Town Residential Opens its 10th Outpost in Manhattan

The real estate market in New York City is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world. While there is a significant amount of demand for real estate in the city, those that are in the brokerage, sales, leasing, and management industry will find that they have to compete with dozens of firms that have decades of experience and track record. While it is normally a challenge for a new firm to grow in the city, one boutique firm in Manhattan has continued to grow in the most impressive areas and neighborhoods of the city.


While Town Residential is still a very young firm in comparison to the rest of the real estate market, it has continued to grow. In September of 2013 the firm ended up opening its 10th location in the New York City area when it opened up a 7,000 square foot space in the meatpacking district of Manhattan. This was the third major profile location that the company opened up in the same year.


Each area of expansion for the firm has been very strategic and has helped the firm to develop a footprint in a certain area of the city. The newest office will help to expand the footprint that the company has on the west side of the city. The new space will offer an urban feel, which will be ideal for brokers that are looking to cater their services to developers of similar projects.


While Town Residential offers a wide range of services, including brokerage, leasing, and sales services to real estate investors and developers, the company is also well known for having the best and most current information about the city’s real estate market. The company is best known for putting out a regular newsletter that discusses the most recent trends in the city’s real estate market, including new projects that are coming online, new proposals to the zoning board, and even hard data regarding sales prices and occupancy rates.

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