Entrepreneur Kevin Seawright Walks His Way Into His First Real Estate Agency

Kevin Seawright is the managing partner and COO in his real estate solutions company that he co-founded in 2015. Seawright spent much time working in Baltimore Housing and other community agencies, and they all were preparation for his agency, RPS Solutions.

Seawright grew up in Baltimore, and he has directed his real estate company to the people who need it the most, those on a low-income and first-time buyers. Since he opened the doors of RPS Solutions, he has assisted many new homebuyers seeking homes in and around Baltimore.

Mr. Seawright attended Almeda University and graduated in 2006 with an MA in Business Administration. From 2005-2011, he worked for Baltimore City Government as Vice President and COO using his financial talents to assist the city. He was more than prepared for this position and successfully managed millions of dollars.

From 2011-2013, Mr. Seawright worked for The Contractors in Washington, DC as Vice President of Operations. Seawright excelled in the financial management of the eight employees and the entire business.

From 2013-2014, Seawright then went to the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community as the Executive Director of Operations. This agency was in Prince George, Maryland as Seawright moved in the New England area gaining more experience.

His next position was new, and he was excited to be invited to be the Chief Vice President and CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in Newark, New Jersey. NCEDC is a community organization that encompassed the entire city benefitting all of the residents, and Seawright liked this concept.

Kevin Seawright decided during these years that he wanted to increase his education, so he attended the Universty of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business and received certification in Executive Leadership and from 2015-2016.

Now he had the education in Business and Leadership, and his career had given him life skills that included working for the city and the community leading other people and managing millions of dollars.

According to Crunchbase, now Kevin Seawright was prepared to create his own agency that would assist people in purchasing their own homes. He believes that the more homeowners there are, the more stable the community will be.

David Giertz Speaks About Social Security

Not long ago, the Wall Street Journal approached David Luther Giertz, a well-established financial advisor to explain about social security. In the interview, David began by indicating that it is wise for a financial advisor to help his/her clientele understand the social security issue for the benefit of both parties. David Giertz continued to say that his team had carried out a research meant to understand the social security problem in depth. What seems weird is that the study found out that most financial advisors were talking to their customers about the social security as required on angel.co.

When it comes to the customers, the study showed that in every group of five clients, four of them would immediately abandon their financial advisors if they were not addressing the social security topic in detail at https://about.me/davidgiertz. Hence, social security issue is important particularly when it comes to winning the trust of the customers in any financial advisory firm. Therefore, Dave urged his colleagues in the field to handle the area in depth for the benefit of their businesses.

David Giertz continued to clarify that advisors are not avoiding the social security questions. According to him, social security is a very complex subject that entails many regulations making it difficult for a few advisors to get along easily. As a result, a few of the advisors lack the confidence play along with the rules on Twitter. Therefore, Dave insisted that the advisors should study the rules carefully to boost their confidence which is needed to handle the questions projected.

Besides, Dave asked the customers to closely monitor their social security plans since they constitute almost 40% of their retirement benefits. The research showed that, those clients who avoided their social security would end up losing up to $1000 a month while receiving their retirement befits returns. Therefore, it is recommended that clients make use of social security program to optimize their retirement returns.

Mr. Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. Based in Columbus, OH. The firm is well known for its excellence in the purchase and sale of securities. When it comes to any financing business, broad experience is crucial. Therefore, the fact that David has been in the industry for more than 29 years places him in a better position to be qualified as a leader. Under Dave’s leadership, the company has managed to handle many deals which greatly rely on his contributions.

David takes pride of being involved with about eight firms which he considers to have contributed greatly towards his vast portfolio. Before being elected as the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, David used to serve as the company’s Vice President in charge of sales since 2009. From 2004 to 2009, Dave was the Senior Vice President of NF Distribution Nationwide Life Insurance Co. Also, Dave Luther Giertz serves in other Nationwide companies as the Vice President and Director. Besides, David serves as the Vice Chairman of the board of the prestigious Millikin University.

UKV PLC – UK-based Wine Company

UKV PLC is one of the best wine companies in the UK. The company has a group of wine consultants who have vast knowledge in fine wines. They use their knowledge to help clients in choosing the best champagnes and wines for any occasion.

The company engages in the acquisition, supply, and sale of fine wines and bonded champagnes to both traders and individuals. Therefore, UKV PLC deals with wines of four different categories, which are Bordeaux, Spanish, Italian, and Burgundy.

UKV PLC is good at offering services to their esteemed customers. Consultants can even go to the extent of personally contacting customers who need their services. The company also offers face-to-face meetings with its clients. Most of these meetings are at the client’s place of preference.

UKV PLC is an independent firm; therefore it has lots of contacts with traders, brokers, and merchants within the wine sector. This has made it easy for UKV to find the rare champagnes and wines in the market. The company is also very active in social media and solely uses it to promote its products and services. Therefore, most of the posts on the social media are about fine wines and champagnes. Through the posts, clients can know information regarding the best wines for a given occasion and how to pair wines with special meals. The primary objective of using social media is to engage customers and attract new ones.

Regarding collection of wine, UKV PLC ensures that it collects the finest wines from the best vineyards across Europe. Perhaps, the collection of wine is a trade activity that has been happening for years. Some people will engage in the collection of wines for funding of other special brands. They have even used wine as a form of currency. In that case, wine has become a valuable asset to many people.