Madison Street Capital Makes another Achievement by finding ARES Corporation a Financial Partner

On January 2017, Madison Street Capital, an International banking firm took the responsibility of financial advisor by arranging a minority equity investment. The investment was for their client, ARES Corporation based in Vienna, VA. The transaction helped to improve Madison Street Capital Reputation. ARES Corporation is a leading security risk management company. The corporation provides end to end security software solutions in Vienna. Corbel Structured equity partners were the providers of the minority recapitalization. The transaction which was led by Reginald McGaugh, Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, was announced on 10th January 2017.

Reginald McGaugh said he was happy to have worked directly with the president and the shareholder of ARES Security, Ben Eazzette. He noted that the company is one of a kind, it has a high-end suite of technology solutions that assist in protecting the most critical assets of the world. He continued to note that company has a good management team and a board of directors who challenged Madison to identify the right financial partner.

Ben Eazzette showed appreciation to Madison Street Capital for the work they completed for ARES Security in 2016.  In his words, Madison worked diligently to get ARES Corporation a financing partner, Corbel. Corbel has made ARES Corporation anticipate for the future with their new capital structure. Corbel the financing partner has a flexible capital solution and is operationally-supportive partnership will enable ARES Security to continue increasing its revenue. ARES has had a significant sales momentum which is expected to grow with the association of Corbel. Corbel has a great bench of industry contacts which ARES Security will use to accelerate its growth. Partnering with Corbel is the correct pathway for ARES Security to create a significant value of equity.

Madison Street Capital

The international investing firm, Madison Street Capital, believes in building strong business relationships across the United States. The corporation works attentively to make a difference in the global market as well as the local communities. Their goal is achieved through dedication to client’s needs. The bank delivers corporate financial advisory services by committing to real leadership, integrity, and excellence. In addition to financial advisory services, the company also offers financial opinions and valuation services to both privately and publicly owned companies. The corporation is also known for expertise in merger and acquisition. Provision of these services has made the clients succeed in the global market.  The firm has obtained the trust of its clients over the years across the world due to its dedication to satisfying the needs of their customers.


The Importance Of Securus Technologies

Dealing with the safety of inmates in facilities and the public as a whole is what Securus Technologies does the best. They are the leader in their field, and they want the people to be able to see why. Since they want them to know firsthand the importance of their work, they have invited them to a presentation, which will be held at their facility in Dallas, TX. The people will be able to ask questions if they have any, and they will receive a tour of the complex in order to see the latest technologies the company is working on. It will be educational and informative to say the least.


The company is also showing a number of letters that they received from the public in a published format. These comments and information help to solve crimes in both institutions and in the public. Securus Technologies will continue to do an excellent job in publishing this information.


Securus Technologies deals with the government all the time. They assist them in dealing with inmates in their facilities. The company uses videos, investigations and more to help solve problems and crimes. They are able to do work in both the civil and criminals sides of the justice system, and they are committed to making sure that the public is always safe. They create new and better ways to do this on a weekly basis, and they are sought after for their excellence in these matters. There are many companies that request their help across the nation, and they are known and respected the world over.



Hussain Sajwani Ready to Continue Working with the Trump Family


Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai-based billionaire investor and the owner of DAMAC companies. He recently stated that he is ready to enhance a business relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump’s firm, The Trump Foundation. So far, DAMAC and Trump Foundation have partnered on the development of Trump International Golf Club based in Dubai. The club’s luxury villas have sold for almost $2 billion.


Hussein said that he was pleased to work with Trump and his children (Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric). He noted that they were not only quite protective of their brand but also had great leadership qualities. He added that if Donald Trump won the U.S. election, he would have to leave the management of his business to his three children.


Hussein Sajwani brushed off concerns about his close relationships with Dubai’s elite and the next U.S president. He reiterated that he was a businessman and had no political positions in the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani is the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties, a real estate development company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He started the company in 2002 after the Dubai government decreed that foreigners were allowed to own property in the Emirates. He was able to sell his first residential property, a 38-story building, in under six months. The firm relied on off-plan sales, which helped it grow and develop into a premier real estate developer.


Sajwani has not always worked exclusively in the real estate industry. His brand, DAMAC, has vested interests in numerous industries including the food industry. As early as the 1980’s, Hussain Sajwani and his company, DAMAC, had secured U.S. Army contracts to supply its soldiers in Iraq with food. He, however, states that the catering business did not have high returns compared to real estate.


Hussain Sajwani has cultivated numerous global contacts in high places. He revealed that he foresaw the 2008 global recession and tried to protect his interests by carefully husbanding cash, cutting costs, and applying strict measures on buyers experiencing payment difficulties. Today, DAMAC is poised to take advantage of the booming Dubai real estate market.

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Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Has Both West Coast And East Coast Sensibilities

People often like to say that things move a little slower in California. That the state’s blue skies, sprawling beaches and endless amounts of sunlight mean that people on the country’s Western coast are more at ease than their fast-paced East Coast counterparts.

That things in the world of business are a bit more casual and a lot less formal in California. It is probably no coincidence that the capital of the very intense time-consuming industry known as the financial services sector can be found in the East coast city of New York City while the tech sector, known for having organizational structures that are far less rigid than those of the large corporations that pepper large urban centers, are based in Silicon Valley on the West Coast.

Arguably businessman Brian Bonar represents the best of both sensibilities as he is a technology and financial services entrepreneur who has made his home and career in the Southern Californian city of San Diego.

Bonar’s work has enabled him to work in the financial services sector while being able to enjoy everything that makes the West Coast a calm, relaxing place to live and work. Like many people who make the trek to the West Coast and end up settling down there Bonar is a serial entrepreneur.

Brian has started and invested in companies that range from firms that were involved in the global printer manufacturing and design business to firms that were involved in the financial services industry and firms that provide critical services to other businesses.

Currently Bonar is involved in leading Dalrada Financial Corporation as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. According to PR Newswire Delrada Financial Corporation is positioned to offer other businesses crucial solutions that allow them to operate more effectively and to better meet their obligations to the people that they employ. Dalrada Financial Corporation is positioned in the marketplace as what is known as a marketing liaison.

It is the perfect partner for businesses that need help with the functions that they depend on to pay and provide insurance for their employees. The offerings that Bonar’s firm provides to its clients include marketing services, assistance with the optimal management of revenue earned by a firm and consulting on the best practices to employ in the strategic management of the firm.

Bonar brings three decades of work experience to his role at Dalrada Financial Corporation that include many years of providing leadership to the other businesses that he has launched like Smart-tek Automated Services Incorporated and Allegiant Professional Business Service Incorporated. Bonar has served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of each of these firms, respectively.

Mike Heiligenstein And The CTRMA Plan To Meet The Transportation Future Head-On

With the future of transportation issues looming overhead, the typical discussions about Austin itself have taken a backseat to concerns about the overall Austin area in the latest Williamson County Growth Summit. This December 2016 discussion focused on the transportation challenges and needs of the entire region, particularly Austin’s suburban communities.



The discussion’s panel included many experts like Uber Technologies’ Leandre Johns, RideScout founder Joseph Kopser, ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s (CTRMA) Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein. The discussion, which was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, focused on how technology has been and will be changed the transportation industry in not only the Austin area, but all over the world.



Mike Heiligenstein led the discussion, pointing out that even though new technologies could transform transportation (like driverless vehicles and ridesharing apps), the area still must focus on the immediate issue at hand by investing in transportation growth. He believes that the area must focus on growing its capacity and build more roads, in addition to smarter roads. The best way to serve transportation demands is to focus on where the population is growing the fastest- the city’s suburbs. While Heiligenstein believes that the county has done an amazing job thus far of structuring transportation, they still must meet the needs of the future population by building smart, more efficient roads.



When Mayor of Round Rock Alan McGraw asked the panel a question regarding what policymakers must do to prepare for the future’s transportation needs, Jared Ficklin from ArgoDesign had a few ideas. According to Ficklin, policymakers’ most important job will be to keep building and land-use codes flexible. He used driverless cars as an example, stating that the parking garages of the future will only need to be five feet tall and will need to have charging stations on each level. Those specifics do not currently fit into any building code, meaning that policymakers must keep their minds open to the flexibility of the future.



While Mike Heiligenstein agrees with flexibility being a necessity of the future, he believes Austin and the county still need to focus on roads. With the rate of growth they are experiencing, any current transportation work is being nullified, so they need to find a way to create smarter, efficient roads.



The CTRMA is an independently-run government agency that was founded in 2002 to help improve transportation systems within Williamson and Travis counties. Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the CTRMA and has been a representative of Central Texas citizens for over two decades. His work has helped many community infrastructures, expanding wastewater, water, and transportation infrastructure within the area.

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A Quick Look at Hussain Sajwani Successful Entrepreneurship Career

Hussain Sajwani is a UAE billionaire developer with interests in the real estate industry. Recently, the billionaire expressed his wish to continue his business relationship with Trump Organization, a real estate firm owned by President Donald Trump. The two billionaires have already collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club, where the luxury villas have attracted over $2 billion in sales.


Trump promised that he wouldn’t be making business deals while in the oval office. However, Hussain Sajwani is keen to extend the business beyond the President to his sons and daughter. The billionaire believes that the three Trump kids have the leadership skills needed in maintaining, expanding and growing the business relationship.


DAMAC Group Philanthropy


DAMAC Properties has been involved in several philanthropic activities. The firm donated over AED two million to a campaign to clothe a million needy children across the world. In 2015, DAMAC donated AED One million to UAE Compassion Campaign to support thousands to victims of Huda in Levant region.




DAMAC Properties have been engaged in several developments including residential areas, commercial, and Leisure properties in the Middle East and Dubai. DAMAC has also invested in the real estate industry. Since its inception in 2002, the company has quickly grown to become a world-class enterprise.


Hussain Sajwani in Brief


Hussain Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur with over three decades of expertise in pioneering businesses and growing fast-paced enterprises. Sajwani studied at the University of Washington and graduated with bachelor’s degree in Economics. Hussain Sajwani is the chairman and owner of DAMAC, a multi-billion conglomerate headquartered in Dubai and with business operations in over 20 countries.


Hussain Sajwani is vastly experienced in the development of marketing strategies, sales, finance, legal, administration and property development. Hussain Sajwani expertise in these key sectors has been the cause of the remarkable success of his company. Currently, DAMAC has projects in some of the world’s largest cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah, Amman, and London.


Hussain Sajwani has a proven track record of successful ventures in the capital and global equity market. Currently, he has investment portfolios of securities in many regional and worldwide markets. Hussain Sajwani has served as board member in various institutions including the Majan University College, Juno Online, Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ahlia Insurance in Bahrain.

Talk Fusion Video Chat Scores Product Of The Year Award

According to a PRNewswire press release, the video chat product, Talk Fusion, garnered the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. Presented by the Technology Marketing Corporation, this is the second award in a year from the integrated media business. The CSP of the Year Award is given to exceptional services and products that facilitate data, video and voice communications and were significantly improved or put on the market in the past year.


The CEO (chief executive officer) of TMC, Rich Tehrani, stated that it made him very happy to acknowledge the honorees of the 2016 CSP Award. He added that the people at Talk Fusion were “leaders” in the industry and that their services and products were exceptional examples of what can be found “on the market today.”


It gives customers the ability to speak face-to-face with anyone else, anywhere from a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. The Talk Fusion Video Chat app can be purchased from Google Play or iTunes stores.


The founder and CEO Bob Reina was quoted as saying: “This is just the beginning.” He also stated that their “talented IT team” has significant plans regarding the near future of the company’s “All-in-One Video Marketing Solution.” He added that the Talk Fusion IT team is determined to stay “ahead of the curve”, concluding that is the Talk Fusion’s true purpose. The people at Talk Fusion have also been busy offering free trials and launching both the WebRTC Recorder and an entirely different website,


For those still not familiar with the company, Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. They offer the first and best all-encompassing technological marketing tool in the world. The company’s overall goal is to offer their clientele the opportunity to stand out from all the competition, increase their profits and sales and to keep their clients coming back for more via the use of video technology.

Austin Transport Problems

In the 19th annual Williamson County Growth Summit, experts offered solutions to the county biggest issue of traffic. The event was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, and the main agenda was how technology is evolving and changing the way of life globally and particularly affecting the transportation sector. In the discussion panel was Mike Heiligenstein the Executive Director of Central Texas Region Mobility Authority, Joseph Kopser founder of RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns the Director of Texas External Affairs, and Jared Ficklin of Agro Designs.

Heilligenstein was able to point out the current problem in Austin regarding Traffic. The first thing he was keen to admit that Austin lacked the capacity, the population growth especially in Williamson suburbs further straining the existing road capacity, there is the immigration of people to Williamson that is continuous, the land-use codes and building codes need flexibility, the adoption rate of autonomous vehicles process being slow and tedious.

His suggestions and solution to those problems were particularly very interesting. On matters regarding capacity, Heiligenstein insisted that smarter roads were needed thus investment in this sector was crucial. He appreciated the current efforts being made to deal with the issue, such a ridesharing apps, and other technological advancements such as driverless vehicles that were transforming transport infrastructure. The road building would also solve the mobility problems of the rising population especially in the suburbs of Williamson.

The migration of people to Williamson would not be stopped as they keep coming for over 15 years, and for those 15 years the infrastructure has grown and has been restructured, but the population keeps growing. The only way out is more efficient, smarter and more technically advanced roads as well as the remaining corridors.

Alan McGraw the Round Rock Mayor, a panel moderator at the summit, was concerned about policymakers preparations for the future transportation needs. Heilligenstein insisted that the land-use codes, as well as building codes, had to remain flexible to deal with such future needs. He insisted that despite efforts to incorporate autonomous vehicles being made the process was to slow for him and instead that the main focus should be on road infrastructure improvement.

Heilligensten has a distinguished career in the development of infrastructure in Central Texas and is currently serving as the Executive Director of Central Texas Region Mobility Authority. He has put efforts in expanding water, waste water, and transport infrastructure. The region Mobility Authority is a government agency started in 2002 to improve the transportation systems in Williamson and Travis Counties.

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The Makari Purifying Cleansing Toner

Makari is a leader in the skin care industry. Although anyone can use Makari products it is specifically made for those individuals with dark skin tones. They offer a full line of face and body products that work to hydrate as well as lighten the skin. One of the best products they have to offer the Makari purifying and cleansing toner.

The Makari purifying and cleansing toner is one of the most unique products that they have to offer. Although it is specially formulated for dry and damaged skin anyone can benefit from using it. It is a deep yet gentle cleanser that helps to clarify black spots and control the amount of oil that sits on the skin. It also works to reduce the size of pores and hydrate and soften the skin.

The exfoliating agents work to remove dead skin cells so that skin is lighter as well as much brighter. It is perfect for dark pigmentation as well as uneven skin tones.

The purifying and cleansing toner is very simple to use. Simply swipe all over the face and neck once or twice a day. No need for washing or removing it. The toner is one of the best products that Makari has to offer. It helps to soothe and heal dry and damaged skin while also working to cleanse and moisturize it at the same time. The purifying and cleansing toner can be used alone or in conjunction with other Makari products for even better results.

Makari also offers a full line of face and body products. Each product is designed to offer lighter and brighter skin. All Makari products are infused with the highest quality ingredients to offer softer and more hydrated skin. Some of the other top products include the caviar cream, the 24k gold lightening soap, the 24K gold lightning serum as well as the extreme carrot and Argan lotion. Makari also offers hair care products as well as fragrances and a full makeup line. With so many great products to choose from it is easy to see why Makari is a leader in the skin care industry.

Learn About Gold Money At New US Money Reserve Website


“Gold” is a powerful word. You might have heard of the gold medal awarded to the top Olympic athletes. Obviously, there must be something special about gold.


In order to properly understand how to invest in gold, silver and platinum US Money Reserve has created a new website. Wise investors might want to diversify out of “paper assets” and into real “physical metals.” US Money Reserve (USMR) explains how “recent developments” might be a good reason to invest in precious metals.


“Easy-to-Use Website”


The modern US Money Reserve website has a beautiful blue background. You can call the firm easily – the telephone number is listed. In the upper right hand corner, the spot prices for gold, silver and platinum are displayed. You can search easily, just “Type and hit ENTER ….”


Check out the “IRA Program,” “Why USMR,” “Knowledge Center” or “News.” What is happening with national paper currencies and gold mines? US Money Reserve is a trusted industry leader.


The latest coins are displayed in the center of the screen – numismatics and commemoratives (like Pearl Harbor) – click on the “Shop” button, when you are ready. You can easily review what is in “Your Cart.” Members can “Login.”


“Free Gold Information Kit”


If you want more information on gold investment, then simply click on the pop-up box for your “Free Gold Information Kit.” This explains diversifying your portfolio with gold and why others are turning to this precious metal for wealth protection. Customers can create a “Wish List” and get a “Gold Alert” when there product is in stock.


Can I add gold to my IRA?


Why, yes you can. Uncle Sam understands the value of gold and encourages you to invest in this safe haven. There are many ways in which to build up tax-free wealth, using gold. Learn more about the US Money Reserve “IRA Program.”


“Half a Million Clients”


USMR has half a million clients and counting, it must be doing something right. These include seven-time NASCAR champion Richard Petty, who has translated his winnings into solid wealth. Who knows, “maybe Richard Petty is viewing this website at the same time as you?”


So check out the new website, if you like gold. There are new gold coins displayed prominently. You can read great, informative articles presenting the facts about gold investment. Get what you need at the new US Money Reserve website.

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