Rocketship Education Goes Above And Beyond For Students And Families

For nearly all parents, quality education is of the most importance. Unfortunately, all students and families are not afforded the same opportunities for education. Factors such as financial status and district locations limit the options available for most families. Where we live often dictates where our children will go to school, and this poses a serious problem for some families. Children from low-income families often have fewer options for education. Schools within these communities are often poorly funded and lack stability. The environment our children learn in plays a major role in their success as students. Therefore now, more than ever, we see charter schools like Rocketship Education opening across the country.

Charter schools provide alternative learning options for families who may not be able to afford private school and are seeking better learning opportunities for their children. Rocketship Education, however, reaches far beyond the classroom, and into the personal lives of each of their students. Their commitment to creating a safe and secure community both in and outside of school walls was recently put to the test, when Dulce, a young mother from California lost her home of eight years in a flood. As a mother, her biggest concern was for her children, who attended Rocketship Education. Dulce wanted to ensure that her children’s school work was unaffected by the tragedy they had faced, and Rocketship was there to help them every step of the way.

Dulce, along with 30 other Rocketship Education families who had been displaced by the flood were provided with hot meals, clothes, and an overwhelming amount o love and support through the school’s network of volunteers.

At Rocketship Education, their belief is that every student deserves the chance to succeed, and it is up to us to help break the barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Their model helps build communities where students feel safe, loved, and eager to learn and gives parents the confidence they need when choosing the best education for their early learner. To date, Rocketship Education has served more than 15,000 students, with 85% of them being from low-income families. Just imagine the possibilities they have unleashed, and the dreams they have helped fulfill.

Adam Milstein on family, career, and a little business advice

Adam Milstein in an active philanthropist, real estate investor and guru, and loving family man. Born in the state of Israel in 1952 the budding businessman was born to a homemaker mother and real estate developer father. It seemed like real estate was in the blood because Adam went into that same field himself. He attended a university in Israel called Technion and received a Bachelor’s degree.

In 1974 he got married to his longtime wife Gila and had three kids. In 1981 Adam packed up the whole family and moved to the United States to start anew. Two years later Mr. Milstein got his Master of Business Administration degree in 1983. A proud graduate from the University of Southern California. After some disappointing career offers, Adam Milstein decided to go his own way and become a commercial real estate broker. After a little taste in the real inestate dustry Adam was hooked. His next career move was to real estate investor. It worked out very well for him and now he is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein oversees a number of things including the firm’s property management, disposition, and financing.

Mr. Milstein doesn’t set specific goals because he feels it limits him. He just tries his best. Adam also suggests to readers not to listen to criticism. It only slows you down. With every contact and person you meet has potential. When you make a business contact, follow up with them because that could be the difference between a business deal and not, between you succeeding and not.

Adam Milstein puts his family first and really appreciates them. The best $100 dollars he spent recently was taking them out to dinner. With his love of family and making them a priority Mr. Milstein and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. Proud of his Israeli/Jewish heritage most of the foundations and causes he works for center on the Jewish community, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is no different. They focus on strengthening the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and their connection with the United States. Click here

Securus Technologies: The Bridge between Inmates and the Free World

The law is very vital because it maintains peace and order in the nation. However, when it is our relatives who have to go behind bars, we don’t feel so good about it. We hire lawyers and spend all our fortune just to have our relative around and not in jail. Many people say that they are afraid because of the negative reviews they have heard about the correctional services.

The Securus Technologies has intervened to help ease the situation. The firm helps the inmates to connect with their relatives at home. Securus has innovated a program that allows the families to schedule their jail visitations. Having the visits on their terms and conditions have made it convenient for many friends and relatives. They say that the program has eliminated the boredom and time wasted that one was experiencing in the queues.

There other inmates who have served sentences in jails more than once. This has resulted in them having acquaintances among the prison’s officials. Such inmates, therefore, have access to the illegal stuff in jail through this relations. To facilitate the reformation of this convicts, they are taken to prisons that are far from their vicinity.

In such incidences, it is not possible for the relatives to keep driving to see the inmates. The convicts may feel neglected, and this may delay their reforming process. Fortunately, Securus Technologies has introduced a system that allows the relatives to communicate with the inmates from their homes. This is through the webcam video. The users say that this has helped maintain the family bond that could have otherwise be lost without communication.

Bottom Line

Securus Technologies plays a significant role in linking the prisoners to their relatives. The relative says that this has helped maintain relationships despite their loved ones being in jail.

Daniel Taub – Working towards a Better and Aiding in Growing Economy of Israel

Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, has spent four years in the UK, a country where he was born and completed his education. But, after immigrating to Israel, he was given a diplomat role and left his UK citizenship.

He has worked towards building better relationships between the two countries ever since he was an ambassador for four years. During this time, he won many awards for its efforts and also increased bilateral trade between the two countries single-handedly. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

His contribution to the growth of the economy of Israel has been immense. He wants both the nations to stop going back into the past and to make a better future for the coming generations in both the countries. He is also not afraid to take a stand for his beliefs and ensures that other people too respect each other’s opinion.

One of the events during his stay in the UK that showed how strong-minded Daniel Taub is was the Bradford case. In 2014, Bradford West MP George Galloway made a declaration that Bradford would be an Israel free zone. Mr. Galloway commented that the city should ban all things from Israel and not allow anyone from the country to enter the city.

He also added that even the Israeli students should not be allowed to study in their universities and schools. Many complaints were filed against the MP for the degrading comments. British police also launched an investigation on the comment that caused huge outcry on the social media as well. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

It was then that Daniel Taub was invited to the city by its community in the city. He not only visited the city but also held meetings with other faith groups, councilors, and other groups to discuss the matter. He later said that the people in Bradford had a completely different attitude as portrayed by Mr. Galloway.

He added that people want to respect all communities and not exclude anyone. It is the people from different religions and backgrounds who want to cooperate with each other and live in peace.

Daniel Taub has spent years fighting for the rights of Israel people, but his approach has been completely different. He believes that it is through better business relationships and open trade that the people can move forward and leave the past behind. During his tenure as an ambassador in the UK, he helped set up many company’s operations in Israel that helped its economy to a great extent.

Meet Ronald Fowlkes, Security Expert

Ronald Fowlkes is well-known by security experts in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Fowlkes has had more than one long and distinguished career. Firstly, he served honorably with the US military in Operation Desert Storm. When he returned to the States, he served with law enforcement in the city and county of St. Louis. Finally, he became a Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, which makes equipment for law enforcement agencies.


Fowlkes’ career has been shaped by a strong sense of duty. Even as a young person, he felt protective of his loved ones and classmates. During his time in the US Marine Corps, Fowlkes was promoted meritoriously, and when he returned he quickly found employment as a law enforcement officer. During his 13 years as a cop, Ronald Fowlkes was a member of the SWAT team. He specialized in urban warfare tactics, and participated in the most intense situations the department encountered.


Ronald Fowlkes entered the law enforcement world in the early 1990s. This was the height of the gang crisis in American urban centers. Drug deals were happening in the open. Drive-bys were common. Fowlkes was a big part of keeping the everyday people of St. Louis safe from the criminals among them. Eventually, he went back to work for the Department of Defense, this time as a contractor.


These days, Ronald Fowlkes has found a role that utilizes all of his varied experiences. As a Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries, he helps keep police departments safe. He leads a team of salespeople that make the best and most effective products available to law enforcement officers. With his real-world experience, Fowlkes knows how equipment is best used. He’s able to explain why it’s effective, because he has used something like it.


Of course, work isn’t the only thing in Fowlkes’ life. He’s also a devoted family man. In his time off, he can be found coaching his son’s hockey team. Family time and giving back to the community are big parts of Ronald Fowlkes’ world. Now that he’s in a safer, corporate role, he has the time to do both more effectively.


Creative Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and investor all about creativity. He believes in order to really be successful as an investor you must be creative. In fact, his commitment to creativity is so strong the word “creative” is in the name of his firm, Burch Creative Capital. He also serves as CEO of the private investment company. He has been a staple in the business world for multiple decades and is responsible for founding dozens of companies in his long tenure. Though many things have changed over the years his entrepreneurial values and financial practices have stood the test of time. Check this interview here.

A lesser known fact about Burch is his affinity for gift giving. Instead of waiting for birthdays and the holidays he believes in giving gifts year round. He also does it with a certain style and creativity, making sure no two gifts are the same. As a devout family man he often surprises his loved ones with gifts he knows they would like to have. There is often a direct correlation between his gifts and the companies he invests in, check   For instance, many of his gift ideas come from a company he’s previous funded. He also wants others to adopt the behavior of giving year round gifts. He has come up with a list of gift ideas that are effective no matter the time of year. In his list he includes various items ranging from a designer jacket to to a high price massage chair.

As a serial entrepreneur Burch has made successful forays into the fashion, real estate, and film industries. One of the first businesses he started was a clothing company, Eagle’s Eye apparel,along with his brother while attending Ithaca College. With just an initial investment of $2,000 in less than a decade it was worth millions.  Refer to for more.

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Which Gifts Does Chris Burch Recommend Buying?

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who’s been building and investing in businesses for over 40 years, and he’s always had an appreciation for the finer things. He even switched credit cards recently because his old credit card didn’t have the perks he wanted. Burch has invested in not only new tech companies, but also creative lifestyle brands and gift suppliers. He’s bought several nice gifts for people close to him, some of which come from companies he invests in, but others from expensive brands. Gifts he says make good holiday or birthday presents are a Fatty Sunday’s supply of chocolates, a jacket from Barbour Gisbourne and a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.  Hit this for a related article.

Chris Burch was raised in New York and began his business career with a small sweater sales gig while attending Ithaca College in the 1970s. He started out just selling the sweaters for a $5 profit, but when customer demand grew he knew he could build a big retail company from it. Burch named this company Eagle Eye Apparel and it made millions of dollars in sales up until he sold it in the late 1990s.  More to read on   After selling Eagle Eye Apparel, Burch started joining venture capital firms such as Guggenheim Partners and the Internet Capital Group. He also became a partner owner in Tory Burch, a fashion line he helped his wife at the time launch in 2004.

After later selling his shares in that company, Burch Creative Capital was founded.  Burch Creative Capital has not only invested in startups, it’s also been a partner in hospitality and real estate developing with the Faena Group. Burch bought a stake in their Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires back in 2004 and later bought a condo property in Miami in 2011. Burch also flipped a series of multi-million dollar homes in Long Island and across New England including one in Southampton that he bought for $14 million and sold for $25 million.  Additional article on

His most expensive acquisition is Nihiwatu Resort which he bought in 2013 with James McBride and invested $30 million in to turn into one of the most luxurious and breath-taking vacation destinations. Burch is also a philanthropist who has supported organizations like the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.  Keep up-to-date with his new and follow on investment, hop over to this.

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