Our Immigrant Ancestors would be Proud of OSI Group

More than a century after its humble start, OSI Group is one of the world’s largest food distributors. Its success tells a story built on pride, heritage, and a dream. Two years after German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky arrived in the United States, he started his own meat business in 1909. He opened a butcher store in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. The town had a large German population at approximately 25% of German descent. Otto made a success of his small business as a retailer in the local community. As the business grew over the course of the next 10 years, Otto expanded into the wholesale meat business. He moved his business to nearby Maywood, and the company became known as Otto & Sons.

Today, OSI Group is still located in its home state of Illinois, maintaining its headquarters in Aurora. The original one-man operation is now $20,000 strong with company employees located throughout the world. The company operates its production and distribution facilities, with over 65 in total, in over 17 countries. The company remains privately held. In fact, it is one of the largest of the privately held companies located in the US. The company provides its food products to retailers and food chains, and they strive to ensure only the highest level of safe, quality production standards.

OSI Group has facilities across North America, and in Europe, Australia, the Philippines, India, and China. The company has been proactive in its activities to fulfill the need for increased poultry production, and it has substantially increased chicken production in Europe, the US, and China. New products have also been added to the firm’s previous meat-based production. In addition to chicken, beef, and pork, customers can also purchase fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, dough, and more.

OSI Group President David McDonald stands committed to the continued growth of the company, and in maintaining its outstanding global reputation. The company will continue to add products to its existing line in order to keep up with, and stay ahead of, consumer demand.

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Sussex Healthcare Offers Rewarding Careers For Employees

Since Sussex Healthcare started offering jobs to people, they knew they had to make sure they were giving everyone positive experiences. They also had to try different things that would help them secure their position in the industry. It was their goal to always help people have a strong understanding of the way they did business for all their patients. They know what they need to do and how to make sure they’re able to help others with the issues they face. As long as the company knows what people need, they can continue giving people positive experiences that will help them in different situations. They also offer job opportunities unlike any other senior care facilities in the world. While they offer these jobs to prospective employees, Sussex Healthcare know what they can do to help them advance through their careers.

Not only does Sussex Healthcare care about the way they treat their employees, they also care about how they can make things better for the patients who live there. They always want to show people they can experience more based on all the options they have and that’s a major factor that contributes to their dedication to the company. It is how they spend their time coming up with new ideas and focusing on different things. It’s also how they help other people have a better experience based on what they did in the past. No matter how hard they have to work, the company knows they can help people meet their expectations.

By allowing others the chance to feel confident about the jobs they have and the things their doing for patients, Sussex Healthcare knows the best opportunities to help everyone in different situations. They believe they can make things easier for all their clients no matter what issues they run into or what they do with the people they’re trying to work with. There are times when the company has to make sure people are getting a better experience based on the hard work they put into it. It’s their goal to always give back to people in different situations.

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Chris Burch Uses His Instagram to Bring Attention to His Brand

For Chris Burch, the point of using a social media site like Instagram isn’t so he can connect with friends or so he can learn about all the trendy things on the site. Instead, it’s so he can make sure he’s marketing to all the right people. Chris Burch always tries helping people understand his brand and that’s a huge part of the business model he set up when he first started. For Chris Burch, the point of creating a positive brand is so he can connect with others and show them what they can get while they’re looking at the brand options.

Chris Burch knows that Instagram is the way to go. He learns a lot about what people want and he sees the way they choose different options for their own entertainment, as posted on instagram.com. Since Instagram started, Chris Burch has been using it to reach out to his fans and potential fans so they can make valuable connections. He knows what they want and isn’t afraid to make sure he can show them different things. He also knows what it will take to help people understand the impact Instagram has on others when they’re working toward positive influences. For Chris Burch, the point of doing all this is making sure he has everything he needs to continue offering positive experiences.

As long as Chris Burch continues using Instagram, he knows what he can get and how to make sure he’s getting all the best deals with the options he’s working on. For Chris Burch, the point of this is so he can continue showing people he has positive experiences and he has the ability to make things better for everyone in the industry, refer to (Chronicleweek.com). It’s his goal to always show them they can see positive influences and positive experiences that will allow the company to succeed.

Since his latest company is part of the hospitality industry, it’s all about service and what he can do for the people who visit his resort. If he knows what they want before they even start coming there, he’s better prepared to help his guests with all the options they want, see (Burchcreativecapital.com). By doing this, Chris Burch prepares to make the best resort while also helping people have a fun time on their visit. It’s his goal to always push to make sure his guests enjoy themselves while they’re spending time at the resort with the options they have, visit http://nihi.com/our-story/.


Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group Has Had a Solid Career in Investment and Finance

Peter Briger, during his extensive and impressive finance career, has developed in the eyes of many a strong reputation for his professional pursuits. Fortress Investment Group currently employs Mr. Briger as both its President and also as its co-chairman. 2006 was when Briger first became the director, 2009 was when he became co-chairman, and 2017 saw Briger become the company’s Co-CEO. These are quite impressive as accomplishments given that he only joined Fortress Investment Group’s team in 2002, and he was able to achieve the highest ranks with the organization through hard work and strong leadership skills. Briger has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree from one of the top universities in the country, the University of Princeton.

Forbes magazine has listed Peter Briger as among the richest people in the country, and his approximate net worth at the time was north of $1.5 million. Mr. Briger is on the Spearhead Advisor Board, and his wisdom in the industry is certainly valuable in this position. Adding to Peter Briger’s experience within the investment and finance industry is the knowledge he gained from being one of Goldman Sach’s partners since 1996. Throughout his work, Briger has often handle distressed debt issues. 2013 was an interesting year for Fortress Investment Group. The company met with a handful of executives from the bank Wells Fargo to speak about Bitcoin and future opportunities in the digital currency market.

Fortress Investment Group’s Peter Briger has spoken on Bitcoin technologies, and he believes that digital currency is a hotbed of opportunity. He also thinks that a regulated Bitcoin exchange based out of the United States would significantly improve the current economy of digital currency. This was the opportunity that Wells Fargo and Fortress Investment Group discussed back in 2013. Wall Street, unfortunately, is not ready to jump into the cryptocurrency game just yet, and it will likely be at least a few more years before Fortress Investment Group ever gets involved with Bitcoin. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World