The Copa Star Is The Blue Print For Building A Modern Hospital

The Copa Star Hospital is located in Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães in Copacabana and is a modern facility that resembles a five-star hotel. The lobby is brightly lit and furnished with a classic modern taste that is relaxing for patients and their families. The sofas are spacious and comfortable. The famous artist Yutaka Toyota’s artwork is displayed in the main lobby along with a grand piano.

The staff consists of experienced customer service personnel, doctors, and nurses with specialties in their fields. The hospital is heavily invested in the diagnosis and treatment of Cardiac and Neurology ailments. The staff on provides exceptional customer service before, during and after the patients’ recovery from surgery or a hospital visit with a physician.

The Copa Star Hospital is more than a $115 million luxurious property dotting the landscape.

They use state-of-the-art equipment which includes Robotic Assistants, a Diagnostic Center, and Cardio and Neurosurgery Facilities. The doctors can follow the medical scans of any patient during surgery using the Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment in the newly built Smart Operating Rooms. The high-end technology of Copa Star can transmit images to other doctors to ask for their professional input about an upcoming surgery.

The patients are monitored twenty-four hours by the experienced staff using state-of-the-art equipment. The advanced technology of Copa Star helps to address and reduce the problems of the patient that arise in the Intensive Care Units.

The hospital rooms are spacious suites that are designed to give the patient a comfortable atmosphere to make recovery as pleasant as possible. This is accomplished by downloading an app on an iPad. The patient has the control to open and close the curtains, turn the lights on bright, dim or off and modulate the temperature of the room. The app can be used for video conferencing to stay in touch with the outside world especially when confined to a bed for a long period of time.

The ambulatory patients and their visitors can enjoy the dining room and eat meals prepared by renown chefs. The chefs on prepare tasty meals that are nutritious. Real-time tranquil scenes of the ocean are displayed on the wall that resembles a window adding to the ambiance of the dining room.

Saving energy by 50 percent was one of the important components of the design of the hospital. The facility will save in consuming power through the selected building materials that will help them reach their energy saving goals.

The Penetron Total Concrete Protection System used their crystalline technology to extend the life of the concrete used in building the hospital.

The Copa Star’ 5-star upscale look is chasing away the anxiety and minimizing the fear of the traditional brick and mortar structure hospital.

Real Estate Developer Omar Boraie’s Endowment Chair At Rutgers University Is Helping Researchers Find A Genomics Cancer Cure

The field of precision medicine is an up and coming, as well as, groundbreaking field in the healthcare industry. Genomics science along with stem cell research are changing the approach to treating cancer and other diseases. If researchers can unlock the mysteries that lurk in the genes, individual therapies can be prescribed to cure several diseases that take the lives of millions of people every year.

Rutgers University, one of New Jersey’s oldest universities, established a 2018 Chair Challenge in 2015 to support genomic science. According to Bloomberg, one of the first people in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area to pledge $1.5 million to that campaign was real estate developer Omar Boraie. The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science at Rutgers is just one of the many accomplishments in the life of Omar Boraie. Scientists at Rutgers are making progress in answering some of the questions surrounding gene therapy, and Sam Boraie’s donation is making that progress possible. The Rutgers Cancer Institute is New Jersey’s only National Cancer Institute.

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Amazing Facts Concerning Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a serial entrepreneur based in America. Currently he resides in Los Angeles, California, and took his BA from Harvard University in 1988. As early as in his fourth grade, Eric could already program computers, and this triggered him to open a database computer company in high school. While in campus he pursued a course in English and American literature. He also edited and did a column for ‘The Harvard Crimson,’ where he continued sharpening his already conspicuous skills. After graduating in 1988, he also endeavored in highly appreciated milestones such as;

He Launched People Doing Things (PDT)

Basically, the company handled a wide array of services ranging from; education, health services and several other things. His big heart coupled with high technological skills compelled him to further found a company helping chronically ill kids to network. Interactive Agency Digital Evolution was developed with an aim of allowing such children to chat and post blogs where they would share experiences. Besides, he has also founded over fifteen other ventures.

Became a Great Philanthropist

As seen, the dynamic daddy of four has a heart for charitable works. As such, he has offered to fund several non-profit making organizations. As well, he is a board member at the X-Prize Foundation. The foundation focuses on competing to address the most of challenges affecting the human race. There is also ‘The Painted Turtle,’ which is an encampment for chronically ill children. There are several other companies he funds of has founded and he employs his technological craftiness to offer solutions.


Technical innovation could not find its way into the health industry better than it has, thanks to Erick. Mostly he targets the economically challenged communities, because his passion for the deprived is unheard of. Being a founding donor of so many organizations is not easy, especially now that every one of them keeps necessitating his service. Amazingly though, he has been consistent and has also maintained his role as a present father to his children.


How to Succeed In Business and Life by Following the Wisdom of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein might be someone of whom you have yet heard, but his ideas and business acumen make him an excellent model of what the true business professional can do with their lives.

He was born in Israel but received his graduate degree in business from USC in 1983, where he resolved himself to forge his own path and company. He created Hager Pacific Properties, a successful real estate investment firm. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Apart from his successful business, the tenacious investor is an active philanthropist who has filled his non-work life by helping other people and reaching out to those in need. He went so far as to found Sifriyat Pijama B’America with his wife.

This organization donates free books in Hebrew to help educate Israeli Americans. He is actively involved in the Israeli community and connects very deeply with his heritage and his philanthropy follows from this.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Milstein talked about his storied career and gave incredibly valuable advice to anyone in business. Throughout the article Adam Milstein spoke heavily about the need to organize one’s time effectively. He also spoke about the added value that bringing in philanthropic pursuits brings to a professional life.

He also said that in order to really set yourself apart from others it is absolutely crucial to immerse yourself in all of the issues in which you are having your company become involved. This may sound like simple advice but Milstein was adamant that this is one thing everyone should do.

Adam Milstien also gave some counter-intuitive advice about goal-setting. Milstein has never set specific goals. Instead, he challenges himself and his company to simply do their best.

Milstein also maintains that family and philanthropy are the two most important parts of any successful life. Being driven and hard working is crucial but family time and giving back is what really matters most for a fulfilled life.

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Fabletics competes with Amazon in the activewear marketplace

Everyone needs clothing for protection. However, clothing in the current generation plays a critical role in fashion. One thing is sure; people have to look good. To many individuals, their body shape is a key determinant to how good they look. However, in some instances, a proper clothing can change how one looks completely. That is where fashion people comes in. People that discovered fashion find people’s body shapes and find ways that they can look and feel good.


Fabletics entered the e-commerce market in 2013. The company started three years ago and has achieved incredible success. The company has built its business by focusing on a subscription business model. According to Kate Hudson, the co-founder and brand ambassador of the firm, customers can get a discount when they choose to apply for membership. The only thing that the business requests of customers is for part of their time to apply for the subscription. Fabletics has attracted the attention of many buyers in the activewear industry.


Fabletics offers discounts to customers on their first purchase. The discount goes in exchange for signing up for membership. Fabletics business model has strived to retain customers. It functions a different business model, unlike other stores that only want to get their products out there. Through this business strategy, Fabletics has created a reverse showrooming business plan. Showrooming is a business where buyers get to view goods and later decided to purchase them at cheaper locations. Fabletics membership business model has retained customers that stick with the company for long. Unlike other retailers, Fabletics has created a better relationship with buyers ensuring that they always purchase from the enterprise.


The showrooming business has come about mainly because of the availability of the internet. Before the internet, the main thing that determined the success of a product were its price and quality. However, the advent of the web has changed how business works. Customer experience has risen to become the most important thing to determine a brand’s success. Among other things that define the success of a product include its design and how well-recognized the brand is. In other words, a company that brings something better to the table is meant to be a success. The easy accessibility to information means that services provided by a firm are easy to find. Fabletics has built its business model on the strategies and has become highly successful.


Fabletics has grown to compete with giants in the marketplace such as Amazon in the activewear clothing. Kate Hudson is a major reason for the rising popularity of the company. She believes in great products and a great style. She can thus be taken seriously when it comes to the fashion and introducing new products. She is one of the founders of the company and has played a lead role in advertising the business. She posts videos and pictures of Fabletics clothing through her Instagram page.