Chris Burch’s Luxurious Island Resort Has Been Named The World’s Best Hotel

An interesting Business Insider article from earlier this year details how the successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur Chris Burch has become involved in the hospitality industry.

According to this article, back in 2012, Mr. Burch and hotel-industry professional James McBride purchased a beach lodge on the remote island of Sumba in Indonesia. With its serene location and picturesque views, the lodge had the potential to be a vacationer’s paradise.

After investing millions of dollars in renovations on the beachfront property, the pair named the luxury resort Nihiwatu. Since opening for business in 2015, Nihiwatu has proved to be popular with vacationers, and has become Sumba’s major employer. The resort features more than 25 separate villas for guests, and two luxurious, fully furnished tree houses.

In 2016, the influential travel magazine and website Leisure and Travel named Nihiwatu the world’s best hotel.

In the Business Insider article, Chris Burch states that he purchased the beach resort for his children, and hopes to preserve the spot and give back to the local community.

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A beach spa is provided at the resort, and an on-site wellness center offers daily yoga lessons. Horseback-riding on the beach and surfing lessons are also available at Nihiwatu. For people who want to learn how to be closer with and more comfortable around horses, the resort features a resident horse-whisperer. Related article on

An entrepreneur since he was in his early-twenties, Chris Burch has achieved great success in both the private equity and venture capital business, as well as in the fashion industry. As an active investor for several decades, Mr. Burch maintains a diversified investment portfolio.  Read about this diversified investment portfolio, check

In addition to his various business duties and interests, Chris Burch has donated funding to a host of beneficiaries, including the Sumba Foundation, the Child Welfare League of China, and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.  Learn additional info about Burch, head over to

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Discover Nihiwatu, an Award-Winning Resort from the Fashion Tycoon Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur and a fashion mogul. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The financial consulting company provides capital, creative energy, incubation, and scalability to a diverse range of disruptive brands. Chris Burch is the name behind successful brands such as Tory Burch, Eagle’s Eye, Jawbone, Poppin and dozens of others. He brings his disruptive strategy to the hospitality industry with his latest investment, Nihiwatu.  More to read on

Chris Burch partnered with James McBride to redevelop a beach hostel into a world-class resort. Nihiwatu was launched in 2015 and is located on the west side of Sumba Island in Indonesia. The resort is quickly gaining popularity. It was recognized as the best hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine in 2016.

The exclusive resort boasts of twenty-seven holiday homes, one of which serves as his private home, the Raja Mendaka. The vacation home has a main house and four additional villas and is available to guests. Nihiwatu provides breathtaking views of the beach and the Indian Ocean. It features expansive entertainment areas, plunge pools, and high-class tree houses

The resort has incorporated local art into the contemporary designs. Sumbanese sculptures, antiques, and prints enhance the local feel and theme. You can find a beach spa and a wellness center famous for yoga sessions. Nihi Beach is a surfer’s haven popular with veteran surfers. Coconut Grove, a nearby bay, offers the ideal spot for learners.

In addition, there are numerous excursions available to guests including a waterfall, blue lagoon, and horseback riding. Chris Burch plans to expand with similar resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Nihiwatu employs local personnel. This provides an excellent opportunity for Chris Burch to give back to the local community. Sumba Foundation, a non-profit with a focus on local projects is also a beneficiary of the resort. Related article on

Chris Burch is an active investor with interests in fashion, financial services, technology and consumer goods. He believes creativity is an integral part of entrepreneurship success. He is also associated with Grability, an e-commerce technology company and Chubbies Shorts, a men’s fashion e-commerce company. Chris Burch is involved in developing millennial lifestyle brands. His keen interest in branding and marketing, coupled with an in-depth understanding of consumer trends, enables him to create products that deliver value to customers.  For updates on Burch timeline activities, Click this very helpful link.

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Chris Burch is an avid philanthropist. He supports the Sumba Foundation, a non-profit improving the lives of Sumbanese people with programs supporting health, education, and water. He also donates to the Langone Medical Center at New York University.  Check for additional reading.

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Chris Burch Understands The Fashion And Technology Markets

There are numerous business markets that have many companies that provide great products and services to the general public. While great products and services is the primary reason for companies, it takes more than the products and services to make an impact on the general public. The companies that make an impact on the general public provide great products and services but these companies go much further. The companies change the very way that many people go about their daily lives.

There are companies in every business market that can make an impact on the general public. As a matter of fact, there have been companies from a variety of business markets that have made an impact on people’s daily lives. However, two business markets that have shown a long history of making an impact on the general public are the technology and fashion markets. The reason why these two markets have provided a history of making an impact is because of the markets.

The technology and fashion markets are trend setting markets. The markets introduce new innovations and ideas through the products and services that are provided by the companies in the markets. The technology market has changed the very way that people go about their daily lives both in their work and home environments.

New ideas and concepts are the lifeblood of the fashion market. In a market where new fashions come out almost on a daily basis, the fashion market sets new trends regarding what people wear. The trends go beyond just the clothes the fashion becomes a style. A trend that is taking place in the fashion world is the use of technology with fashion designs. With the variety of technology innovations that have taken place over the past decade, there are many technology products that work well with fashion designs.

Fashion designers have been able to take a bold step to blend technology with fashion designs to go in an area where people are not use to going. The use of technology with fashion is a way of making a statement. The look is a different look and part of fashion is creating unique and exciting looks that people want to see and to wear.

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A successful business executive who has been at the table where fashion decisions are made is Chris Burch.  He understands what goes into making a fashion decision, and he understands the impact of trying new and different looks with fashion. For an update of Burch recent timeline activities, hop over to this

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In addition, Chris Burch is a technology veteran. He has a deep understanding of the technology market because he has ran successful companies in the technology market.  More about Burch on

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Entrepreneurial Example With Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an example of an entrepreneur who is successful. For one thing, she is always at work with her projects. One of the reasons that she works so hard is that she enjoys what she does which is bringing forth solutions to relationship challenges. She is able to meet any challenge whether it is solving some issue within the relationship or helping someone find a relationship to begin with. For one thing, she is always thinking about something new. At the same time, she makes sure that her idea is something that people can really use. While she is always at work, one of the mantras that work best for her is quality over quantity.

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Whitney Wolfe has brought a lot of quality into the dating industry. For one thing, she has looked at the dating apps and found a lot of issues for her to solve. The solution that she has come up with has been very interesting and effective. For one thing, it makes it easier for both men and women to find a date because her dating app, Bumble, disables men from initiating and encourages women to initiate because of the urgency that comes with the matchmaking process.

One good thing about Whitney Wolfe is that she is willing and able to put in hours of work towards the online dating industry because she loves the idea of relationships. She is also willing to help people find the right types of friends because she understands how much of a difference a friend can make in one’s life. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has developed an addition to her Bumble app called Bumble BFF. Friends will be matched with each other in ways that can build them up as opposed to tearing one another down. Whitney Wolfe is working hard to build the lives of people.

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Cotemar: A Premiere Mexican Company

While Cotemar is not household name worldwide, it is a staple in the Mexican oil and gas industry. Cotemar has been proudly working with Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) for 38 years among other renowned clients.

While Cotemar is an incredibly diversified company, it primarily works in the industry segments of construction, modernization, maintenance engineering, specialized marine support vessels and catering. In addition, here are just a few things you should know about this titan of the Mexican oil and gas industry.

What Cotemar Has to Offer

Clients like Petroleos Mexicanos trust Cotemar due to the equipment and qualities that they bring to the table. Cotemar values efficiency, safety and speed above all else and brings each of these value to every single project. Along with their values, Cotemar also offers 3 technologically advanced semi-submersible construction and accommodation platforms along with 14 associated work-vessels. Learn more about Cotemar: and

They also have a 28-acre fabrication yard, warehouses and logistics facilities, aviation facilities and a subsea crane that can carry 300 tons. Lastly, you can be assured that Cotemar does their work properly as they are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and hold an International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate.

Cotemar Cares About Their Workers and the Environment

It is easy to tell that a business is of high quality when it is clear that they care about their workers and the environment. Cotemar offers their workers equity programs, health benefits, education benefits as well as a variety of sporting activities in order to build community between their workers.

Lastly, Cotemar is committed to being as sustainable as possible by following federal and organization guidelines regarding environmental health and safety. Essentially, Cotemar is committed to making as little of an impact on the land and sea as possible, which is great for the future of Earth.

Overall, Cotemar’s values and services make it clear that they are the premiere Mexican oil and gas company. Their years of experience and success in the industry are a testament to the high quality of the services that they offer. There is no doubt that Cotemar will continue succeeding in not only business but sustainability as well.

Cotemar – Logistics Service Provider in the Oil and Gas Industry of Mexico

Cotemar, established in 1979, is one of the leading companies in the oil and gas industry in Mexico. The company has grown, evolved, and expanded over the years, and has adopted new techniques, technology, and processes, which ensures that it can provide reliable, efficient, and performance based services to its clients. Learn more about Contemar:

It is essential for the offshore oil fields to receive the support services, such as the ones provided by Cotemar, to be able to perform efficiently. Starting from the transportation of food and personnel, to offering maintenance and engineering services, every type of specialized services that can be required by the offshore oil fields are provided by Cotemar.

The company has a massive fleet of transport and specialized vessels, which also includes the firefighting ships and barge boats. The logistics solutions offered by Cotemar helps the offshore oil fields to do their core job of oil drilling efficiently.

Cotemar has an in-house research and development department that continues to develop new strategies and processes, which would help ensure that the company’s services continue to evolve and deliver the kind of efficiency required by the clients’ oil and offshore gas projects.

Cotemar manages the offshore oil and gas drilling projects of PEMEX. PEMEX is one of the biggest oil and gas companies in Mexico, and Cotemar provides a comprehensive range of logistic and support services to the firm. Cotemar continues to acquire new and modernized vessels to its already massive fleet of vessels to improve its efficiency levels and provide comprehensive services to its clients. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn and Cotemar | Elmanana

For any professional in the field of engineering and logistics, working at Cotemar is a dream. However, Cotemar does not only rely on third party recruiters or recruitment agencies to hire talent in the shipping industry but has its proprietary hiring process that it follows to screen and hire skilled professionals from the industry.

Cotemar is known to maintain highest of standards in the oil and gas industry and the services of the firm help the oil drilling companies to do its job without any logistical difficulties or roadblocks. Cotemar has a corporate social responsibility program in place that helps the employees of the company and their family to get access to quality education, healthcare, and even employment opportunities.

Cotemar has played a huge role in the oil and gas industry of Mexico, and it continues to deliver excellent services to its clients maintaining highest of standards in the said industry.