Chris Burch’s World’s Best Resort

World travelers are always looking for the unique getaway and fortunately, Travel+Leisure has named once again the name of the #1 hotel in the world. For the second time, Nihi Resort in Indonesia has won the top place. This luxurious resort is secluded on the Sumba Island, hidden away in the still untouched forests.

Chris Burch, an American businessman, and philanthropist bought the property back in 2012. It was run down and outdated. With the help of his partner, hotelier James McBride-Burch poured $3 million dollars into the hotel and ultimately created the best hotel in the world. Burch who has expertise in real estate and fashion used his talent to create a unique resort with the finest materials available.  Additional article on

The Nihi Resort is made up of 27 villas that include one of a kind treehouse stays. Each villa is decorated in the theme of the island traditions and mixes the newest touches with teakwood and local stones. Every amenity is made available to guests, including the latest in technology. Each home is accompanied by cutting-edge fashion in accessories and bedding. Guests can enjoy their own private pool with a stunning view of beaches, palm trees, and local greenery.

Along with the unique rooms, guests at the Nihi Resort have access to quiet beaches and many ways to pamper themselves. Spa treatments can be found under breathtaking waterfalls or in the privacy of the guest room. There is a Wellness Center onsite that provides yoga and exercise classes. Adventurous travelers can spend hours exploring the nearby terrain with vehicle or boat tours. The surfing at Nihi Resort has always been known as some of the best in the world and guests have access to private surfing spots or lessons from the experts.

One home on the island is a private residence owned by Chris Burch himself. His property includes a huge main house surrounded by four other villas. Each place comes complete with bedrooms, large living spaces, and its own individual plunge pool. A guest can stay at this amazing residence for $14,000 per night.  Check for more.

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Chris Burch emphasizes that while he has focused on luxury and quality, his primary goal now is to give back to the community. For more of his entrepreneurial vies, hit on   The Nihi Resort is the biggest employer on the island, providing jobs and opportunities to the local residents. Also, a portion of the profits from the resort goes to the Sumba Foundation which assists those in need.  For added details about him, click on

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