Jason Hope On Success As An Entrepreneur

Life as an entrepreneur isn’t easy and finding success within the field is even harder. Jason Hope is a futurist, technology enthusiast, and prominent philanthropist. Born and raised in Arizona, Hope has worked his entire career toward establishing himself as one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the world today. Jason Hope has found success that few others in the industry have and for that we owe it to ourselves to analyze the path that he took in order to become the success that he is today. Let’s dig into the life and career of Jason Hope. Visit medium.com

With a reputation as a skilled futurist and a passionate entrepreneur, Hope has a lot to live up to for his title and fortunately, he has done just that. Hope attended Arizona State University where he nabbed his BA in finance before he went on to attend the W.P. Carey School of Business to round out his educational profile. Hope would hit the ground running with education in hand and he’d cite this process as integral in preparing him for the career path that he had chosen.

Still, life as an entrepreneur is hard even with the best of education at your back. In order to progress in the field, you have to know what you are doing and how you are attacking your day. While no two entrepreneurs will have identical schedules or rhythms, there is a common thread that runs through them all. For Hope, his work is all about staying prepared and staying invested in the field of research.

Jason Hope starts each of his workdays by getting out of bed early and getting some physical activity in. Once he’s knocked out some exercise, Hope scarfs down a healthy breakfast before sitting down at his computer. Once he’s sat down, Hope focuses on client interfacing, industry news, and compositing a list of work that he is aiming to get done throughout the day. As an entrepreneur, maintaining a schedule is incredibly important. Having a little bit of structure helps Hope to maintain his goals and work toward the overarching accomplishments that he is focused on attaining.

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Ex-Sherpa Capital CEO Shervin Pishevar Caught The Trump Tweeting Illness In February

Donald Trump is the tweeting champion of the world, according to the people who follow him on Twitter. Trump likes to go around government systems and let people know what he’s thinking. But according to some financial investors, what he’s thinking doesn’t make much sense unless you think like Trump. Some people are saying the same thing about Shervin Pishevar. Shervin Pishevar is the former managing director of Menlo Ventures. Menlo Ventures is a venture capital firm that spotted Uber when it was a floundering startup. Pishevar is the guy who thought Uber was going to be big, so he invested $26 million in Uber. That investment is worth $5 billion today.

Shervin Pishevar’s investment resume is impressive. He’s been on the ground floor of startups like Warby Parker and Airbnb. He started Sherpa Capital in 2013 so he could do his own thing in the investment world, but he resigned at the end of 2017. Pishevar was silent at the beginning of 2018, but in February, Shervin Pishevar came out tweeting. Investors who know how he can spot startup winners sooner than other investors are taking Shervin’s tweet advice. Investors are leaving the stock market because of one tweet in Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour tweetstorm reminded them the stock market is prime for another crash. A 6000-point crash, according to Pishevar.

Another Pishevar tweet claims the national debt, interest rates, and inflation are forming a perfect financial storm. And Trump’s trade agenda is fueling that storm even though Shervin didn’t name Trump in any of the 50 plus tweets he put out there on Twitter.

Some investors aren’t sure why Shervin Pishevar spent the time tweeting about issues he can’t control. But other investors know Pishevar doesn’t get on Twitter to make a name for himself. His reputation as a venture capitalist puts him in a club of venture capitalists who know how to make money even when financial markets start to go south. That’s why his tweetstorm is so interesting. Pishevar is letting the world know he’s back. He wants to show investors how to be flexible during turbulent economic times, and his tweetstorm shows them what he’s thinking.


Preparing for Biking According to Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele works as an outside general counsel for a number of technology companies. The companies he provides counsel for are, for the most part, in the biotechnology, defense, aerospace, and internet industries. In addition, Michael Hagele has founded and invested in a number of firms that are part of the restaurant and hospitality industry and is committed to investing into early-stage technology companies.

Hagele’s vast experience lies in the process of negotiating, drafting, closing, and licensing of agreements in the domestic and international internet, telecommunications, hardware, and software industries. He also has experience and expertise in commercial agreements that include promotional, marketing, and intellectual property purchases and sales.

With the busy life that Michael Hagele leads it is important for him to find a way to focus on himself, de-stress, and clear his mind. One way he accomplishes this is by mountain or road biking; each afternoon, he checks himself out of the office and hits the trails. Hagele has found that it is during this time that he becomes more creative and is able to come up with solutions to his client’s problems. Read more about Michael Hagele at ideamensch.com

Michael Hagele is considered to be highly skilled when it comes to biking and has offered individuals who are new to biking some pieces of advice. First, he suggests that’s beginners start with quality equipment that offers a dual suspension system, disc breaking, and a hydraulic seat post dropper. Before dishing out the money to purchase a bike, it is a good idea for novice riders to test out different bikes by renting them until they find the one that they are most comfortable with. Second, Michael Hagele suggests that beginners invest in a well-fitting and comfortable helmet and a water bottle that will fit in the bikes designated spot. However, he says it isn’t necessary to purchase high-end mountain biking shoes, but instead, a good pair of athletic shoes will suffice. Third, it is suggested that, because of the intensity of mountain biking, beginners need to be in good physical shape before their maiden voyage. Last, he says that before hitting the trails, it is a good idea to check and prepare for the environmental elements; for example, will it be sunny the whole time, is there a possibility of rain, what is the temperature going to be? Answering these types of questions will ensure that riders are not caught off guard and unprepared for what nature throws at them.

Being properly prepared will ensure that beginners have the most enjoyable experience.

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