Understanding today’s media – NewsWatch TV

Bridge communication’s NewsWatch TV is a reclaimed TV show and has won many awards. One of the core reasons behind its success is that the show has found an audience which has stayed with it for over twenty years. NewsWatch TV addresses different niches of modern day life. It includes the latest technology reviews, latest gadgetry reviews, consumer reviews, news on health, entertainment and travel. It also spices up stories with the involvement of trending celebrity’s interviews. It airs on AMC Network and ION TV Network every Monday at 7 am.

How it all started?

NewsWatch TV has always been up-to-date with the media trends. It started in March 1990. In the beginning, it was only aired once a month and only focused on financial/business news. But, with time the management of NewsWatch TV started slanting towards showbiz television news. NewsWatch TV’s popularity rose to new heights.

In 2011, the management of NewsWatch TV announced adding another segment to the renowned show. This segment aimed towards reviews of new gadgetry and technology and it was praised worldwide. Its fan base grew rapidly with the addition of tech reviews. The award-winning TV show also collaborated with different products and aired paid product reviews.

In 2012, the show started a new segment named “AppWatch” which was appreciated by a lot of enthusiasts and ultimately became a fan-favorite. It focused on modern mobile applications for Android, IOS, and Devices on the Windows platform.

Andrew Tropeano has worked for NewsWatch TV for the last eight years. He hosts the fan-favorite “AppWatch Segment.” According to him, the secret behind such a great audience and show’s success is that the show has never been biased about anything. NewsWatch TV always gives a fair and honest judgment about different products and probably it’s the main reason behind its wide range of follower all across the globe.

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