The World’s Best Island Resort and the Fashion Billionaire Who Built It

You might not think that a sunny, surfer’s paradise and hotel resort just beyond Bali would have any connection to a eccentric fashion designer from the Hamptons – but you’d be completely wrong. The Nihi Sumba Island Resort, formerly referred to as Nihiwatu, is a glistening oasis on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. It might surprise many to know that despite this fact, until the creation of the Nihi Sumba Island Resort, Christopher J. Burch had absolutely zero experience with hotels – rather he had long worked as a venture capitalist, financial investor, tech theorist and notable fashion designer and founder and owner of the company C. Wonder as well as Burch Creative Capital.

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Yet despite the fact that Mr. Burch might have seemed like a fish out of water, to look at the Nihi Sumba Island Resort today one most certainly would not be able to tell. Not only is the hotel and resort aesthetically pleasing and well designed it is also exceedingly popular and successful, so much so that in 2016 it garnered so much praise that it was called the “Best Hotel In The World, the online lifestyle magazine Travel + Leisure.  Check this related article.

This naturally begs the question, especially from business investors and prospective visitors looking for a hot new vacation destination; what made Nihi Sumba so successful? According to Christopher Burch himself, he notes that hotel success is much like anything else, it is all about location, location, location and Nihi Sumba Island is certainly prime real estate. Not only does it possess, verdant foliage, a sunny, relaxing climate, crystal clear and sparkling waters and waves just right for surfing.  Additional article about this on   it also has natural waterfall formations. In one of his many public outings recently, Mr. Burch remarked that it is not often that one gets to build a spa directly underneath a natural, gushing waterfall and that attractions like that were a huge selling point.  For timeline activity update, hit

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