US Money Reserve Analysts Say Gold Is Favorite This Year

The stock market is a slippery slope, and bonds have become the latest bad weather investment as skepticism grows, however, according to US Money Reserve experts, the precious metals industry, especially gold and silver have have experienced a healthy leap. The demand for precious metals is hardly surprising, since the dollar has steadily weakened. This has become especially true for gold and silver coins. US Money Reserve numismatist say the coins will increase in value, but the real question is how to reap the rewards of growth with coins? “It depends on what you hope to achieve with gold coin investments,” says one expert. “It’s best to buy, lock away and forget for awhile to truly derive real potential profit.”

In fact, Brexit pushed the demand for gold skyward, and the precious metal did exactly what analysts predicted; it ran extremely well, as opposed to the instability of government bonds.

Several industry and political factors have been the reason for this demand for gold. The price of gold rises when interest rates decline, and vice versa. The Federal Reserve has only warranted gradual increases in the interest rates amid economic volatility, and expectations remain lukewarm that interest rates will see any dramatic shift in the upcoming months. Additionally, with a weak dollar, gold sales have been continually growing. For those who are still skeptical, just take a look at Europe’s Brexit. Britain’s exit from the European Union has brought about economic uncertainty contributing to the gold rush overseas. Investors quickly moved their funds to the safest haven – gold, and demand for the precious metal instantly skyrocketed.

What’s In Your Retirement Portfolio

Many shrewd investors have gone a step further with long term planning and are adding gold to their portfolio. Considering how the cost of precious metals is increasing day by day, most investors realize the importance and the value of these metals. This has led to an increase in the number of investments in gold. Gold, silver, and other precious metals have generated some of the highest returns in the market.

Of course, investors should never place all funds in one single market. Diversify, and precious metals are one of the best methods to keeps retirement funds safe.

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