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Villanova University is famous for its legendary basketball team. Over the decades, the Villanova Wildcats have contributed to an incredible amount of excitement for fans of the sport. Gamblers also love to bet with — and against — the team from season to season. They make their choices based on the college basketball odds presented to them. remains an outstanding source for NCAAB odds. is home to many articles and videos presenting great discussions about odds, teams, and matchups.

Fans of sports betting and Villanova college basketball should rejoice. Per, Villanova now holds the top spot for the “power rankings” for week three of NCAAB.

The current “power rating” of the Villanova Wildcats is -19. Clearly, the basketball odds here indicate Villanova is a heavy favorite. The team’s ranking at the time placed it at the top spot reflected 7 wins and 0 losses. The most recent win was an 82 – 57 victory over the Penn Quakers. Player Kris Jenkins scored 22 points on his own during the game, which greatly assisted Villanova’s huge win over their fellow Keystone State rivals.

Point spreads had Villanova at -13.5 to -14.5. As anyone who follows college basketball odds knows, this means Villanova was giving up those points to Penn. The giveaway of points on the spread did not matter. Villanova won by 15. So, anyone who took Penn at +14.5 ended up losing that wager by .5.

If Kris Jenkins had missed one basket and only scored 20 points, those who wagered on Penn would have won. The moral of the story here is close losses are losses. Another moral lesson here is there are reasons why the favorite teams are the favorites.

There are also reasons why is such a well-regarded online community for those who are interested in college basketball odds. Actually, is pretty comprehensive when it comes to sports. The NCAAB page, however, may be the absolute most impressive of all the sections of the company’s site. The details on rankings and odds are solid. Links to various outstanding articles are included as well.

Villanova University has a presence on that NCAAB page. Learning more about this top team and many others is possible thanks to the solid work has done to cover — no pun intended — sports odds.

Will Villanova be able to maintain that top ranking? So far, doing so seems very much possible.

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