Tony Petrello’s inspiring success story

Anthony Petrello is currently leading the biggest drilling company in the United States known as Nabors industries. It is not only the biggest in the country but also in the world. Its operations are not only in the country but also in other countries. Nabors Industries is operating in more than 25 countries. In all these regions, the company is making great progress in terms of oil and natural gas drilling. Nabors Industries was started in the 1960s. It started as a small company known as Anglo energy, and now it’s the biggest. Such achievements require a committed management. In the last two decades, the Nabors industries have grown rapidly.

Since Anthony Petrello joined the management, the company have been making great decisions which have brought positive changes in the company. Decisions such as buying competitors in the drilling industry have made the company have a better capacity to expand its operations to many parts of the country. Nabors industries have also been very serious about technology in the company. They have invested in companies that produce the best drilling rigs.Anthony Petrello, the man behind the success of this company, has been through a challenging life before he could get to this level. He was born in poor a family and had to depend on scholarships so that he could get a good education. He was a brilliant kid and demonstrated special skills in mathematics. He could solve problems that could not be handled by other children.

He attended Yale University where he got his bachelor and masters in mathematics. At Yale, he also met his wife, Cynthia. He did not stay at Yale for a long time. He switched and moved to the Harvard law school where he acquired education in law. He worked with a law firm in New York before Nabors industries poached him. He joined Nabors as the chief operating officer. In this role, he managed to coordinate the operations of the company. He also advised the management on measures that could bring development in the company. He carried his role so diligently that he was given other responsibilities in the firm. He was appointed to the executive board of directors art an early stage. The success that can be seen in this company can be attributed to him. Recently he has been made the CEO and is implementing measures that have made Nabors industries the biggest company in the drilling industry.

Geoffrey Cone on Moving to a New Country

Geoffrey Cone wants to help everyone who is moving to a new country. He has solidified his stance as a global attorney and he is confident that he will help people make the right decision on the country that they should move to. He wants to make sure that he is getting the best for people in the way that he works as an attorney.


Attorneys are great to have for people who are making a move to a different country. Global attorneys are able to help people have a better understanding of what they can do when they are going to make a move to a different country. Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney and he is confident in his ability to make things better for the people who are in different areas. He wants to make sure that things are better for people who are in different countries when they have made a move to somewhere different.


They want to make sure that they are getting the most out of their global move and they are able to do different things in New Zealand. Because of the way that New Zealand works, they think that they will be happy there and that they will be able to do more when they are in the country instead of being in a different country that is similar.


New Zealand has what is known as tax transparency. This is something that allows them the chance to learn what they are doing in the area that they are in. The taxes in the area are different than what is in other countries. There are many different tax brackets in New Zealand and people can learn what they are by looking at the published reports of taxes in the country. The tax transparency allows people to see what they are able to do when they are in different tax brackets of New Zealand.


There are many different tax havens around the world. Tax havens are a great place for people to be able to save money on the taxes that they have. This is an important thing for people who are making a lot of money because they do not want to have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for taxes. Since people know what they need to be able to do when they are in different countries, they should be sure that they know everything there is to know about the countries that are considered tax havens and what they can do while they are there.