Chris Burch’s Investment Strategies

Being the best in what you count especially if it involves your lifelong career. For Chris Burch, passion is all he needed to wage total success in his various business ventures. Chris is an aggressive investor who does not shy away from committing his resources where he foresees success. He has both experience and expertise in the fashion field, which has seen him rank as a top fashion mogul of the modern times. Moreover, his entrepreneurial eye is always on point and has since diverted his attention to the hospitality industry where he is doing great.  Additional article on

Chris Burch is a kingpin of fashion. However, that has not obstructed his focus on investment. He has allocated a huge chunk of his capital to a five-star resort on an Indonesian Island, which is recognized as the best resort the world has ever seen. Chris takes calculated risks in all his investments, and it was not different when establishing the reputable resort. He aligned financial forces with James McBride, an hotelier by profession, and agreed to purchase a beach hostel on the shores of Sumba. Their financial muscles were flexed, and they produced a whopping $30 million to reconstruct the enterprise. Their impact on the investment was magical, and the tremendous change they initiated translated to a lavish, state of the art, five-star resort known as Nihiwatu.

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In a wink, the resort had made an impact globally. It received commendation as the best hotel worldwide by top magazines. In his statement, Chris Burch admits that acquiring and developing the resort was all for his family and community, and he wanted something tangible that his children would associate with and at the same time serve the surrounding locality. He explains that his idea was to create a magical establishment that oozed nothing but beauty and offered people an exciting experience. True to it, all those that have visited the venture fall in love with every detail. However, he does not shy away from attesting that the resort has surpassed his expectation.  For update of his recent timeline activities, hit on this.

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Chris Burch is a serial investor and a renowned entrepreneur who has created thousands of jobs. Through Nahiwatu, he is now the largest employer on the Sumba Island. Moreover, he has founded Burch Creative Capital and serves as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. In addition, his name is on record of 12 great companies for having supported them during their early stages of development. Chris is a skillful entrepreneur who has garnered him success in the fashion sector through strategic planning and effective marketing tactics. Click to learn more of his diverse investment portfolio.

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