Nihiwatu Offers Options for Everyone

Since Chris Burch created Nihiwatu, people have been coming to the island to see what is going on with the resort. It is a resort that Chris Burch worked hard on because he knew it would be extremely successful. He also knew things would continue to help people with all the vacation needs they had. It was a way for Chris Burch to make things better for all of the people who wanted to enjoy a resort while it was still accessible enough for them to actually get there. The resort combines the best of both worlds similar to how Chris Burch runs the rest of his businesses.   More to read on

One of the things Nihiwatu has that no other resorts do is the remote island feel. Since it sits on its own remote island, it is a great place for people who want to come and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the “real world.” Guests who come to Nihiwatu are able to feel the effects of relaxation as soon as they get to the island. Chris Burch intended it to be this way. This is one of the reasons he purchased the land for the hotel. He wanted people to realize they could have a real opportunity to have a better life while they were visiting the resort.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, click

Chris Burch is no stranger to success, though. If his name sounds familiar, that is because he created Tory Burch. This was the line where he was able to actually help people get the best of both worlds in fashion. The designs he has created are both fashionable and functional. He has not stopped anything for fashion, and Chris Burch continues to create popular options for Tory Burch. The collections mimic his life in that they are always suitable for different situations.  For more of his diverse investments, check

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When people visit Nihiwatu, they will realize that Chris Burch put a lot of love into the resort. He really worked hard to make it his own, and that is evident in the way the resort is handled. Since Chris Burch created the resort, he has his own private villa there. He spends a lot of time staying there and going to his home in the Hamptons. Whoever is staying at Nihiwatu, it is always sure to be a great place for people to enjoy while also giving them other experiences they cannot find from different resorts they visit.  Check more of this awesome resort, hop over to

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