Fabletics competes with Amazon in the activewear marketplace

Everyone needs clothing for protection. However, clothing in the current generation plays a critical role in fashion. One thing is sure; people have to look good. To many individuals, their body shape is a key determinant to how good they look. However, in some instances, a proper clothing can change how one looks completely. That is where fashion people comes in. People that discovered fashion find people’s body shapes and find ways that they can look and feel good.


Fabletics entered the e-commerce market in 2013. The company started three years ago and has achieved incredible success. The company has built its business by focusing on a subscription business model. According to Kate Hudson, the co-founder and brand ambassador of the firm, customers can get a discount when they choose to apply for membership. The only thing that the business requests of customers is for part of their time to apply for the subscription. Fabletics has attracted the attention of many buyers in the activewear industry.


Fabletics offers discounts to customers on their first purchase. The discount goes in exchange for signing up for membership. Fabletics business model has strived to retain customers. It functions a different business model, unlike other stores that only want to get their products out there. Through this business strategy, Fabletics has created a reverse showrooming business plan. Showrooming is a business where buyers get to view goods and later decided to purchase them at cheaper locations. Fabletics membership business model has retained customers that stick with the company for long. Unlike other retailers, Fabletics has created a better relationship with buyers ensuring that they always purchase from the enterprise.


The showrooming business has come about mainly because of the availability of the internet. Before the internet, the main thing that determined the success of a product were its price and quality. However, the advent of the web has changed how business works. Customer experience has risen to become the most important thing to determine a brand’s success. Among other things that define the success of a product include its design and how well-recognized the brand is. In other words, a company that brings something better to the table is meant to be a success. The easy accessibility to information means that services provided by a firm are easy to find. Fabletics has built its business model on the strategies and has become highly successful.


Fabletics has grown to compete with giants in the marketplace such as Amazon in the activewear clothing. Kate Hudson is a major reason for the rising popularity of the company. She believes in great products and a great style. She can thus be taken seriously when it comes to the fashion and introducing new products. She is one of the founders of the company and has played a lead role in advertising the business. She posts videos and pictures of Fabletics clothing through her Instagram page.


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