Preparing for Biking According to Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele works as an outside general counsel for a number of technology companies. The companies he provides counsel for are, for the most part, in the biotechnology, defense, aerospace, and internet industries. In addition, Michael Hagele has founded and invested in a number of firms that are part of the restaurant and hospitality industry and is committed to investing into early-stage technology companies.

Hagele’s vast experience lies in the process of negotiating, drafting, closing, and licensing of agreements in the domestic and international internet, telecommunications, hardware, and software industries. He also has experience and expertise in commercial agreements that include promotional, marketing, and intellectual property purchases and sales.

With the busy life that Michael Hagele leads it is important for him to find a way to focus on himself, de-stress, and clear his mind. One way he accomplishes this is by mountain or road biking; each afternoon, he checks himself out of the office and hits the trails. Hagele has found that it is during this time that he becomes more creative and is able to come up with solutions to his client’s problems. Read more about Michael Hagele at

Michael Hagele is considered to be highly skilled when it comes to biking and has offered individuals who are new to biking some pieces of advice. First, he suggests that’s beginners start with quality equipment that offers a dual suspension system, disc breaking, and a hydraulic seat post dropper. Before dishing out the money to purchase a bike, it is a good idea for novice riders to test out different bikes by renting them until they find the one that they are most comfortable with. Second, Michael Hagele suggests that beginners invest in a well-fitting and comfortable helmet and a water bottle that will fit in the bikes designated spot. However, he says it isn’t necessary to purchase high-end mountain biking shoes, but instead, a good pair of athletic shoes will suffice. Third, it is suggested that, because of the intensity of mountain biking, beginners need to be in good physical shape before their maiden voyage. Last, he says that before hitting the trails, it is a good idea to check and prepare for the environmental elements; for example, will it be sunny the whole time, is there a possibility of rain, what is the temperature going to be? Answering these types of questions will ensure that riders are not caught off guard and unprepared for what nature throws at them.

Being properly prepared will ensure that beginners have the most enjoyable experience.

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OSI Food Solutions is Honored With A Prestigious Award and Doubles Their Chicken Production

The Globe of Honour Award has Been presented to OSI Food Solutions UK by the British Safety Council. The award is for the exceptional management of environmental risks. The company received this award on November 25th of 2016 in London. Only eighteen of these awards are presented worldwide. To compete for this award, the five maximum stars attained from the British Safety Council are required. OSI Food Solutions showed high quality environmental management from the boardroom to the shop floor. The company received congratulations from the British Safety Council for the honor.

The Globe of Honour is an extremely prestigious award. This award salutes companies who have managed environmental risks extremely well. This integrated approach ensures the safety and health operations are more sustainable. The companies awarded the Globe of Honour exemplify inspirational stories and the best practice regarding their achievements. The Scunthorpe operation has been operated by OSI Food Services in the United Kingdom since 1989. The facility produces pork products and was honored with the award in 2013 and 2015.

OSI Food Solutions has also added another production line in Toledo, Spain. The €17 million investment effectively doubled the production of chicken to 24,000 tons yearly. This expansion has enabled the Toledo operation to produce over 45,000 tons of high quality chicken, beef and pork products. This expansion has also increased the workforce to 140 people. The expansion was the company’s response to the increasing demand for chicken products throughout Portugal and Spain. The annual growth reached six percent during the last ten years and has increased to eight percent during the last three.

An addition was made to the building to house numerous new areas including a storage room, production hall and social area. The expansion is enabling OSI Food Solutions to grow key accounts in both retail and foodservice while supporting their customers. New security and firefighting systems were also included in the expansion. The company has increased sustainability with reductions to electricity usage. The Toledo, Spain food processing plant was established by OSI Food Solutions in 1990. Some of the expansion occured during 2017 to increase the production of chicken, pork and beef products.

OSI Industries: Foodservices For The 21st Century

OSI Industries is the epitome of foodservice excellence. This particular food provider has hard working employees, has supreme leadership and has decades of experience. Many of today’s top food retailors work exclusively with OSI, including Subway, Yum, Burger King, KFC and Papa John’s Pizza. Ray Kroc, former-CEO of McDonald’s, forged a lifelong relationship with OSI’s founders. The company became one of McDonald’s four main suppliers of meat. When the flash-freezing technology of cryogenics came into fruition, it opened up a new avenue of success for all food service providers. Cryogenics gave these companies a way to preserve the freshness of the meats for longer periods of time.

Back when OSI Industries was known as Otto & Sons, it was only specializing in the selling of high-quality meats. This corner butcher shop was located in Oak Park, Illinois. As the business began to grow, its new headquarters would relocate to Maywood, Illinois. Once OSI Industries hit the wholesale scene, the company experienced astounding growth. Foods such as pizza, panini, cooked sausage links, desserts, cucumbers, onions, pasta, cheese, soups, chili, fruits, flatbread, pot roast, Tofu and others can be ordered and purchased on a consistent basis. This is just a tiny fraction of what the company has to offer.

As of today, OSI Industries is basically the top food provider in the world. Its supply chain is very extensive as it flows through numerous continents. Some of the company’s factories are located in Ukraine, in Japan, in Canada, in China, inHungary, in India, in the United Kingdom and in many other nations. OSI Industries is the standard by which all other food providers are measured because it has set new trends in foodservices, it has raised the bar extremely high, and it has easily changed the current status quo.

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Clay Siegall: A One-In-A-Million doctor

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., M.D., is one of the most fascinating individuals in cancer research today. This man has had a brilliant career that dates back to over 30 years. When it comes to fighting cancer progressively, it would very hard trying to find a more qualified medical professional than this. Dr. Siegall has first-hand knowledge of the disease itself because he watched his father struggle with it for years. Siegall just so happened to be in college during this time. Cancer treatments of the past eras were very harsh on the human body and Siegall wanted to find a more progressive way to treat the disease.

In 1998, Seattle Genetics came into existence, and this biotech company’s mission was to eradicate cancer. During the company’s earlier years, it struggled to stay a float. More money was being spent rather than being earned, which sent the company into a tailspin. Dr. Siegall, and his small team of medical associates put together a plan to get the company out of debt. By implementing a dynamic sales staff that promoted the company’s products, this extraordinary team started closing on seven-figure deals. As of today, Seattle Genetics has become one of the leaders in cancer research, and it has many successful drugs in its pipeline. Its flagship drug, ADCETRIS, has generated well-over $350 million in revenue since its inception of 2011. The company didn’t start earning huge sums of capital until 10 years after receiving its IPO.

Targeted-cancer therapies is the name of the game and no other cancer-research organization is doing it better. Dr. Siegall spends a lot of his time raising funds via public and private fundraising. In total, his actions have resulted in raising billions of dollars. All in all, this short article can’t do Clay Siegall any justice, but you should have a much better understanding of how important this man truly is.