Businessman Chris Burch’s Hotel Drives Success in Community

The island of Sumba in Indonesia unwittingly became the home of the best hotel in the world, after a successful businessman decided that it was the perfect location for a luxury resort. Chris Burch is that businessman and Nihiwatu is his resort. After visiting the island Burch knew that the out of the beaten path location, pristine and still undeveloped would make the perfect destination for travelers wanting to get away from it all. Travel outlets felt the same, and declared the luxury resort as the best hotel in the world.   Browse on to read more about this luxury resort.

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Chris Burch is a well established businessman and has had plenty of success creating products and developing brands. Nihiwatu was Burch’s foray into hospitality, and he has done an incredible job with the project. In order to ensure that the project would flourish, Burch partnered with James McBride, an experienced hotelier, that was able to help create luxury in a way that did not change the scenery. To know his new and follow on investments, check on

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The goal of the resort was to introduce the world to this tiny corner of the world in a way that wouldn’t negatively impact the local population, culture, and environment. Burch always looks for new ways to improve the lives and conditions of people around the world, whether it be through innovative new products and services, or by directly improving the standards of living. Not only has the hotel opened the island up to the world, but through community projects and education, Burch has made changes that will have a generational impact on the lives of people in Sumba.  Additional article on

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