Billionaire George Soros’ Influence in American Politics

George Soros is a billionaire, investor and owner of a business empire that is estimated to be worth over $24 billion. George acquired this fortune through risky currency trading. Through his various non-profit organizations, Mr. Soros has been able to obtain significant influence in American politics and policy. According to an article posted on the Washington Times, donation of George Soros is an estimated $33 million to activist groups in Ferguson in support of their protests and activities. Mr. Soros is believed to have spurred the protest movements in Ferguson by mobilizing groups across the United States through nationwide online and social media campaigns. Mr. Soros, through funding to groups and organizations, aimed to transform ‘Black Lives Matter’ from just a hashtag on social media into a nationwide issue and concern.

Gamaliel Foundation is said to have received plenty of financial support from Mr. Soros. It is responsible for fueling the Ferguson protests. Former President Barack Obama started his career as a community organizer at an affiliate of Gamaliel Foundation in Chicago. George Soros has been at the forefront of political funding in United States for a long time. He, however, made his return by committing more than $25 million towards supporting Hilary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. His motivation is believed to be a combination of faith in Clinton and the fear of rival Donald Trump who he accused of inflicting fear in the people of America.

Mr. Soros is a famous philanthropist, especially in political matters. A post on explains that through his international foundations, Mr. Soros donated over $13 billion in the last three decades to non-profit organizations across the Europe and the United States aimed at various educational and human rights issues. He has also donated a further $7 million to Priorities the United States of America Action that was in support of Clinton’s campaign. Mr. Soros dialed back his funding towards politics in 2004 after the elections where he was committed to defeating Bush, and his opposition towards the Iraq war. He is said to have spent an estimated $27 million on a couple of liberal groups and the unsuccessful campaign of John Kerry.

George’s career

George Soros went to the London School of Economics where he studied Philosophy. He worked at various merchant banks before starting his hedge funds, Double Eagle and Soros Fund Management in 1970. Quantum Fund holds a majority of his net worth as it is now worth $25 billion. Through his foundation, Open Society Foundations, Soros has contributed heavily to American politics and policy through donations. He also contributed to a peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Europe in the 80’s and 90’s. Sourced from.

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