Malcolm CasSelle: The Brains Behind WAX and OPSkins

Since he was young, Malcolm CasSelle has cared about arts, culture, education, and of course science and technology. CasSelle, alumni of Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is now President of Worldwide Asset eXchange and CIO of OPSkins. Before Malcolm became president of Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX, he held many high positions at other companies including CEO of MediaPass, CEO and advisor of Xfire, Director of Capital Union Investments, and quite a few others. Malcolm is also an international entrepreneur, being Chief Technology Officer and President of Tribune Publishing, which is now New Ventures at Tronc Inc. It is clear to see that Malcolm CasSelle has always been drawn to the digital and technological industries, where he excels greatly at his career.

His current successes, Worldwide Asset eXchange and OPSkins, are two very well known virtual marketplaces. In fact, OPSkins is the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets. Through the creation of OPSkins, video gamers all around the world are able to buy and sell virtual items with real money, and now cryptocurrency. Digital items are available to buying, selling, and trading for tons of different video games including PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,) Team Fortress 2, Ballistic Overkill, Battalion 1944, and so many more. In 2017 WAX was launched by OPSkins as a global marketplace for digital items, and in 2018 they began to offer WAX ExpressTrade a free, instant peer to peer trading service. Both marketplaces have taken off and became instant successes.

Being a decentralized marketplace for virtual items, WAX has solved the problems of fraud and fragmentation with their Blockchain and smart contracts. Not to mention, they are bringing a rise to cryptocurrencies. Through their blockchain power, Worldwide Asset eXchange is allowing WAX Tokens to be traded or exchanged for the cryptocurrency. WAX Tokens allow video gamers to instantly purchase and receive their virtual items, much like you can on OPSkins. With this system, cryptocurrency will become huge! Malcolm CasSelle has worked hard and became very successful in providing the best online trading platforms possible for video gamers all around the world.

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