Revolutionary Designs from Richard Mishaan Designs

Throughout the world of architecture and interior design there are many names that stand out and always near the top of any list comes Richard Mishaan. Being born and raised in Columbia and Italy, it is understandable that architecture and design come naturally to him, having been surrounded by what many consider some of the best works of art and construction the world has ever seen.

His interest in design and architecture was evident from a very early age and this interest sparked into a fully fledged passion that inspired him to attend the Columbia University School of Architecture which is what would later pave the way for him to attend the New York University and acquire his BA there.

From the moment Richard Mishaan joined the offices of Phillip Johnson as an apprentice his career was vaulted forward. Working there enabled him to push beyond the standard formulas and strive to redefine architecture and design. Richard Mishaan found a way to bring some of the most beloved aspects of yesterday and bring them to a new life in today’s world.

Throughout his years of practice he has mastered the ability to blend together his knowledge of interior design, fashion and architecture to bring to life some of the most stunning spaces seen today across the world. His experience and expertise has enabled Richard Mishaan to find the motivation to write two exceptionally insightful books about architecture titled “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern” and has been able to convey his ability to masterfully blend works together.

Throughout his career Richard Mishaan has worked on a variety of high-end projects, residential as well as commercial. Richard Mishaan Design has a unique brand and skill, blending the lavish and luxuriant living available today with the wonderful works of art of yesterday. He creates for his clients one of a kind spaces with his deeply rooted skills for design and architecture.

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