Securus Technologies: The Bridge between Inmates and the Free World

The law is very vital because it maintains peace and order in the nation. However, when it is our relatives who have to go behind bars, we don’t feel so good about it. We hire lawyers and spend all our fortune just to have our relative around and not in jail. Many people say that they are afraid because of the negative reviews they have heard about the correctional services.

The Securus Technologies has intervened to help ease the situation. The firm helps the inmates to connect with their relatives at home. Securus has innovated a program that allows the families to schedule their jail visitations. Having the visits on their terms and conditions have made it convenient for many friends and relatives. They say that the program has eliminated the boredom and time wasted that one was experiencing in the queues.

There other inmates who have served sentences in jails more than once. This has resulted in them having acquaintances among the prison’s officials. Such inmates, therefore, have access to the illegal stuff in jail through this relations. To facilitate the reformation of this convicts, they are taken to prisons that are far from their vicinity.

In such incidences, it is not possible for the relatives to keep driving to see the inmates. The convicts may feel neglected, and this may delay their reforming process. Fortunately, Securus Technologies has introduced a system that allows the relatives to communicate with the inmates from their homes. This is through the webcam video. The users say that this has helped maintain the family bond that could have otherwise be lost without communication.

Bottom Line

Securus Technologies plays a significant role in linking the prisoners to their relatives. The relative says that this has helped maintain relationships despite their loved ones being in jail.

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