Christopher Burch’s Breathtaking Investment Ventures

Christopher Burch, an entrepreneur, has been a devoted customer of American Express Co. cards for more than three decades since 1979. However, the entrepreneur stopped being a customer of American Express this year and switched to using the Sapphire Reserve Card of the J.P Morgan Chase & Co. According to the AmEx CEO and Chairman, regaining customers like Christopher Burch is a challenge to the company. The new chief succeeded Kenneth Chenault who led the company for a long period.

Regaining richer ex-customers is a big challenge to the company that is currently facing stiff competition from banks and other firms. Such firms include Silicon Valley Payment Company and the PayPal Holdings Incorporation. Due to the stiff competition, AmEx has lost its market shares to card networks like Visa Incorporation and banks. Investors are afraid of joining AmEx again since it does not have a clearly laid out plan of how it will curb disruption of traditional payment approaches from mobile channels. The loss of shares in the market also scared away its partners including the JetBlue Airways Corporation and Costo Wholesale Corporation.

The American Express Company provides credit cards to businesses and customers. It owns and operates a card network and it also provides loans to individuals and companies. Most of the investors have left the company and switched to other credit card providers because of AmEx inability to properly provide certain services.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The policies of Burch Creative Capital are based on Mr. Burch’s creativity and ideas for emerging market opportunities. He has taken part in the rise of numerous companies in his over four-decade career as an entrepreneur and an investor. The entrepreneur has expertise in a number of industries including technology, fashion, and real estate industries.   Learn more about his entrepreneurial skills, click on

According to, he started working at the Ithaca College as an undergrad. Burch together with his brother founded Eagles Eye and later sold it after it grew to $165 million. He has a number of brand portfolios under his belt like Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, and Poppin.  For the latest on his cool offering to the market, hit on

Mr. Burch used to be a board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. He also served as the president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. Mr. Burch has also invested in real estates both nationally and internationally like the luxurious homes in New York, Southampton, Florida, and Nantucket.  Read a related article here.  The entrepreneur has also taken part in funding philanthropic activities like The Sumba Foundation.

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