Chris Burch & his World of Creativity

Chris Burch is one of the most creative investors in the world and one of the most successful financial investors in the world, being ranked on the Forbes’ list of wealthiest billionaires right now.

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Despite being a genius in financial administration, he has also invested in various industries for around 40 years and has tackled many different markets, like the real estate field, technology, and even fashion.  Related article here.

Chris grew up outside of Philadelphia and is from an upper-class family, never having had big difficulties while growing up. In an interview, he admitted to having ADHD as a child, and he used to seek refuge in a closet where he listened to a radio station every night, and this allowed him to listen to the voices of people across the country.

This experience was very important to the entrepreneur and investor, as stated by Chris Burch himself. According to him, it also allowed him to learn more about different kinds of people. Finally, he concluded that having the radio to listen to every day in his youth allowed him to successfully invest in creative people across various industries. Burch, as many successful people in the world, turned a problem, a wound, into a characteristic that would put him in front of most other people in his age.

Having a business mind at an early age, he started his entrepreneur career in 1976 when he was still in college.   According to, he invested $2,000 to create Eagle’s Eye apparel, a business with his brother that they were able to grow up to $165 million before selling it. It was at this time that Chris Burch began noticing his big potential in financial administration. Some of his co-workers and family members recognized his natural thinking when it came to investing money. The billionaire that would become Burch was a long road that started at an early age.  For his views and insights on business, read this relevant article, hit this link on

Chris Burch has a very diverse investment portfolio which ranges from investing in the real state, to things like accessories, apparel, home and interior décor, among many other investment projects. Chris Burch believes the power of vulnerability, and if that one doesn’t feel vulnerable anymore, he or she can choose to invest in businesses and be successful life as he is. Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Nihiwatu are just some of the big names that joined Chris Burch’s brand portfolio recently.  To read more about Nihiwatu, his luxury resort investment, click on

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