The Effects of Long-Term Depression on Your Brain

Many people suffer from depression globally. In an incident where you realize that you are suffering from depression or any related mental ailment, you should seek immediate medical assistance. One of the institutions that offer quality treatment is Neurocore. Besides offering specialized forms of treatment, Neurocore also carries out some research that is aimed at formulating more advanced forms of treatment. While carrying out some tests on a patient who had suffered from depression for an extended period, Neurocore realized that the brain had incurred some significant changes.

Neurocore shared the finding with other researchers. All the research pointed out that when a person suffers from long-term depression, they are prone to incurring brain inflammation. It was also discovered that the biological brain changes were only noticeable among the patients who had untreated depression for more than ten years. Subsequent forms of research were also carried out to ensure that the results found in other patients weren’t just a hypothesis.

A survey was therefore conducted. Eighty participants took part in the study. Twenty-five of the patients had depression for more than a decade, 30 of the patients had never suffered from depression, whereas the other 25 had suffered from depression for less than a decade. The results were cross-checked, and it was concluded that long-term depression indeed leads to various biological changes within the brain.

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