Rocketship Education Goes Above And Beyond For Students And Families

For nearly all parents, quality education is of the most importance. Unfortunately, all students and families are not afforded the same opportunities for education. Factors such as financial status and district locations limit the options available for most families. Where we live often dictates where our children will go to school, and this poses a serious problem for some families. Children from low-income families often have fewer options for education. Schools within these communities are often poorly funded and lack stability. The environment our children learn in plays a major role in their success as students. Therefore now, more than ever, we see charter schools like Rocketship Education opening across the country.

Charter schools provide alternative learning options for families who may not be able to afford private school and are seeking better learning opportunities for their children. Rocketship Education, however, reaches far beyond the classroom, and into the personal lives of each of their students. Their commitment to creating a safe and secure community both in and outside of school walls was recently put to the test, when Dulce, a young mother from California lost her home of eight years in a flood. As a mother, her biggest concern was for her children, who attended Rocketship Education. Dulce wanted to ensure that her children’s school work was unaffected by the tragedy they had faced, and Rocketship was there to help them every step of the way.

Dulce, along with 30 other Rocketship Education families who had been displaced by the flood were provided with hot meals, clothes, and an overwhelming amount o love and support through the school’s network of volunteers.

At Rocketship Education, their belief is that every student deserves the chance to succeed, and it is up to us to help break the barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Their model helps build communities where students feel safe, loved, and eager to learn and gives parents the confidence they need when choosing the best education for their early learner. To date, Rocketship Education has served more than 15,000 students, with 85% of them being from low-income families. Just imagine the possibilities they have unleashed, and the dreams they have helped fulfill.