Steve Ritchie Develops Diversity Programs for Papa Johns

Papa Johns recently announced that it believes that they can be a much better company in terms of cultural sensitivity. The company has said that its customers expect a more respectful company that embraces people from all walks of life. This is after the company has dealt with a major blow to its reputation back in July. At that time, founder John Schnatter made remarks that were offensive and this led to the company’s reputation going in steep decline. Schnatter was removed as executive chairman in July but has spent a lot of time looking to regain control of the company. Founder John Schnatter believes that the company is his life’s work and is looking to help restore its reputation in the near future.

After a recent campaign where customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the company, chief executive officer Steve Ritchie provided a letter to all customers, employees and franchisees. This letter was drafted in an effort to assure theme that the company is looking to resolve its issue of cultural and racial insensitivity. The letter has been made to also help contain the losses the company has suffered since July. Sales for the company have been down in recent months as they have dropped as much as 10% over this period of time. Due to the recent dropoff in sales, Steve Ritchie has predicted the company to have revenues decline by up to 10% within the next year.

Steve Ritchie has looked to put in more effort to help revive the reputation of Papa Johns. One of the programs that he has introduced is unconscious bias training which will be done to help encourage diversity and inclusion. It will also investigate the company’s practices in terms of how it treats people of all racial and cultural backgrounds. This will be done to find out more about its practices pertaining to diversity and inclusion. To help get more feedback and advice on how to best resolve this issue, Steve Ritchie visited a number of cities in the United States to get information from franchisees and employees. Ritchie is looking to help bring communities together and make Papa Johns a highly reputable pizza restaurant again in the near future.

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