What Visitors To Samoa Can Expect After Landing At Fagali’i Airport

Polynesian Airlines and Talofa Airways are the two airlines that provide air service to Fagali’i Airport in Samoa. The first airline just travels to an international airport in American Samoa while the latter one flies back and forth to an airport in Tonga. Both of these airlines fly planes that accommodate 20 or fewer passengers which means that Fagali’i Airport isn’t ever terribly crowded.

One of the great things about Fagali’i Airport is that it is pretty central to most hotels, restaurants, shopping, and other things that visitors to this island might want to do. Things are actually measured pretty often based on how far they are from Fagali’i Airport in fact.

For example, on Expedia’s website they give how far each hotel is from Fagali’ Airport. The closest one is located a mere .4 miles away and is called the Insel Fehrman Hotel. Even the farthest airport they list isn’t that far. This is the Moanalisa Hotel which is 2.4 miles from Fagali’i Airport.

Some hotels offer a shuttle service to and from Fagali’i Airport. The Insel Fehrman Hotel is one of these and they only charge $56 a night. Another one is the three-star Tanoa Tusitala Hotel which is 1.6 miles from the airport and charges $121 a night. For those hotels that don’t provide a shuttle there a plenty of taxi drivers waiting in the parking lot of the airport.

One thing many visitors to Samoa should do is go to the spectacular Papapapaitai Falls 8.1 miles from Fagali’i Airport. It’s free to visit the best spot to see these falls but donations are very much appreciated. After a rain there is often a beautiful rainbow that appears at this location.

For those that enjoy shopping while visiting a new place they can stop at Old Apia Market, 2.5 miles from Fagali’i Airport. Visitor’s should be careful, though, as some items can be found in other countries for a less expensive price. However, it’s a really fun flea market to visit with all sorts of handcrafted items for sale from people all over Samoa.

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