their visitors can enjoy the dining room and eat meals prepared by renown chefs. The chefs on prepare tasty meals that are nutritious. Real-time tranquil scenes of the ocean are displayed on the wall that resembles a window adding to the ambiance of the dining room.

Saving energy by 50 percent was one of the important components of the design of the hospital. The facility will save in consuming power through the selected building materials that will help them reach their energy saving goals.

The Penetron Total Concrete Protection System used their crystalline technology to extend the life of the concrete used in building the hospital.

The Copa Star’ 5-star upscale look is chasing away the anxiety and minimizing the fear of the traditional brick and mortar structure hospital.