Chris Burch and his Investment Strategies

Chris Burch has successfully ventured multiple businesses in his more than 40 years of entrepreneurial career. Currently, he serves as the CEO of his own investment firm Burch Creative Capital; it works based on the management principles of Chris Burch. It looks for new market opportunities, adding creativity and imagination, and support and scale to create impactful brands that can change the lives of customers positively. It should be noted that Burch has shaped more than 50 brands until today, and he is considered to be one of most successful entrepreneurs in the recent times.  Additional article on

Interestingly, he was listed on the Forbes billionaires’ list multiple times. Chris has a broad portfolio of investments and interests, including hotels, resorts, real estate, fashion industry, and more. Though not all of his ventures are highly successful, his determination, passion, and innovative mind ensure that he keeps on moving. Burch thinks that investments are an effective tool to learn about each industry and take benefits out of it. It has also helped him to be an expert in various sectors. While he is a highly innovative executive and an inspirational leader, Chris is also someone who understands the consumer behavior and expectations better.

This is the reason his Nihi Sumba, an Indonesian beach resort, awarded as the best five-star beach resorts in the world by many travel and tourism companies and industrial bodies. Chris actually created an excellent ambiance for the resort and offered a level of exclusivity along with luxury. More to read on

He says that success does not occur overnight, especially for entrepreneurs. It is a journey with many discouraging moments and setbacks during the course. He thinks that every entrepreneur should face those challenges like a soldier and succeed.  Read his shared ideas and insights here.

Burch started his business journey in the year 1976, since his college days, as a student of Ithaca College. He and his brother, Bob, established Eagle’s Eye apparel, a direct to home apparel business, with an investment of $2000. Finally, the firm sold for $165 million to Swire Group. Burch has given greater prominence to technology innovations and ensured superior customer experience for driving consistent business wherever he invested.  Hit on for a related article.

He is also the founder of C. Wonder, a well-known apparel and home décor brand. The firm finally sold to Xcel Brands, after capturing significant market capitalization from the scratches. Burch is also behind ED by Ellen Degeneres, Blink Health, Cocoon9, BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, Soludos, and more.  Additional article on

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