Juan “OG” Perez The Business Man That Put Family First

Juan “OG” Perez is most known for his relationship with famous mogul Jay Z. The two have been friend for over 20 years and still remain so till this day. Juan “OG” Perez is more than just the friend of the famous Jay Z, he is also his best business partner. He used to help run studios long ago in the beginning of their friendship. In 2013, Juan “OG” Perez was instrumental in the start of the 40/40 club, which was described by Perez as “a combination of sports and an upscale hip lounge.” It was sports and entertainment that brought the two men together, it was only a matter of time before they turned it into a business. Over the course of 11 years the club now has 5 expansions, in different locations.

Perez was part of the mastermind that brought Roc Nation Sports into fruition. The idea came to the pair when they made the realization that athletes were always coming into the club asked Perez and Jay Z for advice. Part of the success of Roc Nation Sport is them not taking the traditional marketing route. They did not do big budget marketing campaigns and kept everything almost top secret, which made potential clients and competitors alike, curious. In addition to the curiosity, Perez’s ability to give each player the individualized attention they needed, while creating a family first culture when doing business really separated the agency from their competition.

Recently Juan “OG” Perez turned 50 and he was given the celebration of all celebrations by his close friend. The celebration is being referenced to as the “infamous birthday tab” due to the receipt from the club portion of the celebration being $91k. There is no amount of money that one wouldn’t spend on a friend that provides the confidence of making risks because they are part of the deal.

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Ex-Sherpa Capital CEO Shervin Pishevar Caught The Trump Tweeting Illness In February

Donald Trump is the tweeting champion of the world, according to the people who follow him on Twitter. Trump likes to go around government systems and let people know what he’s thinking. But according to some financial investors, what he’s thinking doesn’t make much sense unless you think like Trump. Some people are saying the same thing about Shervin Pishevar. Shervin Pishevar is the former managing director of Menlo Ventures. Menlo Ventures is a venture capital firm that spotted Uber when it was a floundering startup. Pishevar is the guy who thought Uber was going to be big, so he invested $26 million in Uber. That investment is worth $5 billion today.

Shervin Pishevar’s investment resume is impressive. He’s been on the ground floor of startups like Warby Parker and Airbnb. He started Sherpa Capital in 2013 so he could do his own thing in the investment world, but he resigned at the end of 2017. Pishevar was silent at the beginning of 2018, but in February, Shervin Pishevar came out tweeting. Investors who know how he can spot startup winners sooner than other investors are taking Shervin’s tweet advice. Investors are leaving the stock market because of one tweet in Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour tweetstorm reminded them the stock market is prime for another crash. A 6000-point crash, according to Pishevar.

Another Pishevar tweet claims the national debt, interest rates, and inflation are forming a perfect financial storm. And Trump’s trade agenda is fueling that storm even though Shervin didn’t name Trump in any of the 50 plus tweets he put out there on Twitter.

Some investors aren’t sure why Shervin Pishevar spent the time tweeting about issues he can’t control. But other investors know Pishevar doesn’t get on Twitter to make a name for himself. His reputation as a venture capitalist puts him in a club of venture capitalists who know how to make money even when financial markets start to go south. That’s why his tweetstorm is so interesting. Pishevar is letting the world know he’s back. He wants to show investors how to be flexible during turbulent economic times, and his tweetstorm shows them what he’s thinking.


Guilherme Paulus At The Forefront Of Brazil’s Tourism Sector

Brazil is a beautiful nation, and with individuals like Guilherme Paulus in play, it is now possible to explore the beauty of that country without stressing about where to stay. By establishing high-end luxury facilities under the GJP hotel and resorts brand, Guilherme makes it possible for myriads of travelers to enjoy the luxury they desire while on vacation.

Besides GJP, Guilherme Paulus also makes it easier for them to reach these destinations through CVC, one of Brazils and entire Latin America’s largest tour operator. Apart from making it possible for both foreigners and local travelers to reach their destinations and enjoy their vacations in comfort, Guilherme makes sure that the hotels and resorts are at memorable locations, a factor that has contributed significantly to his success in this business.

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For instance, Gramado is a beautiful little tourist town located in between the Serra Gaucha region and the southern side of Rio Grande. It is famed for its snowland and snow park which parks a host of winter activities such as skiing and ice skating. It is a small but incredibly charming town surrounded by pine trees from the famous black forest, lovely lush green spaces, and a beautiful lake. Thanks to all these attractions, the town is a perfect getaway for anyone seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the urban centers. To add to its perfection, there are several GJP five-star resorts which assure those who visit that they have a comfortable place to return to at the end of the day when they finish touring the city.

Other must-visit locations that Guilherme Paulus ensures travelers enjoy comfort while visiting include Confins, Mg, Rio De Janeiro, Natal, Salvador, BA, Foz Do Iguacu, PR and of course his hometown Sao Paulo.

More about Guilherme Paulus

A native of Sao Paulo, Guilherme Paulus has helped shape the tourism arena in Brazil in a significant way thanks to his chains of luxurious hotels and also CVC, one of the largest tour operators in Brazil. He studied business administration and went for his internship at IBM. He entered into the world of entrepreneurship at the young age of 24 when he joined hands with Carlos, his previous partner to establish CVC.

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Paul Mampilly-Digital Medicine Is Better

Paul Mampilly is one of the most vocal editors working with Banyan Hill Publications. The financial guru has been working in modern market for a very long time, and he has answers to some of the things giving consumers sleepless nights. The people who have subscribed to his newsletters from him are doing so well in their investments. Although the newsletter has not been on the market for a long time, it has managed to grow each passing day. The popularity of the financial newsletter shows that consumers love the advice they have been getting from the businessman.

Paul Mampilly and digital medication

Paul has been spending most of his time in Northern Carolina. His home area is very beautiful because it is filled with oak trees and many pines. When getting to his home, you will be impressed by the kind of beauty brought by these trees. However, when it is time to give off pollen, Paul Mampilly and his family have tough time. The pollen that comes from the trees leaves him with a constant cough and sneezing that makes him so uncomfortable. The season is always a nightmare for the American based hedge fund manager.

In one of the Banyan Hill articles, the hedge fund manager says that he has been taking medication during the season so that the cough and sneezing reduces. The finance executive, however, does not know if the medicine works or the side effects it has made him feel better. The hedge fund manager is urging technology experts to look for technology pill that will help people to understand the drugs they are taking.

Some scientists have been working towards this agenda, and they have already introduced special pill called Abilify. The drug has treated many schizophrenia patients in the country, and they can now understand whether the drug they have administered in their body is working or not. Paul Mampilly has been watching this innovation as it was introduced into the world, and he is urging members of the society to embrace it so that they can live better and even healthier lives.

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Lacey and Larkin: struggles with Sheriff Arpaio

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, was finally ousted from the seat after holding it for 24 years. He served between 1992 and 2016. The opposition had given him so much power that he considered himself above the law and would do anything he thought was correct. Unfortunately, Arpaio was a racist who used his opposition to harass and discriminate against immigrants living in Maricopa County.

His tenure as a sheriff was full of crimes that he committed in the pretense of fighting illegal immigration. There were cases of deaths, brutal beatings, sex crimes and others. These are the crime that Arpaio is accused of, but President Trump still found it fit to pardon him. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

In 2007, he was behind the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for publishing a story about a grand jury that was illegally constituted to give orders to the sheriff to search the Phoenix New Times- a publication owned by Lacey and Larkin. They were arrested in the middle of the night and jailed in a case of blatant violation of the First Amendment.

Lacey and Larkin were released the following day after public pressure mounted on the county release the two with immediate effect and close the cases before them. They were released in less than 24 hours after their arrest. They later sought justice in court.

Joe Arpaio was taken to court in 2017 and found guilty of ignoring court orders from an earlier court case. He had been ordered by a judge to stop racial-profiling of people living in his county during the arrest. Many innocent people had been arrested by his officers just because they were of Latino origin. He never heeded this order as directed. He continued arresting immigrants indiscriminately and taking them to jail.

After he was found guilty, the judge was t sentence him in October 2017, but this never took place because President Trump pardoned him. The pardon angered Lacey and Larkin who had suffered unlawful arrest in the hands of the sheriff.

Michael Lacey also protested the move taken by the prosecution to charge Arpaio for contempt of court, yet he was criminally liable for a multitude of serious crimes. There was a clear indication that no one was ready to charge Arpaio for the real crimes that deserved to be punished. People were killed under his watch, but the best the prosecution could manage to get was contempt of court charges, a clear indication on non-committal in the cause.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of the Frontera Fund Foundation. This organization protects the rights of immigrants living in Arizona. It works with human and civil rights groups in Arizona to accomplish this mission. They hope to see no other immigrant discriminated as it happened during Arpaio’s tenure.

Wes Edens The Ultimate American Businessman

Wes Edens, an American businessman is not only a private equity investor, but he is also the owner of the sports team, Milwaukee Bucks. As the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group, he is committed to the relationship he has with his other partners and investors.

Starting his career early in life, Wes Edens began practicing with this marketplace when he joined Lehman Brothers in 1987. He later became a partner and a managing director in 1993, furthering his career for the purpose of preparing to become a principal partner in a larger company. It was in 2007 that an article published in The Wall Street Journal described his methods as creative financing. This led up to Fortress Investment Group preparing for their buyout in 2007. This was when Wes Edens and his partners hcose to take the company public, allowing for their IPO. The year 2009 was beyond promising for the group, with the company selling an 8% share to the public, resulting in more than $600 million return.

Investment vehicles for the group were more than plentiful as the company continued to grow. The millions in assets that they had under their wing for management included both private and public equity funds. With more than 13 private equity funds, and four hedge funds, the five principals of the group became billionaires just prior to their ability to go public.

The year 2009 became an earmark for Wes Edens, as he became the Co-Chairman of their Board of Directors this year as well as increasing profits. During the time of financial crisis, when mortgage companies began closing their doors, the stock prices began to fall. This wasn’t unusual during a time like this, but they began to offer subprime lending in an attempt to regain their footing. This led to him spearheading the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors in year 2015 to May 2016.

Soon after, the group made an announcement, that they were going to release their very own esports team, for the purpose of gaming known as Fly Quest. Today, this team is part of the League of Legends, and they currently compete in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Today, Wes Edens finds himself in charge of their private equity investing as well as the Chairman of Nation Star Mortgage, a branch of Centex Home Equity.

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Acquiring the Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion was it a solid deal?

When Masayoshi Son founded SoftBank in 1981, he may not have known where its growth would lead him. At the time they were just a wholesaler of PC software. The expansion of the bank, however, became tangible in the 90’s when the company acquired the majority share of Yahoo. The growth would continue, and today it is one of the largest holders of internet company shares. They own a piece of at least 400 companies.

Masayoshi Son however always looked towards diversification. His first step was evident when in 2017 they acquired the Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion dollars adding a more than 30 percent premium on the share price. The acquisition of an alternative asset management company whose portfolio is as diverse as it can get was the clearest indication of where SoftBank was headed.

Started in 1998 the Fortress Investment Group has grown to become one of the largest private equity groups in the country. Today the company manages more than 43 billion dollars in assets. These assets range from permanent investment vehicles which are mostly publicly traded companies to distressed assets which are in most cases undervalued. The Group has over the years proved that their unconventional style of investing could pay off in a big way.

Once shareholders gave the acquisition by SoftBank the green light, the next hurdle was the foreign investments Committee. This is the group responsible for vetting all deals being made at an international level, especially if they involve the acquisition of an American firm by a foreign one. To fulfill this SoftBank had to agree to some concessions which meant that the day to day operations of the firm would be left to the founding partners as well as the already established board. This was something the investor was willing to accept as the management has already proved capable of running the group by the time of purchase.

SoftBank has been able to inject private funds into the Fortress Investment Group, which has enabled them to become more aggressive as they pursue larger deals. Wes Edens, one of the founding partners, has also gone on record to state that since the acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group, it has enjoyed the best twelve months of its existence. This in part he notes was a consequence of the group returning to private hands. The decision makers are now able to make more decisions without having to convince shareholders of the same.

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Angelo, Gordon Names Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations

Gareth Henry has been named the managing director at the Angelo Gordon & Co. This is an alternative investment firm that is located in the New York. In his capacity as the head of the investors’ relations and the managing director, Gareth will be reporting to the president of the Angelo, Mr. Gordon, and he will also be an affiliate at the firm. Henry is a veteran executive with decades of experience and an excellent ability to address clients’ needs. This way, his extensive global relationship will help him to grow this facility and its plants established in parts of Europe, USA, and Asia.

Henrys Experience

Before he moved to Angelo, Gareth Henry worked at the fortress investment group. In the fortress, he served as the global head of the investment relations specifically for the fortress liquid flea market. While working at the fortress, Henry led a team of experts where they primarily targeted for clients based in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Canada and Asia.

Similarly, he oversaw marketing, client services, and sales. He also established and implemented various marketing strategies at a fortress, which cut across the fixed income ventures, credit, private equity, and hedge fund. Before he joined forces with the fortress investment group, he worked as the director of the strategic solutions at the Schroders, London. While at the fortress, Gareth Henry worked wholeheartedly to raise capital for the African markets, Middle East and Europe and in all aspects, he was phenomenal at it.

Where did Gareth Henry go to School?

For many individuals studying actuarial mathematics in the tertiary institution, the task gets their pulses racing. Yet this is precisely what Henry decided to go for. Gareth Henry graduated from the University of the Edinburgh, Scotland in 2000. After school, he joined the Watson Wyatt where he worked in the research management unit for some years. Later on, he moved to the UK where he started working as the manager at the multiasset-class group. In 20007, he relocated to the United States where he joined forces with the fortress investment group where he served for several years before he moved to his current career at the Angelo Gordon & Co.