Chris Burch Buys Nihiwatu on Sumba Island

Prominently known as a fashion mogul, Chris Burch bought a hotel on Sumba Island. Initially, Chris Burch invested in real estate as well as fashion brands. These brands are known internationally. From C. Wonder to Tory Burch, Chris Burch has implemented excellent entrepreneurial strategies aimed at empowering people. Currently, his success story lies within the newly built Nihiwatu Hotel. With James McBride, they purchased the hotel and renovated it at $ 30 million. This was in 2012. In 2015, the hotel was open. In 2016, Nihiwatu was chosen the leading hotel service delivery globally by Travel + Leisure. Check on to have an eyeview of Burch various investments.


Following the performance of the hotel, Chris Burch was interviewed by Business Jet Traveler. Asked why he invested in Nihiwatu, he stated that this was a way of giving back to the society. He bought Nihiwatu for his children and the society with the hope of preserving the environment. This is because Nihiwatu plays a supportive role to the entire society. From the beautiful waterfall to well-organized rooms, Nihiwatu was built with the commoner in mind. From his response in the interview, Nihiwatu has transformed into what he did not expect it to be.  Related article on


In a different scenario, Wall Street Journal explained that Chris Burch spends most of his time in Nihiwatu, Miami as well as the Hamptons. He also prefers camping at the Indonesia Resort. With over 20 villas in Nihiwatu, Chris has a place for relaxation. Aside from Nihiwatu, Chris Burch is a skilled investor who has chaired multiple start-ups. He combines his talent for fashion and business to create successful businesses. Chris offers valid advice concerning businesses as well as start-ups. In an article, he highlights the way forward when it comes to establishing successful businesses. Click and have a closer look at Burch’s profile.


According to Chris Burch, everyone can come up with a great business idea. For a business professional to invent creative ideas, it is vital for them to implement production techniques that require intelligence as well as technical skills. Every business idea calls for charm as well as leadership skills. According to Chris, it is vital to intertwine leadership as well as talent in conducting businesses. A smart business professional knows how to execute rules in business. It is also vital to employ good leaders who can manage logistics, public relations, financial planning as well as sales and business units. Chris Burch is admired for his input in businesses. He has registered excellent success in guiding businesses.   Click this for an update of Burch timeline activities.

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  1. Several many ideas that could turn the world around and make a lot of things better but they depend on investors. Following the process, I think there is even a lot more that has to do with Burch’s work. It looks clear enough though that the care in having plans is one noteworthy attribute seen in the success he has.

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