Chris Burch Buys Nihiwatu on Sumba Island- A Leading Resort Internationally

Chris Burch is a prominent fashion mogul who is fondly, highly regarded for his input in marrying fashion to the modern technological trends. The visionary business professional has been gracing news headlines thanks to his competence in portfolio diversification. Chris is now famous for delving into the hotel industry where he has purchased a beautiful resort in the Sumba Island, in the heart of Indonesia. Joined by his business partner Mr. James McBride, the duo revamped the hotel and renamed it at $ 30 million. That is why presently, Nihiwatu on Sumba Island is a famous restaurant with more than 1,000 visitors per month.   Additional reading here.

Key Indicating Performance

When it comes to the performance of this luxurious hotel, Traveler Jet was quick to name it the best in the world, thanks to the brains behind its operations. In an interview with the magazine, Chris was asked why he settled for investing in this island given its geographical location and the amount that was put to it. Chris stated that he believed in the investment and the safety that came with the docket. He also explained that it was a present to his children. Being a good father, he hoped that the island would be a memorable venue for his family. Being a place where an individual can enjoy life without worrying about the rest of the world, Nihiwatu was the right investment choice.  More to read on


In his opinion, Nihiwatu has been a huge blessing to his life and other’s. Chris admitted that the island has been more of a blessing considering the risks that were involved in the investment. Being that it was an economically inactive island, money was pumped into the venture without the assurance of its eventual performance. This to Chris Burch was a rare yet worthy situation. When it comes to spending time with family or doing business, Chris Burch is mostly found in Miami, the Hamptons as well as in Nihiwatu, the famous island. With approximately 27 private villas, this is a fun to be place for holiday lovers.  Click on for additional article.

 Personal Profile

Chris Burch is a prominent business professional. The founder as well as the chief executive officer of the famous Burch Creative Capital prides himself on his ability to give fashion relevance by the use of technology. Through a diversified portfolio, Chris Burch has managed to create an investment philosophy in order to express his opinion in entrepreneurial values. His vision for new market development is embedded on his passion to generate disruptive brands as well as businesses.  Have an in-depth look at his diverse investments, check

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