The Success Story of Saad Saad

Pediatric surgeons are very important professionals in the lives of children. These individuals are given the great task of conducting complex surgeries of children who need treatment so that they can live a healthy life. Very few people are willing to venture into this path because of the nature of the work involved. Saad Saad is among the most celebrated medical professionals who have changed the lives of many young people in the world. Several years ago, Saad was offered an opportunity to work as the pediatric surgeon for Saudi Royal in the United States. The people who saw his academic qualifications decided to offer him the opportunity because of various reasons. Apart from being academically qualified, the doctor could speak Arabic and English fluently, something that was very difficult to come by. This career opportunity opened other doors for the doctor, and he is very proud to have accomplished so much in the United States and other parts of the world.

Saad Saad and his family are not strangers to success. This family has been living in the United States for several decades. Saad children have ventured into great careers in this country, and they are all doing well like their father. Saad has been telling his story to people who come from different backgrounds so that he can encourage them and show them that it is possible to become an international medical professional and save lives. His secret has always been hard work. Due to the nature of his work, the doctor has been asked to perform very delicate procedures on young people.

As a professional who understands how delicate young people and their bodies can be, the doctor has always ensured that he doesn’t rush for surgery without looking at the medical records of a patient. Saad is also highly experienced in handling surgeries, and he has devised equipment to help him accomplish his career goals. Saad doesn’t rush for surgery before he has had enough rest. In a recent publication, the doctor says that the mind has a great role to play when the doctor is at work, and it is important to be mentally prepared for the procedure in question.

Saad Saad has traveled to various parts of the world so that he can help young people to live healthy lives. Saad doesn’t charge extravagant prices for his services, and this explains his popularity in many parts of the world. The doctor has given his great services to people who cannot afford his services. Most of these needy people come from different places of the world. Saad wanted to become an engineer while growing up. His career path changed when he realized that he couldn’t enjoy the profession because of the harsh working conditions. Learn more:


Chris Burch the Unsurpassed Business Icon

Chris Burch is famous for cofounding and establishing multiple globally recognized retail brands including C.Wonder. Additionally, Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur whose expertise has influenced many industries. At the moment, Chris Burch is propelling his entrepreneurial skills to a higher level in the hospitality segment. Previously, Mr. Burch has associated with different icons in the hospitality sector. In 2012, he collaborated with James McBride, a renowned hotelier, in the purchasing of a grand beach hostel situated on the Indonesian island. At that time, Burch and James McBride spent approximately $30 million renovating the entire hostel before re-launching it as a five-star resort, check Nihiwatu is the name of the renovated hostel that became operational in 2015 .

Chris Burch has various reasons behind the purchase of Nihiwatu resort. He told Business Jet Traveler in an interview performed in 2015 that he bought the hotel for his children. Moreover, Burch postulated that he intended to give back to the society through the operations of Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu has transformed significantly under the management of Chris Burch. After a year of being operational, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu the best resort globally in 2016. The resort possesses twenty-seven private villas, which include the private home of Chris Burch, as well as, Raja Mendaka. Chris Burch demonstrates his exclusiveness and passion for designing eye-catching destinations through Nihiwatu resort. The hotel has not only four other villas but also private plunge pools in each of them.

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and pioneer of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch has been active in the corporate world for almost four decades. Throughout his professional life, Chris has influenced the rise of different luxury and technology brands. His works have been felt by numerous reputable enterprises including Poppin and Voss Water among others. Additionally, Chris Burch has affected several organizations where he served. He has performed roles as a board member in various corporations including The Continuum Group.

Mr. Burch’s achievements in the business segment commenced when he was still a student pursuing his undergraduate studies in 1976. He began an association with Bob where Chris invested $20,000 in launching Eagles Eye. Chris utilized his skills to expand the enterprise to $165 million and later traded it to Swire Group. His first experience provided him with the courage to realize his dreams. Now, Chris Burch owns diverse investment portfolio ranging from domestic to global ventures. Nihiwatu is his recent venture that boosts his reputation.

Ronald Fowlkes Likes Helping More People See Success

Ronald Fowlkes started his career in the military. There, he learned the things he could do to make everything better. He also learned there were things that would continue helping him succeed at different options. It was his goal of helping that made things easier and made it better for everyone who did similar things. Every time Ronald Fowlkes took a step back to see how he could make a difference, he learned about the right way to do things. It was always important to Ronald Fowlkes to keep doing the best job possible. He knew things would keep getting better and he would keep doing a great job if he could make things easier on the people he helped. The military taught him a lot of different skills and gave him the motivation he needed to keep offering positive experiences for everyone who needed them.


When Ronald Fowlkes started working with other people, he saw his abilities as something that would keep making sense. He started working in law enforcement because it seemed like the most logical thing to do after the military. He also saw it as something that suited his personality no matter what he did. For Ronald Fowlkes, the point of making things better was so he could help other people out. If he had the chance to serve others and had the ability to keep pushing them so they could be successful, he would feel good about what he did. It was everything to Ronald Fowlkes to be successful.


Depending on the issues people had, they could take more away from the experiences they wanted to get from different areas. Ronald Fowlkes knew what would happen if he had a chance to keep giving people the right experiences. He wanted them to see themselves as important and knew it would make sense in different areas of business. Between the work he did and the things he offered people with that work, he made positive experiences better for everyone. There were many times when he had to sacrifice things on his own to help other people with the issues they had.


The biggest opportunity Ronald Fowlkes created came from showing people how he could help with law enforcement experiences. He felt good about giving more people law enforcement tools that they couldn’t get anywhere else. With these tools, they could make the most out of everything they had. It was Ronald Fowlkes’ goal to keep giving other people the right opportunities. The tools he provides through his company are better than basic tools, they give people a chance to try different things and they are easier for people to use. He makes sure they suit all the needs law enforcement professionals might have while they’re doing different things.


Chris Burch: The Nihi Sumba Island

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has managed to create a reputation of success through his methods of venture capital funding. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is a private investment company that is based in New York. Chris Burch is able to claim over four decades worth of experience is both an investor and an entrepreneur. This is given him a unique set of skills and knowledge that allowed him to create incredibly powerful brands and businesses. He has been involved in one way or another with the rise to prominence of over 50 companies.

Chris Burch believes that the reason for his success lies in his ability to combine innovation and implementation of ideas. This is due to his ability to create an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior. In addition, he uses the power of direct to consumer channels as well.

Burch Creative Capital was created in an effort to assist further other entrepreneurs that are in the process of creating profitable businesses ( Chris Burch is able to share his knowledge and resources with other individuals to ensure that they are successful. He has stated that as of right now the company has allowed many extraordinary possibilities to arise.

In 2012 the company was able to use the islands that he owns, the Nihi Sumba Island so that he could transform it into one of the best resorts in the world. This process has resulted in the transformation of the island into one of the best resorts that have ever been in the area. The island itself has a rich and storied past. It is known now due to its reputation as a haven for unregulated freedom and beauty. In 2012 the owner of the island reached out to Chris Burch in order to request his help in the expansion of the resort.

Ever since Chris Burch has become involved with the resort, it has been able to be recognized for its achievements. In the years 2016 and 2017 the island was voted as the home for the number one hotel in the world.

Chris Burch has an extensive history as an investor and a successful entrepreneur across a diverse array of industries. He originally began his education at Ithaca College in 1976. While he was in university, he was able to invest with several clothing companies along with his brother who eventually turned into his first significant business success.

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