ClassDojo Builds Community and Supports Students

While ClassDojo may have been created to bridge language gaps between parent and teacher, the app has proved itself capable of much more. ClassDojo creates communities. Environments that foster enhanced learning, aiding students in not just their education but also their social skills. The app fosters communication and was originally designed to assist non-English speaking parents connect with teachers. This allow both parent and teacher to work cohesively in the student’s best interests. The teacher can use ClassDojo to watch student behavior, monitor any problem signs that they spot. Parents can use the app to check up on both student and teacher. They can view student reports and review curriculum. The app was launched back in 2011, by Liam Don and Sam Chaudry.

ClassDojo handles personal information extremely well. It keeps its focus hewed, staying away from anything considered sensitive, and employs military-grade data centers to provide top-level security. It has a slew of awards and recommendation from many venerable institutions. Needless to say, its reputation is flawless. All that is needed to access the service is an internet-connected web browser. The service is free for teachers and centered around the student. The teacher initially sets up the “Classroom” after creating their account. Nothing can be done until they facilitate it. Once the classroom is set up, the teacher can invite the students. The students in turn can invite their parents. When parents join it allows for direct communication

Teachers can establish goals for the student, criteria for the development of skillset, and can even create an awards system. Parents and students can track progress, and work with the student to attain set goals. The teacher can also enable feedback from students and parents, so that everyone can work together to foster a better learning environment. ClassDojo is able to build communities, communities dedicated to furthering education. It enhances the parent/teacher relationship, which is why Forbes named it in a list of 100 Most Promising Companies of the United States.